Starting Cipralex, is it possible to have a "short-term" treatment?

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Hello, I'm on day 2 of my Cipralex treatment and I started having doubts...

TL;DR is it possible to take Cipralex for only a few months?

I've always had anxiety, but it got worse once I turned 18 and started working. I coped for a long while, finding methods to deal with the pain and thoughts but now I'm starting a new phase in my life, I'm not working for past 6 months, I quit my previous job, telling myself I'll work on myself and search for a new job... It was supposed to be a matter of 3 months, but as I got closer to that 3 month mark my anxiety got worse and I started having chest pains (it's been going for long that my chest muscles are constantly sore atm, I seriously thought I was having a heart attack at some point), after 3 months of chest pains and a very pessimistic mindset I decided to go to my doctor who gave me Cipralex... It was a hard decision because I am, among other things, a control freak when it comes to myself (+ anxious about taking meds in general >_>wink.. 

I'm not sure if it's elevated anxiety (from taking the drug) that's talking but I'm ALREADY worried about getting off the drug, my plan was more on the "short-term" side - 4 to 6 months, in hope of getting my life together and stop using the med afterwards, but every person on the net who talks about this drug takes it for years... I'm concered that I'll become dependant... I'm also worried about side effects from going off the drug and that it might make everything fall apart all over again..

Thank you for reading! smile

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    No, you can't take these for a short time - mostly because they often take a long time to start working anyway.  It's also a good idea to stay on them for a good year before thinking of withdrawing as it'll give your body a good chance of it not returning.

    Yes it does get worse before it fets better, so having elevated anxiety is perfectly normal.  It will wear off.

    You cannot become dependant on these meds - they're not addictive.  Some people do feel ill gain after they've come off, but staying on them for a good year and then withdrawing off really slowly (6 months or more) will help keep the symptoms from returning.  You can take these meds for life if needed ..... I never understand why people are so adverse about taking something that helps them.  If you had diabetes you'd need lifelong meds, so what's the difference.  I'd been ill for 16 years and only recovered when I took Citalopram - I then continued to take them for over 16 years and have recently come off them and am still completely well.

    It took the meds 6 months to work for me - well worth the wait, and small in comparison to the years I'd been ill.

    The side effects can be a little tough for some, but they will ease off.  Also recovery isn't often straight forward, as it usually comes in waves (feeling well followed by feeling like you're at the beginning).  That's normal.

    Escitalopram that you're taking is similar to Citalopram, but hear it works quicker and has less side effects (only what I've read).  

    All I can say is accept all the side effects that happen, know they WILL wear off, don't stop taking the meds and just keep going.  You will get there.

    K x 

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      Hey, thanks for answering.

      You're right, of course, I shouldn't be in a hurry to get off of this, I'm just a control freak to an unhealthy extent and I always try to fix stuff "naturally" (exercise, diet, yoga, no meds, whatever) and that's just one of those things. If it weren't for that I would've tried this route a long time ago... 

      It's kind of irrational, I just get disappointed in myself when I can't "fix" myself on my own. Maybe I won't feel as much pressure to solve stuff on my own with the Cipealex.

      I know you are right, even though there is a nagging part in my head that wants to overcome this with minimal aid from the drug.

      Your reply helped, thank you smile

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      I know exactly what you mean - I'm someone who also likes the natural approach to anything in life, but sometimes you just need a helping hand.  Once you're better you can come off them.  Remember ..... you wouldn't try and heal a broken leg on your own, so why would you try and heal this wink

      A lot of people can't deal with this on their own, because often it will get the better of you.  Even the strongest man in the world can be brought to his knees with this.

      I wish I'd been given these meds sooner when I was ill - I spent 16 years trying to find an answer, going from anti depressant to anti depressant, and all the time getting deeper embroiled in this illness.  Within months starting the correct meds I was better.  It was such a relief.

      As you're recovering you can concentrate on your diet, exercise, yoga (I love yoga) to keep yourself healthy whilst the meds to their part.

      Another thing to help yourself is to try and relax towards the symptoms, let them be there and try and go about your daily life in a relaxed manner.  Anxiety and depression thrive on stress and tension, so letting go in all you do helps to ease the body.  Stop rushing about, walk slower and drive slower.  It takes much time for your nerves to calm down, but with continued practice of letting go, you'll help your body a great deal.  Its very much like that feeling after doing yoga ....... float along through life and you'll begin to lose that tension.

      Don't be disappointed that you can't fix it yourself.  When you're better you'll feel much stronger.

      K x

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      Hi debbie80764,

      Thank you so much for sharing your experience, my fiancee is going through a very similar situation.

      Do you have any update after 12 months? Are you still taking Cipralex or have you stopped?

      Did you notice any significant progress?



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