Started with vertigo now ear pain/fullnessness help!

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I have an extremely uncomfortable ear condition and I can’t get relief. It started with vertigo and hearing sensitivity over a month ago. I went to the doctor and was given exercises and sent on my way. A week later the vertigo got worse and I went back to the doctor and he said I had a bulging ear drum and treated me with antibiotics and prednisone. A week later I have a feeling of fluid and fullness in my ear. It is very uncomfortable. I ent to an ENT who said they don’t see anything, but gave me a higher dose of prednisone and I was told to give it time. After the prednisone I still had the feeling and was given a3rd round. During all this I have on and off vertigo. Any ideas who it could be? I am so uncomfortable!

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    I also wanted to add that yesterday I discovered my ear canal is swollen. 
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    Hello Kristi,

    It's a shame you weren't prescribed a high dose of Predisolone the first

    time.  I had to have it back in April last year too.  My left eardrum perforated.

    If you don't live in England it's high unlikely that you'll be able to be prescribed

    the medication that's helped me.

    I've suffered (ETD Eustachina Tube Dysfunction for years and years and it's

    only since my last course of Prenisolone and Flixonase Nasule Drops that.

    If you're in the States I do know that you'll be able to get prescribed the Flixonase

    Nasal Spray, so try that....but it must be used morning and night for a long time.

    It's the inflammation that causes the problem with ETD.  Our tubes swell so fluid 

    (mucus) is unable to drain.  Doctors do seem to take ETD very lightly and don't

    realise just how distressing a condition it is.....they need to suffer just a week 

    from blocked ears to know how awful it it.  Some people suffer from blocked ears

     during and after a cold, however, if their tubes are working properly, within a week

    or so they clear....unlike many, me included who've suffered, month and even years.

    I see my ENT consultant twice yearly, so will be seeing him next month in February

    for my check up.  Happily, at the moment my problem is manageable.



    things have improved for me.

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      Thank you so much for your response. I have Flixonase, but currently I’m not using it. I can’t even remember why I was ever originally prescribed it at one point. I will start using it again to see if it provides any relief. 

      Thank you,


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      You're so very welcome Kristi.   Use it every day, morning and at night before going to bed.

      It takes a while to work, so don't give up.

      Usually prescribed for Sinus issues too.....something else I blinking suffer from.

      Which country are you in ?


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      Yes, I thought you were in US.  What a shame, as you won't be able to get the

      Flixonase Nasule Drops, that are stronger than the Spray....never mind, try

      the spray as see how you get on....don't be alarmed if it takes a long time to


      I speak to several people that live in US and wanted to try the Nasule drops,

      like I've said not available out there.  my nephew is a Pharmacist out there,

      so I ask him.

      Do you suffer allergies, if so try taking a daily Citrizine Antihistamine, they

      can also help with ears, if it's allergy related.

      Let me know how you get on and if you find benefit from the Flonase, as

      you call it over there.



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      Hiya,  read what it says in the leaflet, that should be in box.

      I don't like to advise other people on medication dosages.

      I really don't want to put a downer on you lovely people still

      suffering from ETD.  I just think if you've had it a while now

      I'd be so surprised  if the spray will work and if it does it will

      take a good while.

      Imagine the mucus sticking our tubes hard

      for them to unblock with a few sprays into the nose.

      While I was using the Flixonase Spray (yours in Flonase)

      it didn't really help me and it made me lose my sense of

      smell and taste too.

      It's the Flixonase Naule Drops that I keep banging on about

      that have helped me....surely there must be an

      alternative you can ask for in other countries.  Do

      ask and tell your doctors what I'm using in the UK

      and get them to look it up.

      Good luck


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    Wow, sounds so much of what I'm going thru along with ent said I had pressure in left ear whn they did hearing test. .then bout a week later awful vertigo. Kept coming and going yet almost constant lightheadedness. .so I go to my dr. She saw something like a growth in my left ear, which keeps like a fullness feeling every morning almost. So now iv got another ent appt and will c what happens. Prayerfully it can be a quick, easy fix for ear fullness, tinnitis, and vertigo..and heavy head feeling as well as vision seems to be off a you get that as well? Hope ya get answrs soon..

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      Yes, vision is off at times. It comes and goes. It becomes very hard to focus. It is very hard to explain. I’ve been using Flonase. Yesterday was a very good day but I was very active and busy. Today wasn’t as good, but I took a decongestant tonight and it seems to have made me feel better. 
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    Curious, do you still have the sound sensitivity? 
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      At times I still have the sound sensitivity, but it is not nearly as bad and it is only certain sounds. It has improved quite a bit compared to when this first started over a month ago. The sound sensitivity followed by the vertigo  is what first alerted me there was a problem. The vertigo has also improved, but the ear fullness and feeling of something in the ear is still present. Some of these symptoms come and go. Usually it is worse in the evening.
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      Yes, mine come and go as well and when busy not as noticbe and dies get worse when I'm just in bed trying to relax for the nite..why does the worse if everything happen at night??wink

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      I can't stand the sound of dishes hitting together or pots and pans..ugh..Guess that's the worse sounds for me..I can't explain the cushion part eithr. Tried to explain. To dr she just loos at me like "seriously?" I wish I had the vision is fine, it's just lie maybe for a lack of a word, a glare maybe in background..

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