Started Sertraline a month ago and 5 days ago upped to 100 mg per doc.

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Woke this morning with anxiety and some depression. Will this go away? Am I still in the early stages of the Med? I need some help, I’m scared of the anxiety coming back.

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    Hi there I’ve been on 100mgs for the past 3wks now and it’s still early stages for me too. They’ve taken the edge off a little bit but still av slight panick. I’ll be upping mine nxt wk to 150mgs so I’m hoping I’ll start to feel abit of normality 
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    Hello, don’t worry... all though uncomfortably these stages will pass. Each and every increase will undoubtedly throw some side effects back into the mix until enough time has passed for your serotonin levels to eventually even out and settle down in your system.

    Flying threw the dose increases  too quickly will just keep your system in the side effect phase, as your serotonin levels are continually trying to settle on one dosage. Hope this makes sense lol. Its best if you can allow each dose increase 4-6wks to settle before moving onto the next, only then will you know if a lower dose would actually work. Hope this helps 🌹

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      Hi rose did ure sleeping pattern change? As mine as I can’t sleep I’m just laying with my eyes closed and my mind is just doing overtime which makes me panick even more.its so scary. Will this change as soon as the tablets start to kick in 
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      Hello,  debra... 

      Luckily insomnia wasnt one of my side effects, but that being said... it still is a very common side effect when starting out.

      It will settle in time, but unfortunately we have to go threw 4-6weeks of side effects to get there 😕

      If your taking an evening dose I would suggest changing this to a morning, it may help? and also you can request diazepam from your doctor to take in the evening to help you relax and take the edge of that panic feeling until your more settled in your dosage. Hope this helps 🌹

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      Hi rose I woz on paroxatine for 17yrs but the doctor changed me to sertraline I was on 50mg for 1wk and now I’ve been on 100mg for the past 3wks, do u think I shud carry on with these or go bk on my paroxatine, as at least I woz on a level with them and I could cope and sleep 
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      Hi Deb,

      Tbh It really is down to personal preference with these meds, but from my own personal experience I started off a week at 25mg, then gradually increased to 50mg back in October, and I didn’t see even a hint of improvement till I’d gone passed 4weeks at 50mg (which Im still at now) so I would say if you can hold out, as you’ve already done 3weeks at 100mg, your possibly quite close to coming out the other side in relation to your side effects.

      I was adamant in those first few weeks that these meds wernt working, but can honestly say now... Im so glad I stuck it out. 🌹

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      Thanks rose that’s how I feel as tho they’re not working or going to work 😢I woz thinking of going bk on my old 1s which were paroxatine 

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      It really is up to you deb, I can sympathise, I remember how tough those first few weeks were,  but if you can manage another week or two, I’d say hold out or even speak to the doctor about some additional medication to help you sleep, just so you can get some rest while the med is still settling into your system. 

      I know its tough going, but it does pass in time. 🌹

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      Thanks rose for ure reply it’s just nice to know that uve been through wot I’m going through and that uve cum out the other side. So in ure point of view do u think I should carry on these a bit longer b4 I feel any benefit? It’s just so scary n always think that I won’t get there😢I worry all the time about my sons and grandkids. I wished I cud harden up and stop worrying so much but it’s so hard wen it’s ure family ??

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    I personally would hold out, at least for 2weeks before making any decisions to change, least that way you know you’ve given the increase your best shot.

    The increased anxiety at this time is a side effect... but it will pass. I used to suffer terrible with negative anxious racing thoughts, all day, every day... worry, worry, worry, I would feel mentally drained and exhausted by the end of the day. But as I said earlier... once I got passed 4weeks on my Increased dose and not a day sooner - I finally started to feel the benefits, small at first then gradually better as time went on.

    You will get there, I know its awful, and we all think were the only ones this med isn’t going to work for,  but time really is the only key to  success for this types of medication. 

    Chin up, it will get easier 🌹

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      Aww thank you so much rose. I feel like there’s hope the way u explain things.ure more help and hope to me than my doctor is😀I’ll keep going for another wk on 100mgs because that’s wen I’m due to go bk to the doctors . Let’s hope I will get there where you r now??

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      Your welcome Deb, we all need abit of support and encouragement in those early weeks to give us a boost and show us there is a light at the end of the tunnel. 

      Keep us updated on your progress, you’ll get there 🌹

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