Sore throat for 4 months and need advice

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Hi, I have had a sore throat since February.

I went to the Doctors first in March after having it for two weeks. She said there was no infection and to

come back in two weeks. This went on for some time and had two lots of antibiotics . I was referred to ENT

who didn't find anything sinister.

I was eventually diagnosed with Glandular fever.

I am permanently tired and have a constant sore throat.

Has anyone else had a long term sore throat as I am now wondering if I should have further tests.

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    lots of people here. with me, since feb too.

    consider yourself lucky though, i literally have pain and swollen glands all over my body.

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      Thank you for replying.

      All the health websites say 1-3 weeks for a sore throat so I needed to hear that it is a common problem with GF.

      Sorry to hear that you are so unwell.

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      I only had a slightly sore throat 4/5 days then the other symptoms hit me. Hopefully you have a mild form of it and get over it quickly. It affects everyone differently.

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    Hi Jeanette,

    So sorry to hear that you have been going through glandular fever, just wanted you to know that I was thinking about you when I read your message and empathise having went through a tough time with the virus a number of years ago.

    Those first few months I found so hard to cope and felt so fatigued and drained, with constant low grade fever and just not feeling at all well. Please know Jeanette that this is very normal with mono and that despite the horrible longevity and intensity of the symptoms, it does get better and things won't always be this way. It did take me some time to see a real breakthrough and major turning point, it was about 10 months before I really started to see real progress towards full recovery, and the second year was one of healing and liberation and recovery. I know it was only down to God that I got through that time as it was so tough, God is the great healer and I believe He will get you through this Jeanette - hang in there.

    Please don't be panicked by me saying it was 10 months before things started to get much better for me - everyone is different with this thing, some recover quicker than others and everyone's own recovery story and journey is unique to them. But I just want to reassure and encourage you that it can be normal after 5 or 6 months still to be feeling awful with this, but it is equally normal to go on and make a FULL recovery after that - it's just the nature of this awful awful virus that it can be so intense and take an extended period, but truly truly you will get there! And that's coming from me as someone who was still struggling badly with it after 6 months. So there is hope, and my experience was that the first 6 months were BY FAR the worst and most intense - God willing you won't have to go through anything as intense as that again.

    Things that helped me during recovery included taking vitamins and herbs - a good strong multi-vitamin per day (I take Immunace Extra here in the UK), higher doses of Vitamin C (1000mg-3000mg per day), a B complex vitamin (great for nervous system and energy levels) and immune boosting herbs like siberian ginseng and echinacea. Of course I'm no expert of vitamins and herbs and just going on my own research and things that helped me - definitely important to check for any interactions with other medication or conditions before taking anything, and checking in with doctor. I also found it helpful to see a herbal specialist too who gave me some good advice, and also seeing an occupational therapist to help with building activities up after a while.

    Remember rest when you need to Jeanette and message any time - this is a great forum, lots of good and wise people on here who offer encouragement and know what it's like to go through this dreaded virus - and remember God heals and you WILL get back to full health with some time - I truly believe that given my own recovery experience and reading the recovery stories of many others who were struggling at the 6 month mark but went on to get fully well again. Thinking of you.


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    Hey. I've had sore throat for 10 months and no drugs helped me at all. This is normal and you will just have to wait it out. The fatigue is a common symptom of mono as well.

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    Hi Jeanette,

    Throat pain is definitely normal with mono, and can take a very long time to go away completely. I also went to ENT where they found out I also had an adenoid infection as well as oral thrush which definitely hurt my throat badly. After those infections cleared up I thought the pain would as well, but nope its been about 3 1/2 months since I got mono in mid april and my throat and the roof of my mouth hurts me everyday. Sometimes I feel like its getting better and then it just gets worse again, its so discouraging. My doc actually told me that this is a neurological complication of mono, as the throat/tonsils/roof of mouth get so swollen and irritated during the active infection of mono that it literally damages the nerves there, causing them to become hypersensitive and fire pain signals when they shouldnt be. Its called "Post infectious neuralgia" and it lasts for months, but does go away completely eventually. However the length of recovery is different for anyone, but you can help out your body heal the damage by taking lots of vitamins, eating healthy food, exercise if you can, and maybe take a B-12 or magnesium supplement as well. Hope this helps and I hope we both start to feel better soon!

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      Hey Sarah,

      Sorry to hear you have been going through this tough time with mono and throat issues the last number of months. I certainly empathise having went through a tough time with mono many years ago.

