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I was diagnosed with LS about 2 weeks ago. I'm 21. It was very mild and they gave me the steroid cream and also some cream that is used for other skin conditions as well not just this one. 

Recently, even though I've been applying the cream every night as instruted by my GP, it's become worse. I've got sores down below and near my anus.

The skin surounding as become red raw and inflamed. It's becoming really uncomfortable to walk and to sit down. 

Is there anything I can do apart from applying the creams that could possibly speed up the healing of the sores and calm down the inflamation? 

Any help would be greatly appreciated! 

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    I had a similar experience! I am 22 and was diagnosed earlier this year, was told to use steroid cream and emollients but over the following months I experienced red sores and red inflammation too! Symptoms much worse than I had ever had before! I was told to stop the steroid cream and a month or so after I never had it as bad.. It is really strange as it's the main treatment but my doctor is now questioning my diagnosis and thinks maybe my issues are actually more due to chronic and atypical thrush but this isn't confirmed yet either.

    Obviously don't stop the steroid cream based on this if it was you need but your diagnosis may not be correct either possibly, I think my sores were sometimes from thrush but if you never get this then obviously it's different. It is all so horrible to deal with!

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    Hi youngone, sorry your struggling with this . You say you were given other creams besides the dermovate are you putting all these creams at once ? I think you need to stop all creams for the moment and let your skin calm down . Wash with aqueous cream gently and rinse well NO SOAP !! I would just dry and apply a little vaseline to sooth the area . I would go back to the docter and request an appointment with a dermatoligist it may be the doc as given you the wrong strength of steroid . We have all agreed on this forum that steroid ointment is better than a cream one , it seems to spread better and is more effective. Also you only put it on sparingly its very strong stuff ! Also get a swab test for thrush to rule that out , it sounds like LS to me from what you say . Its hard at first to come to terms with LS and it stresses you out , which makes things worse as stress makes it worse. Sugar is particulary bad for you as is alchol . You will get better at controling this awful thing a lot of people on here have many different things they do that works for them , have a good look at some older posts. I wash with aqueous cream and put a little vaseline on most days if it starts to bother me l put on the dermovate for 3 days and then back to the normal routine if its not quite right l might use dermovate a couple more days. At the start l used dermovate twice a day , washing twice a day for 3 months then down to once a day for 3 months then once a week for maintainence till eventually l only use it when l get a flare up , the trick is to bang it on the head before it gets a grip ! This site is good , there,s always someone to talk to and your not alone , its not something thats easy to talk to your friens about , they simply can,t understand what your going through . I would have gone mad without the help l got here. Good luck youngone , get off to your doc and tell him what you want and need .
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      Thank you so much for your reply. 

      I have had a real bad night of it, with hardly any sleep so I'm off to the doctors this moring. 

      I have a feeling now as it's become incredibly itchy and none of the dermovate or the Hydromol is even touching the itchiness and the pain that it might actually be thrush as well as the LS. 

      I have been using epsom salt baths, they seem to work. 

      Thank you so much for your advice though! 

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    Hi there,

    I was diagnosed approx 8 weeks ago and started with itch only but after application of the dermovate ointment I was raw and really red. Some of the skin looked like it was peeling off and then some thrush set I searched this site and there is great advice about sitz baths.

    So each night now I sit in a warm basin ..legs out (basically) with a small amount of Epsom salts for 15 mins, sometimes I just use plain water also.Then I apply the ointment after I have dried myself..gently. It definitely has helped with the irritation. Look up Dr. Goldstein..dermatologist on you tube. Really excellent webinar about lichen schlerosus...

    Also like the other ladies have suggested...back to gp and request follow up with dermatologist.

    Best of luck.

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    When I was first diagnosed I had a few episodes that sound like what you are describing. I now believe that half of the problem was a yeast infection. The two, yeast and lichen sclerosus, seem to go hand in hand for some. 

    Also, some people are allergic to the cream or ointment that the steroid is in. So, if you are still having problems try a change. I prefer the ointment as it is easier to apply than the 'cream' that never seems to really be absorbed. 


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    I didnt do well with steroid ointment or fluconozole tablets.

    i bought emu oil of. Internet and its made a big difference.    I used a well known site and bought the most organic one i could find.

    the site has the name of a long river.


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    Hi, I don't know of anything any better you can use then the steroid cream. I asked my gyno the same thing and he said there was nothing better or faster than the steroid cream or ointment.

    I wanted to ask you if you ever get a little pain there as well as the soreness. sometimes i feel an actual pain that comes and goes.


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