Some advice please ladies?.

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Hi could I get some advice please .

for 13months now I have been suffering with what I can only describe as pain between my shoulder blades and in my neck 

this was only now and again ...on and off every other month not a very frequent thing.

but just lately for I guess the last 6 months I'm getting this everyday I wear heat patches or a hot water bottle for the pain....but because it's happening more frequent it's becoming more painful that it is now all in my back (I literally feel I have aged 20plus years)

Now I'm experiencing pain in my feet as to where the pain ful to walk.

i work but only part time and on my feet 6 hours and up and down flights of stairs most days.

my friend suffers with Fibro and she thinks this could be the start for me?

i suffer with migranes and have done for 28 years! And on medication for this.

the pain is everyday now with pains in my feet which is crippling me as well as the pain I between my shoulders and neck

added to I get a lot more pins and needles sensation in my hands and a friend said that it looks like I get poor circulation in my hands as they looke white a lot espicially my end of my fingers.

the pain just used see me in a morning now it's mostly throught the day...heat patches don't seem to do anythiing

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    Soooooo what I'm asking is ..........

    does anyone or has anyone experienced this or know anything about this?

    wondering if there is anything available on the market or what my GP would say? I know it's not a pulled muscle or cold ( think 13 months of the same symptom is a bit long!!!)

    any ladies got some useful advice?

    or any advice would be extremly helpful.....

    thankyou all...x

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    Hi shelly0052 It could be fibro you have, for a diagnoses your dr would need to refer you to see a rheumatologist. its they that diagnose fibromyalgia and that is after other conditions have been ruled out like rheumatoid arthritus any other conditions it could be. I would go and see your gp and see what they have to say. fibro is based on pain it can affect the entire body. along with pain you can get other symptoms like earache tinnitus sore throat breast pain migrains headaches flu symptoms the list is endless. it took me 10 years to get refered to see a rheumatologist and that was after having many tests and seeing countless specialists. Once every other condition it could be had been explored my gp refered me to a rheumatologist. who sent me for tests to rule out rheumatoid arthritus. take care
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      Thankyou kaz.

      i literally lay for a solid hour this morning with a hot water bottle on my neck and at least Ease a little of the pain and stiffness

      wow that iam to experiencing a lot os sore throat........and the ringing in my ears..apparently Christmas I put a post up in regards of this as I loose my balance with it to.......scared the living daylights out of me..

      and noticing ny knees clicking more and more espicially going up stairs?!!.and like I said Migranes suffered with them for many years..on Sumertription for these!!!!! 

      But the pain between my shoulders and middle of my neck is unbearable its now where I'm getting sharp pains abit like shooting pains and boy it hurts like hell!.

      i have given co-codimal / Nurofen plus they ease a little but then comes back with a vengeance !

      thankyou sooooooo much for your advice means a lot.

      how r u with your Fibro?


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      Hi shelly0052 I had pain s in my shoulder and neck for 3 months. Thats the longest Ive had a fibro symptom for I was glad when it went. Fibro affects me mainly with my back and legs sore throats earaches headaches migrain and alot of pain. I can only take Ibuprophen as Im allergic to anything else. They dont help a great deal to be honest with you. I had to have carers in 2013 2014 2015 as I was bed bound for over 6 months in each of those years. mobility has worsened the past year I know have to use a wheelchair. I use a walking stick and walking frame as balance is an issue. I just take each day as it comes get through it as best I can. I dont focus on fibro I try ocupy my mind with other things. paceing ourselves is important as over do it fibro bites back hard. stress worry dont help our condition. take care hope you have a good weekend xx
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    Hi Shelly

    Your GP will do some tests with bloods and will illiminate all other possiblities.  You will need to be referred to a rheumatoligist to get confirmation if it is Fibromyalgia.

    It's frustrating but we all deal with different types of pains with Fibro and each one of us although will have similar pains may experience it differently. I have been suffering with pains for over 20yrs and only diagnosed with Fibro Aug 2014.

    Since finding out my diagnosis I have also had CBT sessions which I found helpful and also started of herbal remedies with a particular method which I can mention on this forum, but will give info if you are interested privately.  I can honestly say a year on since starting my herbals i am 95% pain free.  Just have tiredness and sleep to deal with.  Not giving in as I have got this far within 12 months.

    Hope you get the answers you need on this forum as there are many others on here that will offer you great advice.

    Take care and sending you gentle hugs from ME to YOU....wink xx

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    Hi Shelley I suffer with fibro but also have degenerative disc disease in my neck and lumbar spine with nerve root compression. This is cause by wear and tear as we age. I also have widespread osteoarthritis. Does your neck crack and click or do you have trouble turning your head from side to side? As Kaz has Said, you need to ask your go to refer you to a rheumatologist so he/she can start running various tests including an mri scan of your neck so the route cause of your pain can be found. Fibro is only diagnosed after no other problems can be found and your fibro pressure points have been checked. All 18 of them when pressed cause me to shoot through the roof!! Good luck with finding out - most of us with fibro no longer work due to pain, severe fatigue and being unable to remain standing or walking any distance - often not making out the house. Take care x
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