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elizabeth46338 elizabeth46338

Spleen and adrenal removal

I recently (4 days) had both operated on and taken out.  I am just trying to touch base with any other people who have had this as I feel a bit at a loss. I had a knee replaced a couple of years ago and found the help and support of the group to be so helpful. I feel as if my kidneys are not wroking properly.  I have been drinking lots of water but passing little urine. What I do pass is "normal" light in colour and clear. Ks it just post operative pain?


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  • Wheelo Wheelo elizabeth46338

    Hi LizT,

    I had my Spleen removed nearly 20 years ago. It's a huge shock to the system which I think explains the kidney situation. It will take you months to feel normal again, so dont stress - just concentrate on recovery one day at a time. In particular you will probably feel tired a lot of the time - this gets better but probably never goes away fully.

    Have you been given advice on medications, vaccinations & precautions?


    • pam 2212 pam 2212 Wheelo

      Yeah the tiredness got to me too ..

      6 months later I'm back to normal.

      I take antibiotics daily & have had all immunisations...

      Got to keep on living tho , living my life exactly as before I lost my spleen ..

    • amber82773 amber82773 pam 2212

      Hi Pam 2212, 

      Can you elaborate on the daily antibiotics please? I am in the US and my doctor has advised me not to take daily antibiotics. I'm so confused. I just had my spleen removed 2 weeks ago and am just starting to learn about life without it. 

      Thanks very much. 

    • pam 2212 pam 2212 amber82773

      Hi amber , have had all immunisations including a flu shot . I take 250 mg amoxil daily & have to carry with me always 6 300 mg amoxil for if I feel unwell , I have to take the 6 together & go straight to Drs or hospital . And by feeling unwell I mean high temperature, flu like symptoms .

      I am living exactly as I was before I lost my spleen .

      And I live an extremely unhealthy life ..

      I drink , I smoke & usually only have one meal a day ... Drs are surprised how healthy I am for such an unhealthy person ... lol ... oh & im 58 yrs young ...

    • amber82773 amber82773 pam 2212

      Hi Pam, thanks for your reply. Glad to hear you are doing so well! That gives me some hope. I'm going to talk to my doctor about the antibiotic regime. Mine have said they are not necessary but I'd feel so much safer on them. Do they mess with your stomach at all? 

    • pam 2212 pam 2212 amber82773

      Hey.. nope ... no issues with the antibiotics .. I wondered too about taking them every day , woukd I be immune if I got really sick .. but dr assured me that not the case .

      If I were to get really sick I'd say I'd be on much stronger drug ..

      I'm not worried at all Amber.. got to keep living . If we were to let this get to us I feel I for one woukd never leave my house..

      Just need to be sensible & careful..

      As I said before , my life style has not changed at all ..

      Hang in there lovie , you'll be fine ..

  • lacey321 lacey321 elizabeth46338


    I saw your post this evening when reading through these threads. I had my spleen removed a week and a half ago and was wondering how you were doing post-op. I'm still in quite a bit of pain, still needing pain killers, and am experiencing nausea as well. Would be nice to compare with someone who is around the same amount of days out that I am.

    • amber82773 amber82773 lacey321

      Hi lacey321, 

      I am close to the same number of days out as you. 16 days since I had my spleen removed. I'm the US but it seems most people here are in Europe, you? 

      I went off the painkillers at about a week and half but I think that is really early. I've had trouble with, embarassingly, constipation and gas causing a lot of pain and trouble eating, I get full very quickly. It's painful but it dissipates quickly. 

      Have had all vaccinations but doctor advises against daily antibiotics. What has your doctor advised? 


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