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Hi I just really need some friendly advice as I really have nobody to talk too!

Basically I had swollen lymph nodes come up on my neck last September/October. I went to the gp and he wasn't worried but then I started to get health anxiety and kept going back demanding bloods! So he did bloods and they all came back clear, I'm still worried they missed something.

I've been back and forth to my gp so many times since I fount them that they've now arranged further bloods and a scan! I still cannot help but worry! I'm constantly googling, trying to find something that links to my symptoms obviously "lymphoma" keeps popping up so every ache/pain I get I link it to cancer!sad

I keep getting pains/aches in my collar bone and shoulders, back! Keep thinking the cancer is spreading.

I feel like I get all the symptoms of cancer, fatigue, shortness Of breath etc could this be the anxiety making me think I have these pains and symptoms?

I also got one come up in my groin around one week ago & then two days later a big rash on my leg which the doctor said was herpes I have been feeling very down since finding the lymph nodes I'm wondering if this can cause the herpes because I keep thinking I've got cancer as Google says herpes can come on through deciese or stress but obviously with my anxiety having herpes through cancer beats having it through stress and being run down!

Thank you for any replies I really could do with people to talk too and I heard the forum is brilliant for that xx

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    I've been suffejng from what I think is anxiety for the last 6-8 weeks. It's horrible I also keep linking all my symptoms to the dreaded C. You really need to stay away from google and try to take your mind off of it. I know it's hard bit worrying yourself sick won't help. Phone doctors if you have further questions and worries, there job is to help and reassure people.

    I know how you feel, your not alone xx

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    I completely agree. I've been unwell for a few weeks and kept reading google. Thought I had MS but turned out suffering from post viral syndrome. Hoping will feel better soon as taking low dosage anti depressant for neuro symptoms.

    I think you're doing the right thing pursuing this. Keep on at the doctors until they've done every test possible. Mayb ask them to refer you to oncology, just to put your mind at ease because worry can makes things worse.

    Good luck and hope you get answers soon 😊

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    I feel like I may be run down from worrying my ribs are aching I've got pain in my neck/shoulder sad feel awful I think iv ran myself to the ground through worry sad xx
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    I have the same symptoms, sore ribs etc 😟 it's awful. I don't know how this happens to us. We need to be strong though. X
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    Hi, I just signed up on the website after reading your post. I can completely understand where your coming fron. Having felt alone for sometime now even though Im a mum and wife I know what its like to get symptoms and come on google worried relating them to serious conditions like Cancer. I too was diagnosed with Lymphodma in my legs and feet and to be honest I didnt really take it in when I was reffered to the nurse for it. I got it due to a lack of activity for 2 years after I slipped disks at work and couldnt walk due to sciatica. I take alot of medication for this and last year lost my job.

    When I was researching Lymphodema it came up with cancer BUT that was for women who had breast cancer and due to the treatment chemo etc it caused them to have Lymphodema so that was the connection with Lymphodema and cancer. So try not to worry.

    When my back went I had an MRI scan that showed I had slipped disks but because the disk buldges werent bigger they didnt give me the option of surgery, Instead giving me loads of medication (30 plus tablets a day) and after a year injections in my back. I was certain there was something wrong as I was in so much pain and couldnt believe they didnt help me more. I battled for 2 years to try and get better. Paying money I didnt have for £30 sessions with a sports therapist that made it worse. I was so alone at this point worrying about my job on a daily basis I was withdrawn and depressed. I was dismissed from my job as a carer last August and since then have suffered badly with depression and anxiety. I have no friends. My husband works 12 hours+ a day and is too tired to talk and my family arent the kind of people I can talk to or would understand what its like.

    I just wanted you to know that I know how your feeling and when I sit at home thinking everything is hopeless I too think about have they missed something or the fact that I go to the doctors crying my heart out for the past 2 and half years and its like screaming at someone and them not listening. He never reffered me for counselling infact it was the Lymph nurse who saw me twice who reffered me to mental health services who so far havent done anything other than an assesment.

    Try not to worry. Easier said than done but when we think about things alot we become run down and lethargic and that shows on our body. Also if your highly stressed and anxious about it you will become wound up and feel panicked, Ive had alot of that and had panic attacks at home. Regarding your rash.....since I`ve had Lymphodema I have rashes on my legs and feet, sometimes red little dots that come and go and like brown freackles that are there all the time.

    If you are concerned about anything I would suggest maybe seeing another doctor?? I preffer women doctors to men as I think emotionally women can understand and relate better but I`d give that a go.

