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Sore Throat

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  • john34886 1
  • samantha29269 2

    Feel like something stuck in my throat

    Hi. I'm really hoping somebody can help me, can't find any discussions on here!  For the last few months I've had a feeling of having something stuck at the base of my throat or like a lump. It's not there all the time and comes and goes. I went to visit the doc and she had a look but said couldn't

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  • cyber 1

    Could I have scarred vocal folds?

    I'm not hoarse and my voice hasn't really changed. However, my throat hurts and I can't use higher pitches or a loud voice. It started 2 months ago when I was screaming and I lost my voice. I screamed once more the next day with a lost voice, and it started to hurt so I stopped then. It got

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  • trista34239 1

    Mysterious lump showed up in my throat over night

    So this past Friday morning I woke up with a lump in my neck, on the right side, right next to where a man's Adam's apple would lump appeared out of nowhere, I hadn't been feeling bad or sick at the lump is decent in the size of a half

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  • mvh81 2

    How Long Does Tonsillitis Last?

    Hi. I'm 32 and currently going through an horrendous dose of tonsillitis. What started out on Monday as general aches and pains was followed by fever/shivers Mon night into Tue. WED saw some improvement ache wise but then the sore throat started. It's now Fri and I've got horrendous ulcers covering

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  • julie 78317 1

    Feeling of something stuck in throat

    For the last 12 months ive had the feeling of something stuck in my throat i had an endoscopy last year all ok. I had camera up my nose down my throat showed oral thrush. Recent blood tests and stool samples have come back clear been taking omoprozole and gaviscon advanced for 2 weeks but to no

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  • Evamore 2

    Sore throat for a week

    So I've had a sore throat about a week now, with little/no improvement. It started either on Monday or Tuesday (think Tuesday) in the afternoon with no known cause as I had been drinking enough water. The sore throat is on one side (left), hurts my left ear when yawning/swallowing. It is very very

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  • Ap1999 2

    Reoccurring throat infections - I need help!

    I've had at least six bouts of throat infections in the past six months. Being sick has taken over my life. I feel weak all the time, and I've gotten a round of antibiotics every time I was sick. I haven't spent more than a few days in between each bout feeling not sick. I still have my tonsils,

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  • G123 2

    Throat pain

    I have had a sore throats for a few months now and ear pain, I have been doctors several times and they are not taking me seriously enough as I am only 19, it hurts really badly when I swallow and I am getting very concerned is anyone else experiencing this that could help. Thank you

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  • petet1 1

    Clearing throat after eating.

    Hi there, I hope someone can help. For the past year and a half or so I noticed that about 90% of the time after I eat I have to constantly clear my throat for sometimes up to 2 hours and only in the last 2-3 months have a really noticed it because someone pointed it out to me. I end up with a

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  • abshir 80849 2

    Pain in the left side of throat near Adam's apple

    My throat has been hurting for two weeks.  It's not your typical sore throat, it's like a pain left outside of the throat near edge of Adam's apple. It doesn't hurt when I swallow like a normal sore throat would, but it kind of has it's own little spasms of pain.  Let me describe these symptoms

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  • andy28994 1

    Throat problems for 3 months.

    Hello all my names Andy. I'm 25yrs old. I have a preexisting case of ulcerative colitis which has been stable now for 3 years. I am on pentasa and azathioprine daily and have 8 weekly infusions of infliximab, so before I continue i am making it known that my immune system isn't great. But i

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  • Jo38983 2

    Swollen Tonsil

    I had a really bad chest infection back in November, and rode it out because i didnt want to go on antibiotics. My right tonsil became swollen at this time and was very sore. After loosing my voice etc I got better however since my right tonsil is still enlarged, but not sore and not causing any

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  • Mike1965 2

    Sudden onset, not all the time throat feels restricted

    2 weeks back I had an infection in one tonsil and sore throat, saw my GP who said it was nasty and that my glands were up in my neck, gave me antibios as I had been getting over a chest infection. At that same time I had this off feeling around the area of my adman’s apple, like it was being partly

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  • ben46693 2

    Sore throat 2 weeks before surgery

    Hi! I'm going to have an operation on 15th of May, doctors discovered a cyst in my sinus cavity and its going to be removed. But i discovered yesterday that i have sore throat and usually that ends with being totally ill. But im nervous, info that i got from hospital says that dont take any

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  • lisa58922 2

    Abcess on wisdom tooth and swollen tonsil on right

    I have a abcees on my right wisdom tooth which is hopefuly come out tuesday.I have also noticed that my right tonsil is bigger than the left one and there is a yellowish pea sized lump on it.I have been to the drs and they said start of tonsilitis but it dosent seem to be getting better with

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  • amy71414 3

    Tonsil Regrowth PLEASE HELP!!!

