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Well 5 weeks since operation , last week was having pain in me leg. Now last 2 days I have pain in me back .

Yes I done little bit more round house but don't think I over done it . Yes done little bit of bending but not a lot .

I just not sure what I can do now in way of doing things round the house .

I know someone that went back to work after 6 weeks and he worked on a farm .

Plus I don't even think I be able to drive next week .

Also I was in a car longer then a hour but had pillow behind me back and got my partner to stop so I could walk about .

I've took it so easy surely am not meant just lay here now

Very depressed and scared something gone wrong .

Thanks for all advice

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    Hi Donna

    In my first 6 weeks after my microd where it was going to plan I found did almost nothing compared to you. I walked maybe 2 hours per day after 5-6 weeks. Absolutely no bending lifting or twisting and no more than 15 mins sitting at a time and less if I could help it. The first time I was driven was 35 mins x2 after 6 weeks and that was not comfortable at all.

    I would stick to the letter of what you have been told to do. NO bending lifting or twisting. Limited sitting.all that stuff can irritate the nerve more meaning more pain.

    I am not a doctor but here is my advice. Walk 15 mins at a time every couple of hours until you are comfortable doing more. Ask your doctor for oral steroids to help the nerve inflammation go down and take as much Ibuprofen and paracetamol as you need to be reasonably comfortable - up to 1800mg ibuprofen and 2000mg paracetamol, spaced over the day. If you are taking lots of ibuprofen then you will also need something like pantoprazole to protect your stomach. But just because the painkillers are working doesn't mean start bending etc. Painkillers are not fixing anything apart from the pain itself.

    So don't stop activity but really do zero, nothing, nada that puts any demands on your back. Log roll to get out of bed. If you have to get down, bend at the knees only, like you have a broom up your backside. Going down on one knee is ok if you feel ok doing it but don't do it unless you have to.

    I imagine you will be having a followup in a week or so. Your surgeon can advise you then. If you are not improving options are

    - nothing, just wait for it to calm down on its own

    - steroid injection to reduce inflammation of the nerve

    - revision of the microdiscectomy (i.e. They go in a clear up and reherniation, if there is one). You would have another MRI before that. Given you have had pain the whole time there is no special reason to expect a reherniation though. When mine went wrong, it went from near zero pain to loads of pain overnight. I got both tons of leg pain back and all new back pain. But I had massively overdone it. I went hiking up a big mountain for 100 minutes. Psychotic. I almost certainly did reherniate, albeit subtly so my rather inexperienced surgeon did not spot it.

    BTW pain in the back can have a few causes but that includes the same nerve complaining. The nerve pain can be felt anywhere down the course of the whole nerve, right from where it exits the spine. So while it's scary, it does not necessarily mean anything has actually changed much.

    One thing you just will have to get used to though, believe me here, don't rush to judgment and don't expect anything to improve quickly. Think in fortnights, not even weeks. Some people do get back to vigorous activity pretty quickly. But Lots more have to take it much more carefully, especially if you have not been very active before, as all your muscles are weak and all your tendons and ligaments are stiff. The whole joint area is just disfunctional and takes AGES to come back to good working order.

    So take your foot off the gas in terms of general activity, though keep doing the things your surgeon/physio told you to do. Take painkillers to remain sane. Try to get steroids to deal with the inflammation of the nerve.

    And don't despair. You are 5 weeks out. There is plenty of time and there are lots of options before you need to consider any really daunting prospects like more intrusive surgery.

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      Thanks so much for all your advice , I took it so easy unbelievable and had no pain in back just me leg . So I just thought I be alrite to do little things like put dinner in oven . And I kneeled down to pick something up .

      I can't even get in the bath yet and agree sitting is the worst ever . I do work to the little shop which is about 10 mind which walking I am fine .

      I just got upset coz the pain in back which I haven't really had unless I sit for to long .

      I be so angry if I done something wrong to halt my recovery . Coz I feel I took it so easy .

      Meant be going new York middle of august which was booked last year .

      I be gutted if I can't go .

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    I am getting leg and back pain still but believe it mainly from the surgery site your body has to adapt and grow into the new instruments in ur back. If I do a little more than my body allows I feel ill. Every one is different and heals different. I definitely believe u need to give it more time . Use a grabber stick rather than bending also a tall dust pan and brush things like theses will . Take extra strain of ur body
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      Thanks Jessica , the pain in me leg which I know is the nerve. I just wanna wake up and feel no pain at all .

