Some of you may remember my son was on life support

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Warning ...I have a sad story and I will keep it short. My beloved son has been suffering from AUD. Found a girlfriend she also has AUD. Both in denial. She had him remodel her home after two years remodeled from roof to re-wiring , added camera security, plumbing, new kitchen granite countertops , cabinets, wood floors and new tiles and bathrooms , even put in a pond in the nothing but dirt and weed back yard and planted shrubs and added bark cover did complete landscaping and built in sprinklers front & back. He is a contractor and has amazing talents and can fix anything . He believed she loved him and planned to marry him. Sad she just used and abused him.

Then after all the remodeling was done the hate and abuse began. One nite she put drugs in his drinks he passed out then she poured 2 bottles of bleach over him and left him to die. She call the paramedics & they could not enter the home due to the beach smell which could be smelled a block away was also toxic and a carsenigen. The firemen were called with oxygen masks to enter the home and rescue my son.

He was on life support for 2 weeks and the girlfriend put a "Do Not Ressutate" order on him and I removed it asap. She was suspected of foul play and was restricted to see him in the hospital at all. He recovered and has severe breathing problems and induced asthma and brain damage. He has never recovered from that abusive life he had been suffering from PTSD & many other stories he told of many other severe physical and mental abuse for the 3 years they were together. A full police report is on record. He trusted her and loved her & her kids. Yet AUD can distort many things and reality is one . He still has AUD classified by the medical industry as a physical illness and a mental illness.

As of Dec. 6, 2016 the girlfriend was charged with the murder of another boyfriend and the attempted murder of my son on $2 million bond. Finally justice. She's a nurse and has 3 children under the age of 15. She will spend the rest of her life in prison.

Many binge drinkers think this cannot happen to them . It can also happen to black out drinking when you are not aware of what's happening to you and remember nada in the morning. It can and it's just a matter of time until you are robbed, beaten or worse. Binge drinking can kill,so much alcohol at one time can raise alcohol blood levels to very dangerous levels and kill. Keep a breathalyzer on your I phone. Some day you may be saving your own life or a friends.

See Naltrexone , nalmenfene all online to block the opiate receptors. Also Campral, bacfolen, Vivatrol many new medications and old can help reduce the amount of alcohol your body craves . Eventually blocking the opiate receptors. Educate yourself,see all the meds available as well as implants and shots to stop cravings. Be your own self advocate. Start your life with the knowledge that life can be good without alcohol.

It's all there online to read and you never need to go cold turkey! 

Check out this video on YouTube: Describes how we treat this dis

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    Disease. And we'll rules forbid links to videos . I stopped just in time. See the two informative post by C3 Europe and 🍎Emis the moderator AT THE TOP UNDER ALCOHOL ABUSE.

    see all the helpful guides on the right side under alcohol help.

    Read as much as you can to understand why some drink and cannot stop while others can have one glass of wine and nerver need another. We are all wired differently.some are predisposed and in some cases it runs in families while in other cases the brain has been trained at a early age to crave alcohol by the opiate receptors. Much more work needs to be done in many countries to treat the many that are trapped in AUD. 

    If you can get into a clinical,study then there is an excellent chance that you can be alcohol,free.

    Many healing blessings sent to everyone . 

    HOPE4CURE biggrin

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    OMG..I had no idea of what happened to your sounds so brutal and unreal!

    I'm trying to wrap my mind around this.

    This girl is a complete psycho and if she murdered a previous boyfriend why wasn't she in jail already!?

    Her poor children as well.

    Hope ..I hope that you are able to take care of yourself thru all of this.

    You are a strong woman and come here and help other alcoholics even thou alcohol has devestated your life thru your son so badly.

    I love and admire your courage. I hope that B*tch rots in jail.

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      I second that.  Rot Rot Rot - cannot believe how vile a person can be.  Karma will get her that is for sure.

      Keep strong Hope and always tell us how you are doing xx

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      Hi Missy,

       So glad to hear from you. I've missed your amazing comments to help others. Hope you are doing well. I THINK OF YOU OFTEN !

      This attempted murder happened to my son 3 years ago ,and I have the police and medical reports.The whole family tried to tell my son she tried to kill him. He would not believe us and wanted the drinking life love and family to be accepted and have a home. 

      Yet police had not enough evidence at the time. They always abused him and hurt him badly,it's a small town. Harassment mentality police towards alcoholics. He is not a bad person just has the illness of AUD.