    Hey all so i had my tonsils removed in February and about 3 - 3 and a half weeks after the surgery my left tonsil had started to re grow and got bigger as the weeks went by. I was shocked and angry so i went back to my ENT he said this wasnt part of the plan and long story short i had it removed

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  • nellybear 3

    throat and tounge pain

    hi  I had a cold about 6 weeks ago and ive been left with a sore throat and at the moment its sore under the right side of tounge,The pain moves from one side of throat to the other and is worse in the evening and night.I have no tonsils but it feels like i do.I cannot see anything sinister apart

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  • Zuri8923 1

    Chronic swollen throat cough

    Hi I'm 18 y o female who has had a chronic barking cough for almost two years now. Idk why I can't make it stop. I've had every test imaginable and everything comes back Normal. Obviously this is a good thing but it's not helping me fix the problem. I just had a bronchoscopy and the doc said my

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  • amy71414 3

    One tonsil grew back ?

    Hey all so in February i had my tonsils removed after a year of bacterial tonsilitis. My left tonsil was bigger than the other and gave me the most problems. So about 3 - 3 and a half weeks post op i started to get pain back there again so i had a look to see what was going on and to my suprise i

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  • fardeen18894 1

    Sore throat

    Hello been suffering from sore throat from the past 2 month and white blisters on the back of the uvula and have also throat pain and difficulty says its just sore any one help me please

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  • jordan53604 2
  • issam 68700 1

    Sore throat and dry throat

    Dear all, good ady. I have this problem for almost a year and I wish I can get help from someone specialist. I have a sore throat and feel like a fish bone is in stuck in it. Always dry and mucus is also hard to get rid of. I have seen an ERT doctor here in Saudi Arabia andhe told me that I have

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  • georgia09086 1
  • lauren99957 1

    I've had "infected" tonsils for 3 months help!

    My tonsils have had white streaks through them which I assume is pus. Is comes off when I wipe a q tip over it in chunky globs. My tonsils have been swollen and so have my lymphnodes. My throat isn't overly sore and I do not have a fever. I have been tested for all stds including HIV. I've been

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  • Fabledcentaur 2

    White lumps in throat?

    So I noticed white lumps in my throat as I was checking it due to having had a sore throat for a few days. They're hard to see due to the fact the I have a pretty small throat and a large tongue making it hard to take a decent photo also my tongue has this coating it doesn't usually have what could

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  • amy71414 3

    Dodgy tonsillectomy PLEASE HELP!

    Hey all so in February i had my tonsils removed as they had not gone down for about a year or so. When i had my surgery done all was going well up untill about 3 - 3.5 weeks post op when the horrible pain started to return! and i had no idea why so i had a look in my mouth to see what was going on

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  • whatthesarah 2

    Sore throat and swollen tonsil

    My right tonsil has been swollen for about eight months now and I've had a persistent sore throat/hoarse voice. Ive also had this terrible pain in my ears. I've gone back and forth to doctors that haven't told me much. I had been prescribed a heavy dose of antibiotics but it didn't help. I finally

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  • dave81837 1

    Throat swelling

    Hi there. My name is Dave and I'm hoping someone can shed some light on this issue that I've been dealing with for many years. I am a nursing student at a university, so I am going to try my best to sound intelligent while describing this issue and discuss what I've found out so far. Essentially,

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  • chris61777 2

    post nasil drip

    For 2 months i have been having voice issues went to the doctor and she said i have post nasil drip now the back of my throat seems to have a discoloured marks on it and it hurts when swallowing at times and feels dry i stil have post nasil drip i think,my throat has little red lumps does anyone no

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  • nomi53736 1

    Persistent tonsil pain

    Hi I have been suffering with a sore throat, hoarseness and a painful tonsil on left side for well over a month now, during this period I have also had a bronchial chest infection and bacterial tonsillitis but only on the left tonsil. I had strong antibiotics during this episode manly due to the

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  • melissa53667 3

    One swollen tonsil

    Hi everyone, I am a 30 year old female and have been dealing with an array of symptoms over the past few months. About 6 months ago I started experiencing chest discomfort only on the right side, a feeling of a lump in the throat on the right side, along with asthma flaring. I was prescribed acid

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  • misty39403 1

    On antibiotics for strep and still sick

    I went to tree doctor over a week ago and got antibiotics for strep however, yesterday I wake up with my right tonsil swollen. I woke up today with pain and my lymph node is swollen. Painful to swallow, ear pain. So I'm thinking tonsillitis but trying to give these antibiotics time. Although I'm

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  • em1974 1

    Quinsy question

    Hi Having suffered for days in horrendous pain I ended up going to A&E with a referral from my GP as my tonsillitis didn't seem to be going. At the hospital I was diagnosed with quinsy. I had my quinsy drained with a syringe yesterday in the hospital, I was then put on an iv drip, with antibiotics,...

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  • Samala123 2

    Burning and mucus in throat, strained voice

    I've had burning throat, mucus and a strained voice for 4 weeks now.  I've tried using anti-inflammatory (Naproxen) medication for 1 week and didn't work I've tried gargling salt water and drinking honey and didn't work  Went to an ENT and they told me to take anti biotics for 5 days, i've taken

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