Sore throat from Sjogren's

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Wondering if anyone has a constant sore throat and has no relief from anything?  I was diagnosed sjogren's a few years ago by a blood test.  June 2016 had sore throat, fullness, trouble swallowing, hoarseness and it hasn't stopped.  My GERD medicine was changed. With numerous tests over the past year I've had a endo, ENT scoped 4x, 2 ultrasounds fo thyroid, chest xray, CT scan neck,numerous blood test.  Did find out my thryoid enlarged but no nodules, taking synthroid 75mcg 1 daily, my rheum put me on evoxac back in April 2017 200mg 3x daily (which the only problem with that is sweating, which kicks in about 1 hr later and may last 15-20 mins. followed by chills).  My mouth have never seemed dry, although I am on restasis for my eyes since July 2016 and I'm not really noticing any difference at times.  I use a gel at night, cool mist humidifer, biotene toothpaste, and 1 tablet for dryness in the roof of my mouth at bedtime and I still have this sore throat. Since May 2017 have had parotid gland on 1 side of face swell on ocassion and is painful like you eat sour candy that gland goes crazy!  My rheum put me on plaquenil 2x day May 2017 but don't see any change yet? Takes quit a few months to kick in. Anyone else have this problem?  Today I'm going for a video swallowing test maybe something will show other than dryness?  Any ideas?

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    I have the same sore throat, very irritating. I'm on Plaquinil 2x/day. I have tried the cool moist humidifier, it helps at night. During the day I'm constantly sipping water or chewing gum. I love to drink coffee to soothe moderation of course. Anxiously waiting to see what others do. Thanks for the question!

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    Yes I have a sore throat often - doctor says it's usually red. I think mine might be due to dry nose though as I also suffer intermittent nose bleeds and have had a sinus infection and ear infection this year. I also have constant tinnitus. I was referred to ENT earlier this tea but they pushed me onto audiology and advised my GP to give me naseptin without seeing me. I asked GP about this and he's referred me back to ENT but I think the wait will be a long one as I'm in Scotland and my local hospital has very long waiting lists. My Sjögren's has caused multiple problems over the years from widespread neuropathy to digestive issues, Raynauds, inflammatory arthritis and classic Sicca - initially it was diagnosed as RA but last year after +ANA and very positive lip biopsy I was rediagnosed with primary Sjögren's. I take MMF/ Cellcept at the highest dose having not tolerated any of the other DMARDs. This drug may have to be stopped too though as it's been causing me severe side effects lately including a UTI. Can't advise on the throat but I can sympathise. Post nasal drip and reflux plus poor quality saliva are the three problems that I suspect are causing mine. I take maximum dose of Ranitidine daily and the odd PPI drug and this has helped but it's not working so well just now. May ask my rheumatologist about Pilpcarpine as she offered me this last time but I refused.

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    Hi Kelly:

    That is a whacking huge dose of evoxac you're on! Never heard of 200mgx3/day - I do 30 mgx3/day, and the increased head sweating gets to me a bit.

    Coffee and tea are not particularly goid for sore throat as they are both diuretic and astringent. Herbals or tisanes are goid, so ling as they're not astringent herbals, thoughwith these a dose of honey will overcome astringency. Lemon provoked saliva IF you've got any productive salivary glands in your mouth. I don't, lol, so it won't do that.

    Have you tried the low-tech option, as in throat lozenges? Especially "slippery elm bark", but even ricola and hall's can help.

    Whether you know it or not, the evoxac is helping to keep your eyes moisturized.

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    I used to lose my voice a lot, before my SS diagnosis. Throat problems are common, duty to lack of saliva. I have my "morning cough" which isn't really a cough. It's the need to clear the catarrhal residue lodged overnight.

     I swear by Vocalzone, obtained over the counter. I only use when needed. I pop them up against my gum, and just let them do their thing. They don't have the greatest of tastes, but help me enormously. I had a friend who was a Mayor and had to make lots of speeches; she couldn't thank me enough as they helped so much.

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    I have just discovered biotene gel which has saved both my voice and my sanity. My throat was so sore caused by dryness I became hoarse, could not speak or play my wind instruments so was investigated for laryngeal cancer. Was told my larynx was very dry, along with everything else but wasn't given any help about how to solve it other than sipping water. This did not help so I researched further and came across biotene gel and hey presto, throat is now comfortable, I can talk, call my dog and, best of all, play my instruments. I hope it helps you too.

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      I love the gel, too!  I also use it at night, making sure to get some  all over the outside of my teeth/inside of lips in addition to inside mouth & throat.

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    I have constant esophagitis in the lower throat but no acid reflux. My lower throat always hurts or burns. I also have tinnitus that won't go away. I'm just diagnosed so I'm not sure if meds are going to help.

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    i have had constant sore throat and dry hacky cough over a yr.i was diagnosed with vocal cord disorder and sent to speech therapy/therapy didnt help and i saw ENT few days ago and he said vocal cords are ok.1 1/2 yrs ago my voice was gone for 4 mos.i drink a ton of water ,use biotene,lozenges etc. im right with u Kelly...ive found nothing to help


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    I do and it's driving me nuts. I can manage most of the symptoms but this constant dry throat, lack of mucus in my nose, especially at night when I wake up in terrible pain from breathing through my mouth is just awful.

    I keep getting it checked and they say there's no infection or strep throat. It's the worst of part of sjogrens other than the muscle aches and constant fatigue.

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    i too have a constant sore throat since Nov.2020. I also have had numerous trips to the ENT, Gastrentologist, Primary doctor.... ultra sound of throat, cat scan w/ contrast, endoscopy. they have found nothing there, only reflux, which even the medicine for that hasnt helped...i do have moisture in my throat... i will use the biotene though and try it

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      I know its very frustrating! Here is what I found worked for me. Use toothpaste that doesn't have SLS (sodium laurel sulfate). Biotene is one, Burt's bees, and Hello. SLS dries out your mouth. Also rinse with biotene before going to bed. No matter how much water I drank I throat felt dry. For the past 3 years now I've been drinking BAI Cocount drink, they have variety of flavors mixed with cocount at 10 calories and sweetened with stevia. That helps my throat stay moist! Also EXTRA makes a watermelon gum that does wonders as well. If I drank anything acidic, orange juice, lemonade etc.. mint of anything gum makes my throat feel terrible. I hope this helps!

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    can you buy this gel for ya mouth over the counter or does ya dr have to proscribe it ?

    any other things good for mouth dryness ?

    also anyone on anti depressants ?

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