Started taking bluey Friday 14 November 08

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Got the tablets from my doctor on tuesday, but she said to see the practice nurse on friday.......... so i was really good and waited to see her before taking the tablets; but did all my reading up before I went.

I managed to lose just over 1stone by healthier eating but then ground to a halt. I have ME so cannot exercise to any great degree without having major reaction the following day.

My doctor is not very hands on and I almost mentioned about these tablets in a throw away sentence and she was quite obliging! you could have knocked me down with a feather!

So saw the nurse.......... well wont get to excited over her, she wasnt exactly a fountain of knowledge or positive reinforcement - i feel sorry for anyone who has gone to see her needing a bit of support as they will come out feeling lower than a snakes belly afterwards....... i felt i knew more than she did...


took my first one friday night with my main meal..... brussel sprouts were included and everyone else passed wind but me!!

took my next dose at brunch on saturday, healthy fry up [by that i mean one rasher, mushrooms, one egg, cherry tomatoes and piece of bread with scraping of butter]........ no problems so far.

went to the loo about 4 hours later, just normal - i felt like i was inspecting it like Gillian Mackeith [u are what u eat!] to see if it looked different - the answer is No if you are asking.

So saturday night went out for a curry! take that to mean.... tablespoon prawns from my partners starter, 2 pieces of lamb from my daughters Korma, and some rice/meat from partners biriyani. 5 small chips and a quarter of a small naan bread! OK not exactly a flying start but in for a penny in for a pound! took tablet more towards the end of the meal so that I knew we were heading home - just in case!!!

Here we are on Sunday - went to the toilet in the morning and to be really honest no surprises there........ wouldnt say I am constipated but just dont seem to be having a change in bowel habits. my sister says that maybe I have compacted food that hasnt got out yet and all the food eaten since on the blueys is stuck behind!!?!?!? if thats the case then i could be like mount vesuvius in a few days........ watch this space! :oops:

So had breakfast of two slices of toast with scraping of butter - and tablet.

Had lunch with brother in law and sister [her of the compacted comment above!] and as he had been helping me to re-roof the garden shed and hang the door we had a sunday fry up [i dont usually have fry ups every day and do eat healthily but he's a big lad and needs filling up after all the work we had done and a bowl of muesli isnt his style. Took my tablet.

So its 6pm and I am about to sit down with my sunday roast - small piece of chicken breast, 2 roasties and loads of veg......... and my tablet.

Either I have got the fat balance right and hopefully wont have an accident; or they havent kicked in yet; or my sister's prophecy will come true. :roll:

Hope my experience so far has cheered you all up! Will be brutally honest should anything major happen in the next few days! :lol:

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    Thank goodness for your message!!!! I have had the same experience, which led me to believe maybe I wasn't doing it right.

    I'm ashamed to say i even ate a whole family sized bar of turkish delight after I had been on the tabs a week, just to make sure they were working, but I didn't have the expected experience as most people describe. I was just slightly \"loose\" if you get my drift, but no great embarrasment. I was expecting it in shedloads too!

    I know this wasn't a very clever thing thing to do,as its not going to help me shed the pounds, but it was a one off I promise. I think my main problem has been that I don't have a hugely fat loaded diet, I just eat lots. I need to cut don my portion size. the tabs seem to have cut my appetite a bit though, or is this all in my mind??!!


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    Just a lil heads up

    Turkish delight is low in fat anyways, so you wouldn't of had any side effects,

    Dare you to eat a bar of cadburys whole nut .. eeek no don't .. I'm joking!

    ok gonna behave myself now and scoot off to bed

    nite nite


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    Cheeky monkey!!

    Thanks for the tip on turkish delight, I didn't realise it was low fat (i know, its not cart blanche to eat a ton!). I do actually have a whole nut in the fridge (family size of course!), but its still wrapped up after a week. Its once I open it that it talks to me \"eat me, eat me\". My test to myself is leaving it wrapped in the fridge for as long as possible. You'll know if I have given in, as I'll be writing in advising of my poorly experience and orange oil!!!!!

    Thanks for the smile your message gave me.

    T x

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    OK Monday morning here we go....

    Had my roast last night and went to bed with no rumblings.

    Did pass wind before bed and wondered if that was a good idea? All OK.

    Usual morning routine, shower, breakfast [porridge], makeup, hair...

    Decided to go to the loo as felt a bit sluggish............

    One large splash and that was it!

    Some orange oil, looks like grease in a washing up bowl floating around.

    Yes it does splash up the toilet bowl a bit and needed a clean as another flush didnt remove it.

    No serious wind, cramps, accidents as yet.

    So I am assuming that since starting blueys [slowly and staggered] it has taken nearly 3 days for my food to get to the EXIT sign! :shock:

    Hope my descriptions are helping you and you are laughing along with me as I type this..... :lol:

    I think as others have said, it is trial and error - everybody will have difference tolerance and trigger foods....

    Whilst I don't know that it has curbed/suppressed my appetite, I think I am more aware of not breaking the 'fatty food=tablet' rule so less likely to grab a packet of crisps as a snack.

    For my sweet tooth I have been having a chocolate-lime sweet x2 occassionally at night.


    thanks everyone for telling us their experiences - it really does help. :D

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    Thanks for that glorious description Ruth!!!

    I just started on Saturday and am waiting for the BIG SPLASH - LOL Will keep you posted........It really does help to read about others experiences - I was very nervous about starting to take them!!!!


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    Monday continued...........

    After the mornings departure lounge incident I felt quite relieved that I had managed to have no serious problems through the day.

    I was aware that by the afternoon I had a sensation that I probably needed the toilet again so went.......... rabbit droppings and a bit of oil...

    However still had a feeling that all was not finished.... :oops:

    So about tea time I went again and was looser.... not the runs but just looser and again some oil, but more like spotting.

    Through the evening had some wind but didn't let go and just felt not prudent, but did have a panty pad on as out and about..... just in case!

    Once home, very late, went to the toilet and was a bit gassy and again went and really felt like I had a good clean out!! :roll:

    Sorry if this explanation is tooooooooooooo much.... :D

    So here I am tuesday morning raring to go [not literally!]. Have made a conscious decision not to take the bluey today as not home based, but feel that perhaps now my system has relieved itself of my sister's Vesuvius prophecy [see my first post!] and all that is now passing through the EXIT is purely food eaten since starting the tablets. :wink:


    ps no serious headaches other than the first day perhaps, but just make conscious effort to have diluted cordial when eating.

    pps have noticecd a reduction in weight but will give update on that after first week so that it is a true reflection.

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    we've all had this 'orange effect' so when this happens,that we eat too much fat and pass it out other end,wouldnt we still loose weight??i know its a sign to say cut back as having too much but surely all the excess fat comes out so we'd still loose weight??anyone know?
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    NOt advocating this at all..but I find when I have a chinese (i.e Eating too much fat) I know I am going to have oil..but I also lose more..

    I put this down to me not eating enough fat..(and the chinese ups the fat intake)

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