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Could some one help me with a wee query.

When i have a bowel movement my stomach is sore afterwards.

My stomach also feels like there is a burning feeling in the under the navel, all this comes and goes and i also feel bloated.

Could i have cancer?

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    I dont think it is cancer but i think acid and wind is entering your stomach straoght after your bowel movement

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    It sounds like it may be IBS. Do you get constipation?

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      No i dont get constipation in fact i go regularly and dont get the diahorea (really dont kniw how that is spelt) at all.

      Just recently been getting a sore tummy after using the loo. It feels like my intestines are sore and after a wee while it eases off.

      You may have noticed that i worry so much , last week i was getting pain in my rib area and a burning feeling and i contacted my doctor but the nurse phoned me back and i said i wondered if i have gallstones and she actually laughed at me but on the nhs website it says that is what to look at with how i was feeling.

      I used to be regular at the doctors but this year i have only visited three times as i noticed that they saw the anxiety befire they saw me.

      I really have health anxiety but it stems from the fact i am obese (very) and every few moments we are being told about that connection with cancer .

      Sorry for the moan thanks for replying. x

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      I got a really raw feeling a few times after I passed stools in my central stomach a while back particularly after constipation. I think maybe it was inflammation.

      Book an appointment with your doctor explain calmly that you are having burning pain under your ribs and your stomach hurts after you pass stools. You may need a scope or a scan or both.

      Don't say you are worried about cancer and try not to show your health anxiety too much. Doctors in the UK only have a very short time with patients so you need to get right to the point straight away if you want to get this problem looked at. I don't think a gp would laugh at you face to face and maybe the nurse that laughed on the NHS website wasn't laughing at you, someone could have made them laugh in the background about something completely different. That is the trouble with not being face to face with someone, you don't get the full picture. It was unprofessional though, but I am sure it was unintentional.

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      Doctors and nurses do laugh at you face to face; it happens frequently in the NHS. Heather's experience was only one of many. Both my mum and myself have experienced it. When it happens to you, you know you are not imagining it. There is a distinct difference between being laughed at and staff having a joke among themselves Both scenarios are easy to spot. When you are laughed at by an NHS official, it is always intentional. Efficient, pleasant doctors and nurses are few and far between in our health service and you are lucky if you come across them.I'm afraid to say, I make no excuses for rude individuals.

      I have found that you should always be upfront with your doctor about your anxiety.The smallest things can get you diagnosed; so you should never leave anything out. I had a delay in diagnosis and if I had mentioned my stress levels to my previous doctors, I would have had answers sooner.I just didn't think it relevant at the time. My final doctor understood my anxiety and asked about any recent stress. I was diagnosed with IBS based on my anxiety.

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      Yes she was laughing at me and at my doctors you can ask for a phone consultation but my doctor deemed that wasn't ill enough so an advance nurse came on the phone and when i mentioned it said on the nhs website thst i t could be gallbladder \gallstones she laughed and said i would be doubled in pain.

      I would like to add thst i went into the practise one day and said i had a pain in my chest and without checking me and i will still standing he saud you have pleuracy, which bith my parents had , i knew what that was like and i had no cough or nothing, so yes they do treat anxious patients differently.

      Many thanks for replying.

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    Does the pain move about, do your bowel habits change and does the pain get temporarily better after a bowel movement? Does eating affect the pain? Do you remember how all this started; did you feel stressed at the time? How long have you had these symptoms? If any of these scenarios I have described fit your gut problems, go to your doctor and ask about IBS. Tests will be done to rule out other conditions first before IBS is considered. Try to think of simpler, less threatening conditions and stay as calm as possible. Don't google conditions because this will cause more anxiety.

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      I am letting this get tye better of me tonight i am sitting here convinced ive got cancer of the pacreas and i have had a pill given to calm me down but it isnt working.

      Every time i visit a doctor i feel so small that i stopped going and now i feel ive let this go to far even though i was laughed at when i asked if i could have gallstones as thus all started with pain and burning under my rib whuch is now went and its in the stomach area.

      Sorry for gibbering on but im in a panic.

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      No one should be laughing at you for asking a valid question.I was laughed at once by a nurse and I made a complaint. I would definitely report what happened to you and see a different doctor. I don't think you need anxiety pills to calm you down especially since they don't work. All you need to calm your health anxiety is an understanding doctor who listens to your symptoms and worries and is able to diagnose. Before my IBS diagnosis, I had multiple health anxieties about serious conditions. What soothed me was seeing a doctor who recognised my symptoms and worries and diagnosed me,

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      I no longer trust doctors . I am fed up with my treatment from them.

      I have said in a post above about the doctor not checking me there was a case recently when the physiotherapist sent me diwn to get checked cause she was worried about my vitals, you kniw pulse, heart and blood pressure., my doctor took my blood pressure said a bit high didn't sound me or check my pulse and said everything is fine. I went back to the physiotherapist who said my vitals were still high and she said she couldnt do anything with me till they all settled down, so here i am nobody doing anything fir me.

      I go on the forum for a reason cause i know someone out there will at least try to help me.

      Many thanks for replying to my message.

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      We can't diagnose you here because we aren't medical professionals but we can suggest things to ask your doctor such as information on health conditions and tests to push for. However, the best advice we

      can give you is to see your doctor. That's the only way forward.

      Try seeing different doctors. I did this and it worked for,me. I didn't trust or get any answers from most of the ones I saw. That didn't stop me from keeping on trying to get medical help because I knew there must be one person in the surgery that I could trust. Only one soothed my anxieties and diagnosed me. In the end, you will find a doctor who will help you; it just takes time. There are good, competent, pleasant doctors out there. Don't give up.

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