Someone please help me I can't cope with my bowels anymore.

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I'm 22, 18 I had gallbladder removed. For now 4 years I've had diarrhea yey. Got diagnosed with bile salt malabsorption twice FINALLLY received mess for it this year. All was fine then bam EXPLOSIVE yellow diarrhea and a TON OF JELLY IN IT like not bits like HUUUUUGE amounts of yellow jelly. I have a fever, cramps, tiredness, nausea. Was told due to damage giving me bile salt malabsorption I'd probably get chrons but I don't know what this is it's every time I eat I can't continue and hospital sent me home saying see a Gp Monday we can't help recurring issues they don't understand this is new 

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    Have they not prescribed cholestyramine?  It's a powder you drink that stops the bile salt diarrhea. Works wonders from my understanding. 

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      Yes this is happening while taking it, it's not the same as the bile symptoms it's like something new I think,  ive not had this issue before but they said my bloods always show infection... and they have for 4 years...

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     Have you been prescribed cholestyramine or have you not? One posting you say you were sent home from hospital and nothing done, the next you're taking the medication. Very hard to understand. Who sent you to hospital and for what? I'd imagine if you were sent to hospital by a Dr or consultant then you would be treated for whatever condition you had. When you say you received mess for it this year, WHAT IS MESS?

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      Yes I only just realised. I typed mess it auto corrected to meds. Ok so I got the questran in august this year I mean this week I was sent home from hospital like hospital when you arrive in ambulance not a consultant appointment. 

      Basically I have had questran for a couple months and yesterday I started having explosive yellow diarrhea with yellow jelly and I was told to go to hospital with it being new symptoms, hospital turned me away saying go back to specialist but specialist won't see me as the bile issue is fixed and the hospital should've done something. 

      The diarrhea stopped in august when I started questran and everything was normal then yesterday I got all of this out of nowhere. 

      The reason I wasn't treated as I found out via my NHS investigation there was no prescription wrote for questran from 2014-2017 as the secutary overlooked several letters stating I needed it. 

      Sorry that was wrote via my blackberry and the auto correct is hideous and I couldn't find how to edit it, you come across a bit hostile I'm sorry for the bad typing but I'm not here for people to have a go at me 

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      Also the only hospital here is a trainee hospital, that gave me 2 incorrect diagnosis' and told me at 18 I was going in for a hysterectomy due to my pain being ovaries ect and woke up with a womb and no gallbladder.  They said as my health record shows I've had diarrhea for four years it's not an emergency they failed to understand this was all new and the jelly panicked me but they turned me away. 

      They also told me due to damage in my intestine because of my operation and my blood tests always show infection I'm probably pre chrons. This was also in august. So their argument was its chronic and they don't deal with chronic issues like chrons or bile salt malabsorption. Yet I have no diagnosis of chrons just a trainee dr said I'm probably pre chrons. 

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      Don't worry about your typing.  All you have to do is go onto your settings menu on your phone and there will be an option there to disable auto correct.  I have this setting turned off on both my tablet and phone.  The lady who replied to you has been hostile to me too.  My advice to you is not to reply to her posts.

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    BAM medication should improve your symptoms.  If it is not helping, you should see your GP and explain that you are having new symptoms.  Ask for a referral to a specialist.  If you still can't get help, change your doctor.

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      Thankyou. I have awful anxiety so sometimes I panic while typing and it gets mixed and sounds normal to me. 

      The BAM medication has helped but since I posted this I haven't been able go to to the toilet for a week!!!! I came off my sachets to see if I was taking to many and said I wouldn't take them again until I'd been. In my 4 years of illness I've NEVER been constipated. 

      No pain, no feeling the need to go and can't. 

      I do get twinges in my stomach that just go as quick as they come. 

      Im not bloated.

      It's so weird!!!!! 

      I had a bright pink poo then haven't been able to go since. I've had tiny pellets that feel huge but it's a tiny 5p size pellet. 

      And yes I'm changing drs due to many things it's just concerned me so I posted here but no one else seems to have understood me haha, it's when I panic! Everything gets muddled and when you put auto correct in there, well, it's a disaster. 

      I know I explained myself badly but thankyou for the reply not tearing me to shreds haha.

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      You could try a mild laxative or oranges or prune juice to get your bowel back into rhythm.  Certainly monitor the pink stool and try a foid diary to see if any foods are not digesting properly.  If it keeps going on, see your doctor.

      Regarding typos, my posts can be littered with them because there isn't an editing feature on this site.  I think we are all in the same boat there.

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      Can't do orange due to allergy and I haven't had dairy for years. 

      I know the Drs said I'm abnormal but not abnormal enough for chrons YET but it's going that way so I was worried maybe all my bowel issues we're the start. 

      I had all of this bright yellow mucus, then my pink poo, then haven't been able to go sad

      When I have gone it's a tiny pellet or like a shoelace rolleyes

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      Are you able to eat grapes and take prune juice? If not, maybe try a mild laxative.

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