Spitting Stitches/Sutures on Bunion Incision

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Has anyone here experienced this - spitting stitches/sutures on your post bunion incision?  If so, what did your surgeon do to resolve it?  Did he/she have to cut into incision and remove them?  Or did he/she just pull them out?  Were you given anesthesia for the removal procedure?  Did this lengthen your recovery time?  So many questions, I know.  Any insight or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

I've had a minor setback when I realized early last week that what I was looking at appeared to be a piece of suture sticking out of the middle of my incision!  Two days prior I dismissed it as a scab that has yet to fall off.  Keeping close observation eventually revealed what I never imagined.  rolleyes

From my limited research found that spitting stitches/sutures are apparently not uncommon for many other surgical procedures (breast augmentation, tummy tucks, etc.).  However, I've not seen any or known any that involve a Bunionectomy.  Spitting stitches/sutures - It's when ones body treats the buried sutures as foreign objects and rejects them before they can dissolve.  It's probable w internal stitches close to the skin.  I haven't had all my questions answered by my Dr regarding this until this Wednesday, 2 days from now.  I assumed all stitches were removed @ my 2wk follow up appt.  Those were external though.  Didn't realize there were separate stitches internally that were left in.  Unless the attending nurse didn't remove all of them.  Then again it makes sense there would be internal stitches for my ligaments and tendons from my Austin procedure.  Anywho, I snagged on it early last Monday 😬 w sterile tweezers then stopped when I felt a sting.  That's when I freaked out trying to get a hold of my Dr.  He left a msg that it's normal and nothing to worry about since I'm not experiencing signs of infection, and if I wanted to can go to the Nurse Intervention Clinic to have object removed and meanwhile can use neosporin over it to prevent infection.  I opted to wait until I see him this week to do this along w addressing my *many* questions regarding it.  Also didn't want some intern making things worse w their possible lack of knowledge as to whether there are knots underneath and such.  Figured my Dr would know better what's underneath and where to remove.  Since then, I now have 2 spitting stitches right on the incision and possibly another making its way out.  rolleyes  Just when I thought I was over the hump of pain, boredom and a sometimes lonely journey, with swelling diminishing, and the ability to finally get into regular wide toe box shoes, and get back to life, photography, church serving activities,  and anxiously and eagerly waiting for the green light from Dr to drive again and be out of air cast boot, and begin scar treatment, this happens! rolleyes  This is really discouraging but I'm prayerfully staying hopeful for a good report at this week's [6wk post op] appt and solution to these spitting stitches/sutures.

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    Thought I'd provide an update for those reading this thread because either you're experiencing this or preparing for what could happen and want to know what to look for, or you're like most of us at one point in your recovery journey having a sleepless night and just need something to read related to ones bunion experience.  Either way, you're welcome here. smile

    It's now 7-weeks post op Bunionectomy [Austin, 2 permanent titanium screws, and bone spur shaved off the top of my foot].  During my 6-weeks post op appt last week, my Dr addressed what I thought was going to be a setback w spitting stitches (internal dissolvable stitches poking out) in the middle of my incision.😬😱  Turns out that there were no infections (Praise God!🙌🏼wink and he was able to remove these painlessly!😌  He removed a total of two spitting stitches, and it looked like there were an additional 2 making their way out.  When inquiring further, Dr noted that he placed 4 knots under the skin to hold other layers of my skin together.  Should anymore pop up, he recommended waiting until they fall off by themselves or wait at least a week and then can pluck them out painlessly as he did in that visit w sterile tweezers.  My incision seems to be on it's way back to healing.  Although my Dr said my incision looks to be healing well, it does look a little raised than normal.  For scar treatment, he recommended SicaTape - a type of silicone tape used for fading and flattening scars as mine appeared to be a little raised.  I hope it's not Keloids.  Anywho, found a 5 yard roll made by SicaSolutions on Amazon for a reasonable price of $16.95US.  I just hope my scar lightens up and flattens.  Dr said scars usually stretch out and get dark before they get better.  I'm taking additional measures to insure minimal scarring by massaging in essential oils into my foot during each ROM exercises and rubbing directly onto the incision.  This relieves my foot from inflammation, helps loosen up tissue, and minimizes visible scarring among other benefits.

    If anyone has experienced this, would love to hear about it.

    Hope this helps! 😉👊🏼

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      I had big toe fusion and tendon release in 2014 and had one stitch that the nurse had to see too at my 6 week check ...tough little stitch to cut out..... managed in the end.

      As for the scar once I was sure that it was fully closed I used Potters comfrey oil.....purely as it was to hand.... then when that ran out I used bio oil..... massaged the scar gently but firmly on the top to break down the scar tissue a few times a day...

      I didn't buy any scar reducing tape/strips or whatever other people may use....

      My scars is not really noticable....

      March 1st just gone I had the other to fused plus other work so I'll be repeating the whole process again.

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      Thanks for sharing, misskh! smile  The touch stitch you mentioned, was that an internal stitch sticking out or external one that your nurse cut?  Glad to hear all is healed now and that your scar isn't noticeable.  I've been using two different mixes of EOs mainly consisting of Helichrysum, Frankincense, Lavender, Rosemary, Tea Tree, and Rosehip.  I'm really pleased w the affects and results thus far.  I've not heard of the Potters Comfrey Oil before, but will look that up.  My 2 rolls of SicaTape are expected to arrive today and can update on that weeks/months out.

      You are brave to go through this again.  Hope all goes well w your other foot. smile

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      It was an internal stitch sticking out.... no lasting damage.

      I'm in the UK and the Potters ccomfrey oil was from a shop called Holland and Barrett. I won't rush out to buy another bottle for this scar and will just use Bio oil.

      I'm more for keeping scar tissue from forming when I massage as I'm told a build up can be painful... Surgeon said even Olive oil can be used for this purpose.

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