Something came out with my sisters vomit, what can it be??

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A few days ago my sister had a very bad tummy ache and was crying. After she ate, she ate the usual rice and chicken, she vomited and with her vomit something very unusual and horrible came out.  We took it to the doctor, the doctor could not tell what it is, she said she's never seen anything like it before. She aqueezed it and lots of water came out of it. My mum was very worried and wanted to know what it is and what caused it. We thought it's a slug but a slug wouldn't contain water??  Please help.

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    Could it possibly be a build up of bacteria that has formed in an unusual way?

    Or a sort of parasite?

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      Thanks for replying Kellie. My mum thought it's bacteria and said this to the doctor. The doctor said if it was bacteria it would make the whole room stink. It's not bacteria she said neither it is an insect. Whatever it was I'm just glad it came out and not causing anymore harm. I would like to know what it was. 

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    The sample should have been put from your as clean as possible fresh freezer plastic bag into a sterile sample container at doc's office and been sent off to lab.

    Now it has been deformed and touched, there is no way to do any testing on it.

    For me it looks like a bean shell/skin, something undigested of food.

    Most important is, if your sister feels any better now.

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      Thanks for replying sanya. When we phoned 111 they said to take it to a&e which my dad did but they didn't do anything. So we took it to the doctors instead and neither did they do much about it. My mum wanted it to be tested by a health professional or someone similar. She's better now, after vomiting it out she felt much better. wink I'm still curious though.

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      Can you trace back what she ate passed 2 days?

      Is she very little so that she has swallowed something she shouldn't have?

      It looks like undigested food peel or some foreign material to me.

      (Yeast out of gut end/stool can have quite impressing formations, but never heard of being able to form in a stomach into a round liquid filled solid shape. Look into her mouth if it is candida infected - guess they did at doc's place anyway.  Bacterial growth in that form is completely unknown to me, they are also very loose colonies, never macrocopically 'shell' forming, growing in stomach? withstanding throwing up and being visible like this and able to express liquid when squeezed. ? So I would dare say not being bacterial formation in itself; if it was something that contained bacterial contamination and reaction might be. Who knows.)

      I still think it was more an indigested undigestable object be it food matter or some man made product.

      One thing since it is destroyed anyway:

      you could heat it at high temperature in the oven and see  if it melted (plastic?) or if it turned black (carbohydrate, organic matter).

      It's a very pretty, almost unreal look. Good it's out. 

      How big was it anyway? It looks like 1cm?

      You will see if she vomits any more of those, then bring it in again. One could look at a piece under microscope and see the structure, if it looked fungal or anorganic.

      But I honestly think this was a one off, but who knows, there are strange things out there.


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      Ps: it reminds me of a squeezed out seaweed bubble. ;-)
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      Any update for us? Did she eat something that she shouldn't have, could you retrace the passed days prior vomiting this up? How is she now? All better? Did you heat part of this 'peel' and see what it did physically/chemically? 

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      The thing that came oit, the doctor put it in the bin after checking it wasn't a concern. The main thing is it came out and my sister is better. If we had it I would've done what you said to see what happens. It was about size of half a finger. I also thought it was an undigested food. In the past days she's been eating the normal food that she always eats. At school and at home. Thanks for helping and showing your concern. wink It helped a lot.

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      Good! I highly doubt it was bacterial and needs any further concern. In the bin. cheesygrin.....ta doc.

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      same! im going to docs for a general checkup so will ask than, i do know that it could either be aomething you ate, and/or bile? maybe idk will ask tho

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    So my son caught some type of bug that caused him to throw up. From what we observed this was the exact same thing. This is what was giving us concern as we did not know what it was.. His tummy issues progressively got worse. Eventually we went to the ER and the doctors looked over the samples and were scratching their heads on what it was. He said that it looked organic not foreign. He made an educated guess that it was grapes. Issue for us is that my son does not eat grapes and we had none in the house.

    After thinking about it we assumed it maybe raisins which is something he does eat. Then we did an experiment by soaking Raisins in water for a day and sure enough we think that this was what it was. The raisins are dehydrated grapes. Mixed with water and the acid in the stomach it caused these to blow up to the size of a quarter. Funny thing is that this thread is they only thing we could find on this. I hope this was of some help.


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