Starting on Mirt for first time.

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Hi all,

My psychiatrist has prescribed me Mirt for sleep problems and I'm currently on Venlaflaxine.

A little about me... I'm 32 and mother of 5. I have been on AD since I was 16..

The last 12 months have been hell for me, my bad run started with a house fire right before Christmas, losing everything which I had a lot of help from my community but still was in emergency housing for 6 months and moved house 3 times.. around the time of the fire I had entered a relationship which drained me emotionally and was heartbreaking.

Upon receiving a lot of assistance from community, money was raised to help the kids and I get back on our feet, my sister had set up the fund but I only saw $1800 out of the $7500 that was raised. My sister had spent the rest.

Obviously this was very distressing and naturally my sister and I had a huge falling out, my mother was living with my sister at the time so she felt stuck in the middle and I could not get support from her, this led me to have a falling out with my mum.

I was alone... The only person I had was my mentally abusive partner/ex and his family, which were amazing and supportive... (My ex suffers from psychosis, autism, ADHD, depression etc...)

During all of this I lost my two eldest boys... Because of my ex.

My car was written off in an accident by my ex.

I became suicidal, ended up in hospital from an overdose. That was about 6 months ago..

Now i am no longer with him and I'm trying to patch up my relationship with my family and my two boys, after not seeing them for months.

I finally saw a psychiatrist and told him of symptoms I'm having.. Not sleeping well, no motivation, moodiness, feeling down all the time, anxiety, tired.

My 15 yr old son ended up in hospital after overdosing on medications and drinking.

He currently lives with my aunty and misses being home with me and his younger siblings. I was forced to move an hour away from where I lived as it was my only option of getting a permenant house to live in.

So at the moment I'm trying to piece my life back together. It's hard.. I don't feel suicidal anymore but I just feel like crap.

I'm worried about going on another addictive medication. I'm worried about side affects. I have been through so much lately and another set back such as messing with my meds could be disastrous for me.

After being on ad for so long I really want to come off them but I don't know if that will ever happen. sad

I guess I just needed to vent and share my story.

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    Hi crystal, I'm so sorry you have to go trough a very difficult time. Life sometimes give us challenges but the end we will be even stronger. 

    What I would do if I would be you I would stay a way any ad. I would only take it if I would be suicidal. But thanks god you not any more. Ad just makes everything worst to me. Is ruined my life. I'm on remeron right now only 3.8 mg, and slowly coming off of this med. remeron is a very strong med. Even if you deside to take it for sleep go on only 7.5 mg. it will be strong enough to put you to sleep. Most people gain waight on it. I did.  But If you can don't go on it. I would not. 

    What other medication do you take?

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      Hi Eva, thanks for replying. I hate ad, I consider them poison. But idk what else to do.

      I am on 150mg of Venlaflaxine.

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      Hi Crystal, I hate ad too. We are on the same page with this. But sometimes it can help for some peple. The problem is they give out ad to fast and to many people for use it for tolong time. It ruined my life. But is other story.

      what you went through is terrible and I'm not surprised you can't sleep. Nobody would. But how much is effecting your life you are the only one know. Are you able to sleep few hrs? Or you up all night? If you can't function because you not sleeping you need help and try a very low dose but if you can function DO NOT go on it. 

      Im here for you if you need a friend to talk to. 



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    I disagree id go with wat doc recommends if ur not sleeping then it can only help u have been through so much u maybe need something to help
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    I agree with weenet. sometimes we need a little help to get us through the rough patches You've been through so much and if you need sleep to function a little better than the mirtazapine can help you. Plus the effexor and mirtazapine combination is known as "california rocket fuel" and has been known to work well together. 

    I've been on effexor for 6 years and through some recent health situations this past summer and became very sleep deprived so doc added mirtazapine. I started with 7.5 mg but even that was too much for me so Dropped down to 3.75mg 1 week after. I have been tapering steadly for the past 3 weeks and am now at 2.25mg and still getting sleep. 

    Do what your doctor recommends. 

    I am glad you are piecing your life back together. We are always stronger than we think and I'm sure looking back at everything you must agree.

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    You are amazing. No wonder you are depressed with everything you have had to deal with.

    I was diagnosed with MDD last year with no previous history for myself or other family members. The only thing I've really had to deal with is an alcoholic husband, but ho kids at home to worry about. He's a great guy when he's sober, but resists dealing with his problem. After reading your story I almoat feel ashamed to complain about anything. I understand you are suffering, but you should be proud of yourself for being such a strong person. You've earned the right to concentrate on you now and you need to, for your sake and your kids.

    I take 15 mg mirtazapine and 300 mg venlafaxine. That combo works very well for my depression and helps me sleep. There are some side effects, but all worth not feeling the way I did before the meds. I hope you have a good doctor that will listen and make sure you are getting the help you need. This site is a great place to come to vent and to others who understand and won't judge.

    Please let everyone know how you make out.

    Take care,


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      Thanks so much xx

      I have always battled with depression, and been a strong person but I feel I don't have a very good quality of life.

      The depression and anxiety has been debilitating at times and I'm tired of feeling this way.

      I will give the Mirt a go and let everyone know how I'm going smile

      Thank you for your response and I hope you can sort things out with your husband.. I was with an alcoholic once and I know how you feel. Xx all the best.

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    omg sounds like your support network is really bad wtf, how disgusting of your sister doing that and your mum, i would keep a bit of distance if i were you. Sounds like they picked on you for your mental illness, wtf. I wish you well.
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      It has been awful...

      My sister and I will never be the same.

      I literally had no support from either of them. We didn't talk for months, even when I reached out to my mum, she ignored me bcos she didn't want to get involved.

      I think I naturally have my guard up now. And the only reason I am talking to my sister is for my kids and the rest of the family.

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