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ive been taking amlodipine for approx 8 years. off and on I have been having bouts of sore mouth and tongue. My tongue feels like it's at times on fire as if I have scalled it, which I haven't.

its also associated with cold sweats on my head and face and a generally feeling of being cold.

certain foods trigger this sweat too. Spicy, ketchup, vinegar or any rough foods, but not all the time!

wonder if anyone else is experiencing the same?  I spoke to my GP and she advised bloods which were all normal.

im wondering if the amlodipine, is affecting my tongue/mouth?


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    I doubt it very much (the Amlodipine doing what you describe) You could have an allergy to something else. 
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      You could well be right. But I'm absolutely sick and tired of this now....


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    Foc19090   Are you using inhalers?  If a doctor doesn't tell you to rinse your mouth out after using one, you can get thrush in the throat and on the tongue.  Hope you find out what the root cause is of this.  Feel better.  


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    Amlodipine gave me lymphatic colitis, made my limbs ache, head ache, become generally Ill, took my vitality and gave me mood swings. All of which have now stopped. Never suffered with a sore mouth though. during chemotherapy I was given raw pineapple to combat the sore mouth syndrome. Amlodipine could well be the NHS way of reducing the aged population in England. Just an opinion!!!
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      Pineapple makes my symptoms worse. So I avoid.  All drugs pull us down one way or another. Fix or stable one thing only to cause something else along the line....
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    Sorry to hear your symptoms but I've had a similar experience.

    Started taking this drug in September went to Dentist for scale & polish mouth really sore afterwards and for 3 week infection, ulcers on both tongue and roof of mouth, gums bleeding.  Told by dentist this drug makes mouth dry therefore little siliva to keep mouth clear of infection and therefore could be main cause of my problem.  Taking this new drug is the only difference from my normal scale & polish.  Contacted GP who indicated I'd been taking this for 5-6 months so why was it down to this!!!! Eh well list of side effects and my medical history would suggest this was not the best choice of BP tablet (My dentist more help than GP).

    I have osteo arthritis & asthma & ocular roscea ...this table can increase joint inflamation, cause breathing difficulties and dry eyes!!!  This took my dentist to highlight the side effects and I'm amazed how the GP's dismiss this pill as being the cause.  It has brought down my blood pressure but to what other expense to my health.  I'm off the tablets from today so hoping my mouth infection clears soon.

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    My dentist has told me poor siliva production which are sympotomatic of

    the Amlodipine under Rare side effects also my gums were bleeding this stopped but my mouth has been nippy sore with small ulcers  on tongue.  I don't have spicy food at all as I also have a condition called Ocular Roscea which advises to stick with plain foods.  Came of Amlodipine on Thursday BP was 153.85 today 166.92 and had headache since Sunday and 2 sleepless nights.  GP phoned to say she will put me on Lisiprinil see how that goes...lucky white heather!!!

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    I have been on 5 mg for over 15 years without any side effects.  I found that if taken with food it helped, and I do consume quite a lot of water both in summer and winter.  I find this greatly helps any 'problems' with the mouth or throat and flushing out the body.  Good old H2O!
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    My mum whose been on this tablet for 6 months is having similar problems, often gets a sore mouth, throat and tongue. Like you bloods come back normal.

    I see your post was over a year ago and wondered if these symptoms have subsided.

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    I'm having the sore tongue issues just as you described in your post.  I see it's been awhile since you posted. I'm thinking I need to stop taking this because I'm having other side effects as well. How did you solve your problem? Did you stop taking it and switch to a different med? Thank you.

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    Hi jimbo , have you been on Yellow card scheme web site about Amlodipine ,I to suffer dry mouth ,sinuses  ,but found gargling with salt helps plus when water cools in cup stick my nose in the water suck up lol,i am no longer taking AM ,but still getting head aches but less frequently , i had been taking Amlodipine for twenty years ,Still get dizzy spells .
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    I had the same problem - intense pain in my mouth and burning tongue. Also severe dry mouth, no matter how much water I drank. I stopped taking Amlodipine after a week because I couldn't stand the pain anymore - two days later I was fine. It's been three weeks since I stopped and I started taking it again since yesterday, to see if the pain returns. Took the second tablet this morning and so far so good. If the pain returns then I will definitely have to switch to another drug. 

    I also experienced a dry hacking cough on all the hypertension drugs I've tried so far (ACE inhibitor, Valsartan and Amlodipine). After two weeks on the ACE inhibitor I got angio-edema and landed up in hospital.

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