      It's so hard to cope with when it goes on for month I know and remember all too well, but I truly want to encourage you that you will get to full recovery with time. I remember how getting through every day when feeling so unwell and drained with this virus was so hard to do, it really brought me so down and it can be very discouraging, even when you want to stay optimistic and calm about things. I know it was only down to God I was able to get through that time in my life and be well again, I truly believe in my heart that you will be well again too Sarah, hang in there and just take it one day and one step at a time, that's all anyone can do especially when going through this.

      Just a word of encouragement - those first few months were BY FAR the worst in my experience - even though it did still take me a few more months to start to feel much better and more like myself again, the intensity did lessen and things did become more bearable - it's so hard to be patient but you will get there Sarah, rooting for you and thinking about you. Message any time and let us know how you are doing of course!


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      Hi Sarah,

      Your symptoms sound just the same as mine. Every now and then my throat stops hurting for a couple of days then comes back.

      I went to ENT last Monday and the consultant thought that I might have silent reflux and has put me on Omeprazole 20mg twice a day. My throat does seem a bit better. Still tired all the time and feel absolutely useless.

      I am taking Beta Glucan to boast my immune system.

      Take care.


      Craig thank you for your caring words and advice


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      You're welcome Jeanette, it's only because I know how awful I found it to go through this dreadful virus and how mentally and emotionally the whole thing affected me. Without God I couldn't have come through that in any way shape or form, praise Him for that.

      Truly Jeanette there is recovery and full health after this horrible virus - I remember how I found it hard to see that when in the midst of it and how hard it really can be to feel or see or believe that when your body is feeling so tired and beaten up every day - but with time it does change Jeanette, you really will get there - hang in there and thinking about you. Message any time, and remember your body is already nearly 6 months down the road of building an immunity and fight against this thing - sometimes it's not until a bit after that that you see the manifestations of that come into fruition, but truly you will see that breakthrough and recovery take place, I believe that fully for and with you Jeanette.


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    Thank you Craig for your kind words of support! It definitely means a lot to hear from others who have gone through this awful virus and have gotten better with time. I am hoping this wont last too much longer but I honestly just dont know with this virus... And Jeannette I am glad the reflux medication is helping some, hopefully with time this pain will disappear completely. Also, is your pain a sharp, stinging pain or burning or does it just feel generally irritated? Because I would definitely mention neurological complications with your ENT specialist or doc because it seems to be a rare but also incredibly misdiagnosed and misunderstood complication of mono. Its incredibly painful and miserable to deal with day after day but all the specialists have told me this will pass and heal with time. I would look into trying some gabapentin as this has helped reduce the pain some for me as well as "magic mouthwash" which is a lidocane mouth rinse that numbs your throat for a while. Just know that you are not alone and I am here for you if you need any words of encouragement or have any questions about the nerve stuff! I hope you feel better soon!

    • Sarah
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      Thanks Sarah, I know how much encouragement and support I needed from those close to me on a daily basis when going through this virus so I definitely want to encourage you that you will get better. In many ways that period around 3-4 months I found perhaps the most difficult of the whole thing because I was weary of feeling so unwell and drained and fatigued every day for a few months and the intensity was still pretty high with the whole thing at that time.

      The intensity does lessen with time Sarah and eventually your body does reach a full recovery with it - as you say the post viral thing with this is the thing which seems to cause the longevity, but post viral is something that people recovery fully from, even though it's so draining and frustrating that it can take a number of months often.

      The neurological symptoms too sound awful to go through, I really hope and pray so much these settle down. A couple of supplements / herbs I've found really good for helping sooth and calm the nervous system in recent months are cayenne pepper and chamomile. Also taking either co-enzyme Q10 and/or a good strong B complex vitamin can really make a difference and help the nervous system so much too.

      Maybe worth looking into these things for sure, I've found them helpful. But of course I'm no expert, please make sure you check for any interactions with other conditions / medication before starting any herbs / vitamins / supplements. Also checking in with a herbal specialist can be a good idea too, I found that helped me during recovery also, gave me some good advice and hope also.

      Most importantly Sarah - remember you WILL get better and back to full health again - hang in there and thinking of you, message any time - there is good and full and healthy life after this dreadful virus, truly there is even though it's so hard to see it when in the eye of the storm I know.


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    Hi, I've now had a sore mouth and throat for 6 months. ENT want to give me anesthetic to have a better look. I think that it's just from the Glandular Fever that was diagnosed in May.

    Have many of you had these symptoms.

    Thanks Jeanette

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