Starting Brintellix/Vortoxetine - my journey

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Hi Everyone


I’ve been suffering with depression since my mid-twenties, on and off.  I’m now 40 years old. I’ve just been diagnosed with ADD at The Maudsley Hospital and was told I should take Ritalin.


Due to having to wait around 6 weeks for the mental health arm to get a report to my doctor and a prescriptions, I paid to see a private psychiatrist yesterday.


As I’ve bene suffering with moderate depression since last October.  Getting very bad during the winter months. 


The doctor suggested going on Brintelix, as I’m quite dubious about Ritalin, because of the highs and the lows.  Brintellix is mean’t to be good for cognitive function too.


Anyway, I wanted a log/diary on my journey with starting the Brintelix and give hope (fingers crossed) to those looking to start.


I was given 5mg and 10mg. The doctor said for the first few days, start off on 2.5 mg and then increase.


So I took my first 2.5mg today and will do tomorrow and increase to 5mg the day after.


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    Hoping you will post your progress here, i have a box of these here but afraid of side effects.  Any help,you can give is very welcome.
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    What will happen when you get your prescription 


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    Hi everyone

    I'm on day 2 of 5mg. 

    I started on 2.5mg for 3 days and increased

    Today i woke up with a foggy head, i feel a decline in my mood. 

    I feel a slight 'tinglyness'.  I don't feel very hungry. 

    I generally feel tired and a bit groggy.

    I'm hoping that these feelings mean that its getting into my system. 

    At the moment, I am sleeping OK.

    I'll keep you all posted.


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      Yes, please keep us updated. Hope this is the med for you and you have good success on it.

      i know its one of the newer meds and has had some good reviews, hope there are no side effects for you.

      look forward to hearing progress 

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    OKay folks. So, its day 4 on 5mg I woke up feeilng very groggy. Very tired indeed and feel very foggy.  Its as if i'm in a bit of a bubble. 

    My energy levels are low and i do feel a bit dizzy.

    Don't feel hungry either. Slightly nauseas

    I'm getting a slight tinglyness too.

    I am taking it for moderate depression. I have also recently been diagnosed with ADD.  I was pinning hope that the Brintellix might target both the depression and the congnitive function too.

    So there are no positives at the moment but very early days.

    I'm pinning a lot of hope that these will work.


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      Hi Ann, 

      I'm at work! Im having to hold it together....which i have been since October and its extremely tiring.

      Im just fed up with feeling fed up and want my life back.

      Hope you're ok 

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    Hi Everyone

    So as the day went on yesterday, i actually started to feel a bit brighter.  

    I take the tablet in the afternoon after my lunch. 

    So today I've woke up again with extreme brain fog, feeling very flat, no energy. No concentration at all. I acutally feel quite tearful today.  I just feel ilke i could crawl under a rock and stay there.  I feel like im in a bubble.

    I've actually upped my dose to 7.5mg and I've taken it a bit earlier today too, after my breakfast. 

    I am shivery and feel like i've got a cold coming on, so this might be something also to do with me feeling so rubbish!

    I will keep posting.  

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    I Hi Everyone

    I wanted to give you an update on the Brintellix.

    The brain fog, fatigue became too much to bare. At the weekend, I started to get suicidal thoughts. It also gave me an immense urge to drink alcohol. I am an alcoholic in recovery and have not really touched a drink in 7 months but I got extremely drunk at the weekend.

    I went back to my psychiatrist this morning . He has prescribed me Lofepramine.

    He suggested I start taking these over Easter, so that I am not at work!

    I’m really upset the Brintellix didn’t work but the brain fog and fatigue were just too much and I’m normally quite good a coping with side effects.

    So, I’m well and truly on the meds merry-go-round!

    I shall start a new post on my journey with Lofepramine.


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      So sorry you have not tolerated the Brintellix.  It is known that the side effects can happen and only we know as individuals what we can take before we give up.

      i know you will be disappointed about all this but there will be help out there.  I have taken lofepramine in the past and its side effects were tolerable

      i have been on the merry go round too, now it is being suggested i try a small dose of an antipsychotic to try to help.  I am very disappointed about all this too.

      i still take 5mg diazepam to sleep and wonder if that is not helping matters.

      suicidal ideation is not nice, I had it on seroquel and had to stop it.

      i feel for you as i know exactly what youre going through.

      hope you get on better soon.

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      Thanks Ann. 

      I was pretty gutted having to come off them as I was really relying on them to work. Never mind.

      I'm really scared now about taking the Lofepramine just in case i get the same reaction - I guess i can only but try.  

      When you're in the deapths of depression/anxiety its so hard to belive that you're ever going to feel OK.  that's exactly how i'm feeling now. I've forgotton how it feels to feel normal.  All i want is my spark back......

      Did you start the antipschotic yet?  If so, how are you getting on with it?



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      Hi, hope all going ok with the lofepramine.

      i am beginning to lose hope here as i cannot take anti deps and now this suggestion of risperidone or an alternative of its group has come my way.

      i just dont think the dr knows what to try next.   I am holding off until i can discuss it.  Its unfortunate (clever) that psych letter sent to gp as he leaves for fwo weeks hols. Means i cannot speak to him.

      so fed up of all this, wish i could drop the meds and try to see how I got on.

      i have also forgotten how it felt to be normal, just want my life back. Even a trip to the sops fills me with foreboding. 

      Can you get out and about when you feel like this?

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    was it worth paying to see a private psychiatrist do you think.  I am in two minds about it.

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      well to be honest, i've paid over £2000 in private and not really any better off mentally. 

      Its just a case of trial and error. My doctors are completely rubbish and forgot to do a referall letter to the NHS psychiatrists so i went private....I've been private a lot over the years and spent fortunes.

      I hpoe that the risperidone works for you. Its so disheartening when somethign doesn't work but we have to have hope as what else is there.

      I am actually at work. I had to have Monday off because of the awful side effects from the Brintellix.  I've had quite bad anxiety this week.

      I'm trying not to get signed off from work.  Im lucky i don't have a stressful demanding job but its still really difficult all the same.  I've confided in someone that Im suffering with depression etc. They were not hugely sympathetic but i guess not everyone understands!  Plus i don't know if i'd be worse by staying at home. At least i'm out in the world if you know what i mean.  Most mornings i just wnat to throw the quilt over my head and stay there.

      Do you have a job Ann? are you off sick at the moment?>

      How long have you suffered with depression? 



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      Hi, thanks for your informative note.  I am like you, i have spent money going privately for cbt and hypnotherapy along with other things.  This anxiety and depression are a different matter.  I am not sure private would help.

      waiting for a call from gp to discuss options, meantime still feel awful.  Know what you mean when you say you could just pull duvet over and not get up!

      suppose im lucky,i dont work,  couldnt at moment.  Did voluntary work when was well and found it rewarding.  Just too unwell to do much at present.

      yesterday managed to help wash car then supermarket shop, neighbour popped in for a chat too.  Then woke today just so low, cant face the day.

      im glad you are still coping with work, it will be hard but takes mind off things.  You must be tired too.

      dont know where i go next, very unsure about augmenting mirtazapine with antipsychotics, thought they were for bipolar which consult says im not. Just anxiety with depression not relieved by anything hes tried yet.  

      Often wonder how many others have to live with this. Its two years now so you can imagine i have tried a few approaches.

      keeping fingers crossed for you, each day ought to see improvement.

      feel for you.

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