Somewhat acute onset of tremors and muscle spasms

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I've experienced mild shakiness periodically in the past, commonly after lifting weights and also more noticeable when nervous, but in the past few weeks I feel as if my body has gone haywire.

Symptoms I've experienced:

-Hand and arm tremors

-Leg tremors

-Thumb tremors in particular and some twitches

-Fasciculations all over body (shoulder, eyebrows, calves, arms, etc..)

-Increased anxiety (probably as a result of all this but my body just feels physically on edge, not a pleasant feeling)

-Difficulty speaking (out of breath, voice feels strained and feel as if I stutter up on words sometimes though no one else notices, might be related to chronic sinus congestion + strained voice due to anxiety)

-Occasional numbness and tingling in arms/legs

-Rigidity/jerky movements especially when moving body part slow or controlled (neck, wrists, legs, arms)

However, the strangest thing to me seems to be the leg tremors which have just popped up. If I hold my leg in the air while laying down for example or lift it up from my chair for 5-10 seconds my quad will start to jerk a bit. It starts off subtle but can get pretty pronounced if I continue holding it 15-20+ seconds. I've never noticed this happen before the past few weeks.

The other thing I'd like to note is that the tremors seem somewhat inconsistent. After weeks of this, yesterday I experienced only very light tremors and today has been a little more shaky but still not bad. It seems to fluctuate a lot throughout the day. I've read about ET but am kind of wondering since leg tremors seem very uncommon with it and because of sudden onset and because they range in severity quite a bit.

One last thing to mention is I had two weird episodes before this. Both of them just involved a focused twitch of one body part. One was my right lip for about a week in December. The other involved my right thumb (and eventually my left as well) for about 3 in February. Both of these were a very focused twitch to that one body part that relented on for weeks. Luckily they both subsided and have had only very minor symptoms of either this time, but thought that was interesting to note.

I'm really hoping this could be some kind of vitamin deficiency. I've been taking sublingual b12 and methylfolate for about a week now and it seems to help the symptoms at times, but doesn't last. I've also upped my vitamin D and been more consistent about taking it as well as magnesium. I'd like to think this might be a curable condition since it had such an acute onset. The tremors got worse right as all this twitching and random tingling started so it seems connected. I've had mild shakiness like I said in the past but only in my hands and very mild, never noticed it once outside of anxiety inducing situations (I have rather bad anxiety) or after an intense workout which I viewed as pretty normal.

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    I'd also like to note that all these tremors are action/postural. My thumbs are where I noticed the most if I move them in certain positions or sometimes just while texting. They almost twitch repeatively if moved in a certain position, though sometimes it's very mild and sometimes it's much more large and rigid movement. 

    I also feel as those my hands have less dexterity and overall less coordination thoughout my body. As someone pretty physically active this has been noticeable over the past few weeks.

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    I've had mild versions of the twitching, numbness and tingling in my arms and legs and even face. The scariest twitching occurs in my torso and sometimes near my heart or in the skin near my heart. All of these symptoms started when I trained for a half marathon 5 years ago. I was always active all my life, but I almost think the marathon training triggered my condition which also coincided with my discovering that I'm wheat/gluten sensitive. I went to a neurologist and had a complete work up including a brain MRI to rule out MS, etc.

    Strangely, I discovered I personally have the power to lessen the severity of my symptoms by eating gluten-free. I feel best eating a paleo diet, however. I stay away from refined sugar at all cost! I will cook/bake with agave nectar or honey, sometimes a sugar/stevia blend. It's a treat to eat something with even natural sugars, but only do so very occasionally.  I've noticed that the more I eat a paleo diet, the more sensitive I've become to sugar which in turns brings on my shaking, twitching all over and with pain that I think is similar to how diabetic people describe diabetic related nerve pain.  Hence, MY suggestion is to try out a strict gluten-free and if you can, even a 100% paleo diet. Stay off all refined sugar. Just try it for a week and see how you feel.

    I also find myself feeling weaker than before. I love to excercise, but I don't excercise as rigorously as before. I've stopped running, but I do take spin class and lift weights. I don't have the desire to excercise rigorously as before because it leaves me weakened for days. My balance is not what it used to be either.

    My self-diagnosis is Gluten-Sensitive Polyneuropathy or Gluten-Sensitive Paresthesia with maybe some Pre-diabetic Paresthesia give my sugar sensitivity. My mother is pre-diabetic and my late brother was diabetic.

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      BTW, I take 5000 IU of Vitamin D and a good probiotic. I, too, find when I do a repetitive activity with my hands that they feel stiff or stuck in that position. In fact, I swept the garage this morning and my hands felt for an instant stuck in a holding-the-broom position. It scared me for a second but it went away. 
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    I have had a lot of the same issues you are experiencing. The jerks movements. Lik ill go to havg something on the wall and my right arm will jerk. Ill be texting and my thumb will jerk. A shoulder, a toe. Its really quite frightening. I have an appointment with a neuro specialist on the 9th of August. Were you able to find a cause? Im so scared ive cried so many times over this. I have three small children and Ive searched on google so its really made my anxiety shoot through the roof.
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    I lost my job and everything in my life because of exactly this problem. Through a miraculous meeting I was partnered with a lady at my church and the one in a million (or what ever #) chance - She spent 5 years seeing doctors and was applyling for disability when she (and her dr) finally found the answer. She gave me a bottle of Body Ready Form Folate (as Metafolin) 1000mcg. I take 4 per day and ALL of the tremors, twitching, muscle weakness & pain, mental fog/confusion, fatigue, etc. HAVE STOPPED .... They return if I stop taking the metafolin. If I understand it correctly my body will not break down Folic Acid which is a synthetic form of Folate that is put in most processed foods. Folate comes from organic sources ONLY. The basic blood tests your doctor will give you will see that you are not deficient but they can’t tell if your body can not use it. My friend has to use a product that has an olive oil binder. I don’t know if this is the case for me yet (I’m currently trying a different brand so we will see). I also have some problems with the binders that hold supplement pills together so be an informed shopper and know what your pills are made of, not just the active ingredients.

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      Hi Rhonda so over the last few weeks I've had muscle spasms all over but particularly in legs! Also weird surge feelings in chest doc did ECG n bloods all clear! Also massive anxiety increase and sometimes a little unsteady! Do you think what I'm experiencing could be the same as what your talking of? Why would it come in so suddenly? Your thoughts would be great!

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