some help or reassurance with globus please?

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I was first diagnosed with globus a few weeks ago. It all started one evening when I was eating a sandwich, I ate the first half fine but when I got to the second half all of a sudden my food started to feel like it was getting stuck and i started to panic. So I went straight to a&e as I felt I couldn't breathe properly, they tried to tell me that the reason my throat felt tight was because of my hayfever allergy, so I went for a 2nd opinion at a different hospital and they did an endoscopy and said my throat was fine, but I still wasn't sure because I couldn't eat at all because of the tension in my throat and the fear of food getting stuck. I ended up going to the hospital again and they said it was just anxiety causing the symptoms but I still wasn't convinced. A few days later I went to the doctors and she said I had globus straight away and gave me a nasal spray and said it would settle down and go away which it hasn't, I've now had it for almost 2 months and its really starting to get me down, I keep thinking there is something seriously wrong with me. I am only 17 and it really does scare me, I've tried breathing techniques and massaging my neck but nothing seems to work . Could somebody reassure me or give me some guidance in this situation? My throat does get tight and feels dry sometimes and back of my mouth gets uncomfortable too is this normal? And will it go away, would very much appreciate a reply..... thanks

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    This is exactly what happened to my daughter just before she turned 10. We were in the middle of eating dinner and bam! she started freaking out that the food was stuck in her throat and she was going to choke to death. We had her puke up her dinner thinking if food was lodged it would get it out. That didn't help she still felt like she had food stuck in her throat. She wouldn't eat anything only drink water for two days then I took her into the dr and they ran some tests and everything came back fine. I ended up taking her to an ENT and she got the all clear nothing wrong. We went back to the Dr and they ran some more tests and again everything was fine. They had a pscyhologiest come in and they said (which we knew she had anxiety) that her anxiety was very high and that it was likely a psychological issue. We have been going to a theorpist for about 4 weeks now and we are still battling to get her to eat enough food to keep her from losing more weight. Since we lived up north in the woods we are actually going to have her tested for lyme disease just to make sure that isn't the problem. We also are starting her today on an anxiety medication because I don't know what else to do. I can't handle many more conversations with her asking if she is going to die, stop breathing, choke, having to promise her everything is going to be okay and she will be alright. I am also very tired of having to watch her like a hawk to make sure she eats enough calories a day so that she doesn't lose anymore weight.

    I have been researching a lot about this and it seems that it is caused by anxiety and that it usually needs a combination of theorpy and medication sometimes to get it to stop. In my daughters case I know that the sensation is causing more stress when she isn't thinking about eating she is find and doesn't complain or say anything and the more stressed she gets the worse it gets.

    Her symptoms first described as lump in her throat and like she was going to choke. Now it is more of that her throat is tightening up and it is hard to swallow. She says she still feels like she is going to choke. She also has sometimes had the feeling that it is hard to breath or that she has stopped breathing when she swallows and has to "make" herself start breathing again. I have watched her and this is just something she is noticing but is normal of someone who is having problems swallowing it is just taking her longer to swallow so it isn't that she has stopped it is just taking longer for her to swallow and so it takes that much longer for her to start breathing.

    I hope you have figured things out for yourself and would love to hear how it is going. If you haven't I hope this will help you in knowing your not alone.

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    I experienced the same thing.  I had teeth removed and as a result found it quite hard to chew food properly and as a result started swallowing large pieces of food.  I have now had this horrible condition since November 2013 - it was very bad initially - but I suppose I have now got used to it and am managing it better.  From what I read that's all you can do 'manage it'.  It feels like I have a wadge of chewing gum stuck in my throat a lot of the time and it's pulling itself apart and then going back into a wadge if that makes sense.  I no longer seem to suffer with the horrible sore throats that I once had but my tongue often gets ulcerated and my mouth is either v. dry or full of seems to me different people get slightly different symptoms.  I've had 2 endoscopies, a chest x ray and an ultra sound which all thankfully, came back normal.  I just have to try and divert myself all the time and this does work up to a point.  My doctor can offer no help really, they know as much about the condition as I do and say that it will eventually go away........but it's been 6 months now and I'm beginning to wonder just when it will go, if indeed it ever does.
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    it will go... it takes time.... maybe up to few months.. mine is about 4 months...
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    Hi i also have this problem, constant feeling of something in throat i have had the camera through nose in to throat , told its globus and it will go to try not to keep clearing my throat all time which is hard ive eliminated coffee for cold drinks and just feels mucasy in throat all, time i have had this non-stop 14 mths and am going back to have another camra down as is worrying but i just hopei wake up one day and its gone as i also get sore throats alot too. am sure u will be fine 
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