    Hope ive helped in some way! its my first reply!

    Rose xx

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    Sometimes this preoccupation with your health is a symptom of a problem in another part of your life, perhaps money, job, relationship etc.

    That isn't saying that your symptoms aren't real, the mind is incredibly strong and can present with all sorts of symptoms.

    At some point you will need to accept that your condition is psychological; nothing to be ashamed of. There are options to treat this, anti depressants, anti anxiety meds, counselling Cbt etc.

    Just the fact that you recognise that your condition might be anxiety based suggests you are intelligent so I am sure that you will start to feel better soon.

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    Thank you for your replies, I was prescribed medication for my anxiety which caused major tired side effects and could cause confusion etc so I never took them due to having a young child and trying to be a good wife I didn't want to feel like that all the time. I then went back to my doctor in tears who prescribed me a different medication which is 10mg of propranolol. I haven't even taken one because I don't want to live on tablets just to make myself feel better I have panicked so much since having the nodes I have even taken myself to a&e who won't do anything because I need to be seen by a specialist which isn't until May so I have to suffer until then. I think if it gets any worse I will try my medication to calm me down because I seriously cannot cope with any of this anymore it's effecting my daily life and just making me want to sit on the sofa all day thinking and researching my symptoms which I know isn't good.

    My doctors is a very small place and there isn't a female doctor there. I am wanting to switch doctors but because my gp already has things in place regards to my referrals I don't want to switch until the matter is sorted as it takes a while to send my documents over to a new gps.

    I have looked up hypnotherapy to make me better that is £60 a session money I cannot afford but I will pay if it makes me any better! I do not want to live with this problem anymore it's seriously taking effect even if I take my mind of it like iv just been on a driving lesson it was still in my mind and I just couldn't wait to get home!

    I think maybe the pain is down to my anxiety but last night I even had to get my hot water bottle and put it on my neck!

    It makes me relax and feel better. I now have no pain I think it was because I was so worked up last night my breathing went funny and I was in panic mode!

    I have lost my appetite so I feel like I'm losing weight and I have cancer! Absolutely everything is making my mind link my symptoms to cancer which is no good at all!

    Is the loss of appetite down to anxiety I keep trying to make myself eat?

    I feel hungry, get the food and then don't want it so force myself to atleast eat some!

    Thank you for your replies, it sure does feel good to speak to people in the same situation xx

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    Your symptoms sound very much like significant anxiety. It is easy to convince yourself you have whatever

    you find on the internet. We've all done it but invariably we've worried unnecessarily but you are right to

    pursue it.

    Best wishes

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    Hi. Worrying will cause you to be stressed out and tired. Your imune system also weakens when you're anxious. So don't be alarmed when you end up with flu or stomach bug. Been in an anxious state causes your brain to send all the oxygen in your blood to your muscles, as if you were getting ready to run away from danger and your muscles need all the oxygen. This will shut your digestive system down so you don't feel hungry. Do not worry, just enjoy the easy weight loss while you can haha. Also with your muscles getting all the oxygen, your brain will be starved too which can cause headaches confussion and a rubber band feeling around your head. The stress can cause pain in your neck and back.

    DO NOT SEARCH your own medical advice online. All symptoms lead to about 400 possible diagnoses.

    Get the test done. Nothing helps subside anxiety like peace of mind smile

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    This advice really helps. Iv had plenty of bloods since they've been up I had a d&c a few weeks ago and they took plenty of blood from me then and the only thing they sent me a letter about is I have "red cell antibodies" they didn't find anything wrong with my white cells otherwise they would have fount something wrong?

    I keep trying to tell myself this and it doesn't even put me at ease makes me think they've missed something. I also demanded bloods for the lymph nodes which also came back clear. Iv taken myself off to a&e before because I never got pain and then all of a sudden u started getting shoulder pain & back pain they just told me it was muscular, I'm guessing I was tensed up because of the anxiety and that is why.

    I was fine once I got my bloods back that I was ok it wasn't until a few weeks later I received a letter from my gp requesting further investigation in bloods. I phoned him and he said it was because I wasn't so happy about my bloods but I don't recall going back for anything once i had rcieved my bloods back normal this makes me think my gp is lying to me?? Awful thing to live with sad every symptom I have searched on Google too do with these lumps just brings up cancer straight away. Like the no appietite although that is slowly coming back probably due to putting all this at the back of my mind: I keep feeling like I'm losing weight & finding random bruised all over me, which is probably nothing but according to doctor google they all link to cancerrolleyes

    Thank you for all your replies xx

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