Sore throat right side and enlarged right lingual tonsil for a year

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im really out of my mind and stressed about my situation.

im 32 yr old male, smoking for 14 years but light smoker for the past 9 years (5 cig a day)

anyway its all started a year ago with numb throat pain on my right side. i thought its something viral that will go away and after arround 2-3 months it did ease abit but never went away, 3 months ago the pain started to intensify only this time i started to feel pain in right side of the tongue along with the right sore throat but i couldnt see anything suspicious, a month ago i have pulled my tongue out and saw a lump, deep on the right side, i went to my gp wich was very concerd about it and send me to a mouth specialist, while waiting for my appointment to the specialist i went to th ent wich saw it and gave my antibiotic and cream for the lump and sended me to urgent us scan of thyroid..

couple days later i went to the mouth specialist wich said its not likely to be cancerous and identified the lump as an enlarged "lingual tonsil" but with not special pathology. she told me that she though that i have acid reflux as she saw traces in my throat and also told me to not take the antibiotics that the ent gave me as it wownt help for the lump. she also thought she feel some enlarged lymph node in my neck so  she sended me to do a us neck scan and continue the check with endoscopy from ent and also a gastro specialist to make endoscopy to see if there gerd problem and prescribed nexium. meanwhile 2 weeks passed and the nexium has no effect , the pain is still there in my right side throat and also back in my right side tongue. i had a neck ultrasound a week ago  wich said no evidence of enlarged lymph nodes wich is so weird as i fill like my neck is swallen, tight. i should have an ent appointment this week but im suffering so much i have no idea what to do next.  i feel alone in this as i have found anyone on the internet with same problem as mine, i searched many places but couldnt find a similar person with same symptoms and im out of my mind for what this could be. im very concernd about cancer as this started a year ago. also im almost sure that my throat pain is related to the tongue pain from the enlarged lingual tonsil.

please if anyone can advise or help me or have any similar symptoms please reply my thread and share, im desperate this ruining my life and i dont know what to do anymore or whats going on.

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    Well do not give up because a second opinion should be done at a completely unrelated medical facility because doctors stick together. If you live close to a metro university hospital I would make an appt with a specialist I guess I would start with an throat specialist take all you scans and records you will not rest until you have another opinion. Hopefully it is just a tonsil issue. I would ask them to do a biopsy of swollen area and see what they say and recommend. Good luck!
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      thanks for the reply carrie and rhonda

      so there is an update from today (2/10/2016):

      been to the ent today again wich ive saw 2 weeks ago , went to him with the thyroid ultrasound resault wich he said has no problem.

      i told him that the pain in my right side of the throat is killing me and the back right  of the tongue were the lingual tonsil in enlarged, his answer was "i dont see anything wrong" so ive told him that the mouth specialist ive been to 2 weeks ago said its enlarged "lingual tonsil" so that ent said to me "its wrong this is not lingual tonsil", i was really concered at the moment that maby that ent has no idea what he is talking about. i asked him to scope my throat and he checked (took 30 seconds so im not sure he looked properly) and at the end he said that he doesnt see anything wrong and its probly in my head and a psychological situation as he saw that i was abit nervous.

      then he said that because im a nice guy and  to ease my mind he sended me to second opinion with an ent in the hospital next to my home town to see what he thinks and also for a neck CT scan.

      i need to make both opointments as today and tommrow its holiday where i live so cant call them now. i also have a second opinion with mouth specialist in the hospital but that is only scheduled for end of november wich is so far away. also im a bit worry to take that CT scan if not necessery, ive had 2 brain ct scans in the last 4 years and also a full body ct scan so i prefer to not take anymore radiation if not needed. i asked him for mri but he denied it so im not sure if i should do the ct scan asap or wait to see what the ent second opinion will say and then decide..

      for some reason its hard for me to believe what the doctors tells me, i keep feeling that they dont take me serious enough.

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      Do you know whether or not you had Coxsackie Virus as a child? My daughter had this at 18 months old and now has a huge right sided lingual tonsil that is not allowing her ear to drain fluid through the eustachian tube. She also has sores on her palate. She has diffuse lymphadenopathy on her right side. Coxsackie Virus stays in the body forever and attacks stem cells, neurons and can also effect the heart. Do you have any issues with migraines, numbness on your face, scalp pain or any other neurological symptoms? My daughter sometimes feels like she's dizzy and going to faint, she has left sided scalp pain when brushing her hair, her left eye feels like it's bulging out and it causes a left-sided headache at times, she also has left sided facial pain and sometimes numbness. Something to check in to.

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    Hi. I had dental work and had left side up. Went to ent (had sore throats on and off over years whic doctor cant see) its large u can frel it from outside of neck yes. But also

    A gland us up. There are lots of glands in our neck

    2 years before i was told i had Gerd. Nexium/somac did not work.

