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So i have had stomach problems for month mainly swollen stomach especially at night,. 

i used to be a heavy drinker but stopped,, was constipated but starting to get better although coming out oval shape.

Anyway had ultrasound, colonoscopy and endoscopy, endoscopy showed i had barrets oesophaagus but no explanation for the swollen stomach. 

Each time is see the doctor he lies me down and says it feels ok but when i stand up you can clearly see it is swollen, I am about to hit 30 this year and all abdomen feels solid. Doctor does not give me much info and i have a lot of wind, is this normal with age and because i notice a change i am panicing? 

I need some help but doctor is useless, also feel like not getting a deep breath although i do have ashama, this has gone on so long now it is getting unbearable. 

Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Also when i say oval i mean half sausage shape and also i suffer from axiety if this helps. 
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    Drinking is bound to take it's toll on your body and it can cause ulcers which can cause a lot of stomach pain but that can be rectified.  If I were you I would start to eat more healthily to try to repair some of the damage, take a multi vitamin mineral pill every day, omega 3, fibre, less salt and sugar, less refined and processed food etc.  As you are only 30 you can return to good health but it may take a while, so you must be patient and see it as a gradual thing. Doctors do not know about diet and natural things and tend to just look at what will get rid of a symptom rather than prevention or causes.
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    Hi there, I agree wih Carmel, doctors are not interested in diet solutions but they really work. I have atrophic gastritis which is also caused by excessive acidity and I follow an alkaline diet (plenty of info on the net for this) Before the diet I also suffered from constipation and bloating and terrible anxiety, now I'm regular, the bloating is slowly disappearing and I'm no longer anxious. An alkaline diet is high in vegetables, low in sugar (I don't eat it at all) no alcohol or dairy. You see the results in only a few months, at first it's hard but when you start to feel well it doesn't seem so bad. To heal your oesophagus try aloe vera juice (tastes bad but very effective) and drink lots of water. I also take a 15mg zinc supplement it works wonders for healing mucus membranes. Finally look up some deep breathing techniques on the net, they'll help you to lower your cortisol (stress hormone) which plays havoc with your intestines. At thirty you can turn this situation around.Good luck.
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      Wow.  You have so much patience.  I suppose that if doctors did now about diet  it would be complicated, they would tell people not to eat this and that and people would ignore it and it might be different for everyone depending on what is wrong, their age, size, sex etc.  But to eat no sugar must be good for everyone, I find it impossible to have none but have less cause I still like to look forward to my favourite meals and do eat things that someone strict would say are unhealthy.  To me it is better to change half of your diet to the right things than none of it at all,  and too boring to change all of it.  I take a multi vitamin so have the zinc in that.  Not tried aloe vera juice.  I live in the UK so we can get medication from doctor virtually free so we don't tend to rush out and buy lots of supplements instead.  I never had constipation or bloating but had lots of problems with headaches, ears, nose, stomach and of course, because people cannot see anything it is hard to convey it where if you had an arm in a sling everyone would see it and be sympathetic and  helpful and it would be  a clearcut thing where either it is fixed or it is not, not all different options of treatment where some are mistakes.
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    Thanks for the help guys, since the barretts i have changed a lot my diet was basically curry and other fatty foots. 

    Obviously it was finally going to catch up with me but i keep thinking there is more of an underlying issue with the stomach and maybe there is not. 

    I will look up the alkaline diet and aloe vera juice. I did recently go to the dietision but she did admit they did not have much info on barretts it was more weight loss. 

    If the stomach would just start to go down i would not be so worried, lets hope in time it does

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    Hi Kerry, 

    I was looking up the alkaline diet, eating things such as onions and limes etc would that not make my barretts worse?


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      I think a lot of people take baking soda and/or lemon or lime juice to help with it, somehow the lime or lemon juice changes when it is in the body. But the actual diet is another thing and means giving up lots of the foods you love so you have to think carefully on that one.  A dietician is all about calories not health and you can find out all about calories on here for free.  A lot of people get alkaline drops they put in their water to change the phd level from 7 to say 9 so that their body is more alkaline. That way it is easier and quicker.
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      you're right onions are definitely out when you're bloating, personally I don't eat fruit as it's too acidic; Carmel is right these fruits convert to alkaline in the body but when they hit your intestines they are acidic! My diet is veg: (no onions or gas producing foods, broccoli, cabbage etc) carrots are excellent for healing the stomach, green beans, courgettes, peas, sugar snaps, cereriac, avocados. I eat about 50:50 white meat and fish or seafood. You need to aim for 80% veg and 20% protein as protein is quite acidic.  You can make it interesting by using sesame oil to cook with or adding herbs (fresh coriander or chives add loads of flavour) but keep off the spices, especially curry! Believe me it works. Carmel suggests alkaline drops, but I think they would be limited in effectiveness as if you're continuing to put acid in your body you're continuing the cycle. Where I live the health system is excellent and I could go down the medication road, but I've been there and it only made me worse. diet and supplements is my choice and one I don't regret.

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      Hi Kerry, very interesting. Think I would find it hard. I tried the cabbage juice diet and it did not work an d made me worse and is expensive. I find that if I eat tomatoes etc it makes no difference. Have not tried the alkaline diet in any shape or form yet, just reading and learning about it with the intention of maybe doing it when I know enough.  Fruit is natural sugar.  I found out recently that if you buy jam/conserve with no sugar in it it actually has mre sugar  in it than the jam made with solme fruit and some sugar.Suppose the alkaline drops are the easy quick way and nothing quick and easy is ever as good as the complicated time consuming and maybe expensive route If it was everyone would take drops instead of changing their diet. I live in the UK so things are very different.  Here most people do not get supplements cause they can get something from their doctor free.  Right now I have a terrible stomach ache but I dont want to go to the doctor as they just give you painkillers etc  and they dont work.
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    thanks again guys, i am just worried my stomach is something more serious the colonscopy came back fine but why does my stomach feel hard and keep swelling. Could it be down to the barretts and the acid? Any idea's doctors say it is fine but i know my own body and no it is not fine. Plus stool shape making me think might be a blockage
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      Surely if it was blocked the stools would not come out at all?  You can change their shape.  I don't care what shape mine are. So long as they come out.
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    Hi there,

    A doctor explained to me that if you have a blockage you can't even pass wind, so don't worry; also a colonoscopy is pretty thorough. The excessive acidity will disprupt your flora, so you'll continue to have stomach issues until you change things in order to get better. 

    Wishing you well

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      That makes alot of sense and fits in with what happened to me. This is why it drives me mad when doctors or others say maybe it is this and maybe it is that when the symptoms are telling you what it is and they are ignoring that.   I keep telling doctors how my situation is and they always ignore that a few weeks ago my stomach was totally fine and start exploring optioins which do not allow for this fact. and yes I do tell them, I make sure they know it all, but half of it goes in one ear and out of the other even if you say it 50 times.

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