      My son was so harassed long story BY HER AND HER KIDS HIT HIM on the head in his sleep with hammers and they ruined everything he repaired, He moved out of living with this woman last august. I was so afraid she would try it again. Yet she knew I knew and my son told her what I knew FINALLY and she said they have no proof.  The police treated IT at the time as a drunken incident .

      The new boyfriend is who she murdered last sept 2016 one month after my son moved out.So sad this man had children and a serious illness AUD as well.she is a preditor . Her husband died of AUD . POLICE ARE now reopening that case.

      "She will rot in jail".I will be there to be sure she does as well as the family of the man she murdered Sept 2016.

      This can happen to anyone with AUD there is always someone preying on the vulnerable. I put this story here to let others know that AUD can lead to death by murder! 

      If this story does not get every one to find the help available on this alcohol forum available & seek out meds to block the opiate receptors I don't know what else would help stop this from happening to any one who has a serious alcohol use disorder. You are all vulnerable to many individuals who will rob you, beat you and worse! 

      I,prey with all my heart that no one ever has to go thru any abuse by anyone. You all deserve a good life and that is my wish and my greatest prayer for you all. 


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      Gwen, you have been here awhile too! I am always reading your posts too. 

      You all all keep me strong. Thank you for all you support over the years!

      Many blessing for you and your life Gwen! 

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      unreal, sad, brutal and simply not to believe. You are strong and brave and may she rot in hell. So shocking to read and I wish you all the best since you are such a kind and caring person!! Robin
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      Thank you Robin for your reply. I have learned so much from you, so much more than you would ever know. I always read you posts very informative and have made me think differently about addiction.

      My son has fallen all they way down after this incident and we are all trying to help hold him up by keep communicating, keep loving him and be honest with each other, & so much more counseling. Police involvement has been tough he has relapsed.

      This incident about my son serves as a reminder that alcohol can be the source of mental illness , look at what happened to many of our beloved actors..Robin Williams as a example, had so many mental illness as well as dementia, all from alcohol.So many turn to suicide. I want my son to live we have lost so much of life together. No matter how much money you have it cannot stop the addiction, you must stick to the medical treatment and counseling,the meds used today Naltrexone, Vivatrol, campral etc block the opiate receptors. So many need more than to remember to take a pill a few hours before drinking.

      Others  need implants under the skin lasts a month as well as shots lasting a week. These are what helps with phatmaciducial extinction in the brain over time until alcohol is not a constant thought. I realize that the family unit as a whole has to heal and grow thru this experiences to keep a family support system. This has taken me to a very different place of hope and re-evaluate what I need to do for my son.

      I have given so much of this info to my son over the years. It's up to him now! He has a lot on his plate from 20 years of binge drinking. A lot of quilt . I am trying as much as I can to let him know he is loved and can change his life around. Leave it all in the past and put both feet in today only. Sometime you have to make your own sunshine.🌞



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    Hi Hope.  Your son's story is such a warning.  Alcohol certainly impairs our judgement.  His ex is evil.

    You have wonderful strength. Keep empowering your son. HE CAN WIN... the battle is long and hard. We must never give up HOPE !


    Alonangel 🎇


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      Thank you so much for your response. You are so right we can never give up Hope. Never believe that this illness cannot be controlled and many here have been solid proof that they can live alcohol free. 

      Information is power, information doesn't always translate into knowledge but at least you have the basic facts in front of you. It is important to be aware of all the treatments available. Listen more read more and do research on AUD.  WE  all,can learn something new!



  • Posted dear strong you are to cope with this terrible tragedy. That's why I keep singing your're in my heart. I have a grandson who is an alcoholic and hopefully I will get to OZ soonish to talk to him...he's a guy who was given everything by his Mum...was "molly coddled" so much. Now as an adult he can't cope with life. He is only 24 years old.  Alcohol and drugs are the scourge of Australia and I'd guess the USA also. It is the apocolypse we all's here already only we can't get the message across to those who need to have their eyes opened. Murder and violence is all around us in every corner of the World. Alcohol and drugs make the users feel powerful..and guns escalate that power..if only we could change the World..maybe next time around. Love you so much my friend...let stick together and have "High Hopes"....G

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      tough stories ref Gloria and Hope4Cure. you all SO STRONG and simply coping with daily life and day to day is so hard and you are both doing well. Robin
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      You've only got three choices in life.

      give in.

      give up.

      or give it all you got!

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      Those three choices can sometimes be swapped around for a moment....sometimes we wan't to give in but then...give up tells us to give it all youv'e got and fight with all your's a rollercoaster....but soon you come back to earth and give it another go....keep rolling with the moments....and keep you chin off the ground. Happy rolling folks....learn to cope. You will succed. Love and hope...G

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