    When i had dental work they had exracted a tooth. I went to see a different GP.

    He diagnosed Chronic Lingual Tonsilitis.

    He said the other ent had probably not seen a case of it before. He said to look at allergies. And booost immune system.

    If i had tonsils I would have had tonsillitis.

    So recently i had another both sides up CLT They last 14 weeks approx. the pain goes away but i can still feel lingual tonsils a bit.

    I had ulcers on my tongue. So it means i have been having sore throats most of the year. Post virally usually but also had it post surgery once.

    My GP checked Australian guidelines for lingual Tonsilitis - she said it says use Penicillin. Which i responded to. And have them out. I had appt with ENT booked to discuss this. But pain which was excruciating. But pain went away

    ENT can tell by putting scope up nose down throat. He can tell by the cells. It was not cancer.

    My GP said she would assume as it was post dental. It was infected last time.

    Tonsils are the first part of contact with bacteria or viruses. Thus she thinks the tooth would have had bacteria in it.

    I have to have tooth replaced soon. But am a bit scared

    Rhon in Melbourne

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      does you lingual tonsil thats inflamed is on the side of your tongue or the back side? 

      after my ent told me today that the enlarged lump on right tongue is not lingual tonsil i immidiatly suspected that he has no clue what he is talking about, i can confirm 100% that my inflamation on the right side of the tongue is lingual tonsil as the mouth specialist ive been to 2 weeks ago diagnosed it, but she thought it might be becasue of lpr. nexium has no effect yet im 2 weeks on it 20mg a day.

      i hope youl get down your problem and feel better as soon as possible

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      Hi Jordan, hope you're well

      I have the EXACT same symptoms as you describe except mines on the left side. I'm worried sick it might be something nasty. Mine started after a throat infection/cold a few months ago. When you swallow can you feel the swollen tonsil ?

      Please let us know of any updates. Thanks

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      Hi i really have same problem .are you still have that inflammation?if is gone please tell me what you did. Please reply me soon as you can .thanks
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    Hi Jordan

    How did you get on with your scan? I have the exact same symptoms on my left side.I was terrified it was cancer & got an appointment quickly through my private medical insurance. He stuck a camera down and said definitely not cancer but reffered me for a scan to be on the safe side. He said my left lingual tonsil looked inflamed.

    I am so relieved it isn't cancer but at the same time its been going on for 6 weeks and I've had no improvement. I really want to get rid of this now!

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    Hi jordan,

    I have the exact same problem. Started with flu then inflammed tonsils that never went down. The symptoms went but the two tonsils were still inflamed. But recently it started acting up again with feeling of tightness and inflamation in the throat. This time i noticed i have inflamed lingual tonsils too..

    Please can you update on your situation as i am lost on what to do. I seen ent few months ago and they did an ultrasound scan, also sticking a camera down my nose. They said it looks fine just needs time to go down.. im really not convinced.

    I will be seeing a private ent on friday.



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    sorry for the late update couldnt sign back to the site for some reason i forgot my password, now i got it sorted

    anyway i wanted to update ive been to a new  ENT doctor (the 3rd one in a year) once again, she scoped my throat and said it looks fine but saw redness in the inner throat just where your throat will shrink when you swallow food/drink. she couldnt tell for 100% why its red she said it can be from many diffrent things, weather or irritations. as i mentioned earlier in the thread ive been smoking for 15 years and stopped a 2 weeks ago and moved to vaping instead of smoking, so fat not a huge impact change in my throat pain condition but im trying my best to do what i can to relief if as im trying to see if smoke made the redness and irritaitons. 1 ent and the mouth speciailist ive been at before said i have gerd but this ent said its not for sure gerd, she said she saw some mucus like stuff in my throat wich i can always feel and she sended me to talk to a gastro proffesional to see what he says and maby make another endoscopy to rule out gerd.

    so far thats where i am so i still dont know what i have but she said she didnt see any lump or unusual things down the throat.

    i need to make an apointment to the gastro for further  investigation.

    i will keep update my thread once im done with my check ups.

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    What ended up happening with this Jordan? I am going through the same exact thing right now. My ENT wants a tonsillectomy asap. sad

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      hi melissa sorry to hear your going threw this aswell

      meanwhile i no updates as i havent been to the gastro yet

      been suck in the last week, caught a cold or so with fever and throat pain all over

      i need to re schedule a meeting to the gastro and see what he says. my back right tounge still hurts and so as my throat, they all see redness back there but cant say what triggers it. im really down to knees to solve this allready. i so sick of all this as i have some other problems for long time wich never got any proper diagnosis , not related to the throat issue but im just sick of feeling pains and weird symptoms over my body without getting any answers..

      had many tests and never got proper answers.

      update me also about your condition and i hope you feel better or get proper answers at least. might shed a light for others here


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