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Ok so let me give a background. Sorry this may be repetitive to people who have responded to me before.

I am 19 years old, will be 20 in a few months. I have been diagnosed with anxiety and o have panic attacks. At the beginning of this year I was having some bowel problems (Which makes me believe I had or have IBS) and stomach problems due to milk, now I no longer consume it or it's products. I never told the doc about this. A few months later into April I had a panic attack. Now I would eat and then go to sleep, I actually did it frequently. I stopped that for the past 2-3 months. I've had acid reflux before and it would happen if I ate too much or if I ate spicy fatty foods. I try to stay away from this.

Thank you for bearing with me...

In the months after April I had about 3 more panic attacks. And this caused me to worry about my heart, as I am a huge hypochondriac. I've had this pain in my chest it's to the right of my sternum. I can pinpoint it. Whenever I burp it gets relieved but comes back. I've noticed that whenever I tap my chest I burp ( for the tapping just think of a spider crawling fast, I move my fingers in this motion.) it happens almost every time.

Thank you for bearing with me....

I went to the ER for this chest pain they had me hooked up to the heart monitor, did an EKG did blood test. Everything was normal. But I was still experiencing the pain. My doctor did another blood test, and urine test and the results were normal too.

2 days ago I felt a pulsating shock about 6 times below my diaphram. It was quick the pain was slight but I still noticed it. Nothing happened after words. No other pain or other symptoms.

1 day ago I felt a ache-y/pressure in the middle of my breast. I noticed it because it was something I never felt, it was different from the pain to the right of my sternum (mentioned above). Again I had no other symptoms no other pains. It last maybe a minute or two probably even less than this. I was freaking out and hyperventilating after but that went away quickly too.

Thank you for bearing with me...

I have no family of heart attack, heart disease, wasn't born with a heart defect, normal blood pressure, normal heart rate ranges, do not live with people who smoke, never smoked, drink very rare events, no diabetes (in family), no stroke (in family), 5'1, 160lbs female, cholesterol level normal, blood count normal, blood and platelet size normal, had ACL rec surgery, now I eat healthy, no soda, no sweets (rarely), stay away from spice. I do take Famotidine, for heartburn.

Is this a cardiovascular problem or digestive in your opinion or just my anxiety? I know there's not really doctors on here. Has anyone experienced similar things?

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    Heart failure was never my fear,mine was more neurological illnesses,but if heart disease is you greatest fear then anxiety will latch on to it. I've had slurred speach,twitching,numbness in face,feet and hands,hallucinations,brain fog,weakness (I was so weak I couldn't turn the key in the door),Vertigo,insomnia and panic attacks (there probably more but I can't remember),and it was all caused by the internet. I've been free from the wretched illness for around 11 years,so don't give up, anxiety is beatable. I did it without medication,I wasn't being brave,it just didn't have an effect on me,be it good or bad. 

    I haven't been to the doctors for about 8 years,before I suffered from anxiety,I hadn't been since I was a child,my doctor had been dead 5 years and I didn't even know,but when I was suffering from anxiety I lost all self respect,and I was there 3-4 times a week,and if I didn't get the answer I wanted I'd go the hospital and humiliate myself there.When I think back at how I behaved I cringe. One day a doctor sat me down and said,a mouse and a elephant are both mammals,both have 4 legs,2 eyes and 2 ears but they're nothing alike, just because you've got one or two symptoms from an illness doesn't mean you've got that illness. That was the day my recovery began. (sorry to anyone who has read this before)

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      Honestly thank you so much. Hours were passing and I was gonna delete this post. I said to myself, why would anyone want to read this book that I just wrote? And when I got the notification that someone replied, I was relieved. Its been really bad this week for me and I believe everyone around me is getting fed up of my irrational behavior. I needed reassurance even if its from,a stranger. But thank you for reading what I wrote nd thank you for responding. I know this is and will be a long and difficult obstacle to overcome, but I pray that I can make it through this.

      I know years from now I will too look back and cringe as right now I am in the stage of calling and visiting my doctors office frequently.

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    HI I can understand your fear of heart attac and disese, as it seems to run in my late father's side of the family.  

    Their are lots of things that can give the symptoms you discribe, not just heart disease and the doctors will want to check these out and maybe treat them.  If I were you, I'd go back to my GP, tell him/her about my fears and also all the symptoms you are getting.  This will help them to either send you to the right dept of the hospital  or treat you themselves.  

    A good GP will be understanding and try to get to the bottom of the problem, as it is effecting your health and some of the symptoms you discribe might be  made worse by worry!

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      I'll,be seeing a cardiologist soon, and I have an appointment with a psychologist in 2 days. I just changed my gp because my,first one was not understanding nor sympathetic, and she didn't hear me out. Another doctor in the same office is who I switched to and she is one of the nicest most understanding people I've met. She's the one that called for my therapy and cardiologist and she's in the process of speeding up the date to see the cardiologist.

      Thank you for your kind words and advice 😊

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    It was the worst time of my life,and that is reason why I leave posts even tho I'm fine now. Do you sleep well? I believe insomnia made my symptoms 10x worse. I never slept properly for months,I would pace the house in the middle of the night for hours on end,because if I stopped I would get horrible leg cramps and twitches. Do you get that nasty anxious stomach? Like butterflies but far far worse. I couldn't sleep because of the stomach ache,the lack of sleep aggravated my other symptoms,the aggravation exasperated my stomach ache. It was a vicious circle,once I broke the cycle I was half way there. In a strange way, anxiety can be helpful. I know I will always be susceptible to an attack (haven't had one in years),but because I know the early signs I'm able to nip it in the bud,where's someone who's never suffered can end up in a dark place. I never worry about my health now,but I can't help worrying about my children. My tips are

    1) Don't,and I mean don't google your symptoms. You may find something positive,but you won't stop searching until you find something negative. I ended up on a Parkinsons site,and one of the signs of Parkinsons was twitching,within minutes I was twitching,I kid you not. It took 12 months for it to stop.

    2) Exercise-Be it in the gym,running,cycling even long walks,but something to get the endorphins pumping,the effect doesn't last forever,but if you push yourself enough,if can give your hours of relief,and it reminds you what life was like before anxiety set in. 

    3) Keep busy- I used to hate being off work on the weekends as my mind would wonder,now I hate going.

    Live long a prosper Shar 🖖

    (My posts are getting longer than yours)


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