      Am bored just laying there getting up walking round house for 10 min's then laying back down .

      How do u feel your operation has gone? How long for your recovery

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      It's tuff a going I know I have good days and bad . My consultant did say I'd never be completely pain free . But if the operation in reality was to stop any further damage to nerve s . It's early days as everything is still settling down . But maybe in. Another few months I will be able to say . I was told because the nerves are compressed for so long they can remain swollen/ inflamed for some time after operation. It's difficult but just bear without

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      Oh gosh jessica, what a long road you have I really hope it all works for you . I can't imagine always being in pain .

      I just managed to claim esa threw my national insurance . They said I can't claim anything else becoz my partner earns to much .

      This is why I wanna get back to work as soon as I can but I know it's not any time soon . As I can't even bath or drive me car, 9 months of pain so I can't imagine how you coped as long as you have


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    Hi Donna,

    Sorry to hear you are struggling & low, things will get better.

    You have to remember and accept a few points:

    1. Your back has compressed the nerves & pinching them for some time, the nerves are still traumatised & squashed down, they will slowly recover some of their original shape and the signals they send will lessen. (& hopefully will go or become bearable)

    2. You have been through an invasive procedure, your immune system & subconscious will be reacting to that & will be over sensitised to the changes that have suddenly occurred.

    There will be an increase in internal swelling/ pressure & unusual movement. All will antagonise the original issues for a while, until they settle down, be patient.

    3. You have been in pain a long time & your brain is programed to expect that pain, it will look for what is missing, (like tinnitus is a loss of a specific range of sound & the brain creates a white noise while attempting to find what is missing)

    The pain level will probably be lower, but your brain will amplify this to try & recreate the habitual nerve signals in your the previously known state, your brain is almost addicted to the pain.  - It will take time for your brain to reprogram to the new you.

    4. It’s been 5 weeks, you are going to have to completely start again on regaining core stability, mobility, & stamina, the surgery has reset everything to your lowest base line.

    It is going to hurt, to do things you did before, possible even for things that didn’t hurt before, but slowly, little steps, patience & rebuild.

    Take the meds & do the hot / cold/ supported position, all the things you know work to elevate your symptoms post activity.

    5. Your meds will affect your outlook, expect it & in your ‘up moments’ do something’s that makes you laugh, take the p**s out of your partner, watch films that make YOU LAUGH TOGETHER - humour is the key to a positive mental state, & you need to extend that state of mind to heal as quickly as possible.

    6. You have the rest of your life to rebuild & set the bench mark you are going to live by, no need to sprint to the finish line. Try jogging, you see more of the scenery on the way… :-)

    You are now bionic: Jamie Sommers, welcome to the club…

    Love & luck

    Steve Austin’s short, fat, limping, ugly twin brother

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      Thank you much for your reply , thing is I thought that having the operation apart from surgery I thought I be pain free, I also knew it can take months .

      And yes I agree with you as when I get pain in my head am thinking this is not good should this be happening .

      I did think that once they done the disc the nerve pain would go completely. How silly was I to think that .

      After 9 months of being in pain it has really took a strain on my relationship. He feel's sorry for me being stuck in house all day while he has go to work .

      And feels helpless there nothing he can do .

      I was crying this morning coz the nerve pain was bad it's like that every morning.

      I am going doctors weds and I need him sort these pain killers out and I need to know when take them.properly.

      I just feel am pipping pills like sweets at mo.

      My sense of humour is still there , just feeling low . I can't even bath yet or drive me car .

      Can't sit for longer then 10 min's, question how long do you think it take for the nerve to repair itself ? My be a question no one can answer but thought I ask ha ha


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      Hi Donna,

      We're all different, some are lucky: fast healers or very high pain threshold, others not so lucky. It is what it is, please be patient, no anger, rushing or denial will help...

      Yeap, surgery is not a magic 'fix it all straight away', it may take away lot of pain quickly or it may be a gradual reduction, which you help by taking control & fighting back to where you want to be.

      You are a brave woman who took the step for surgery, now build on that to go through recovery, don't let it beat you.

      Have a good cry, no shame or judgement in that, have a good shout, swear your heart out at the bleedin' back & then put it away.

      Partner, yes this wears on him too, but give him ways to make you feel better, even a token thing, it is the doing that helps you both get past the barriers the back creates.

      I'm imagining a big hug & a bar of chocolate to you

      love & luck


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