Starting on mirt today

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omg.....i'm now scared shitless to take them.

Been on Citalopram 60mg and have been asked to swap to Mirt 30mg.

I have insomnia already, suffered since the age of 12 from depression and anxiety. I've been awake now for 3 days, and went to the docs this morning. I can't use zopiclone anymore as they wont prescribe that for me anymore. (i'm now 45)

Doc said that I can swap straight to mirt from citalopram, and he's a pharmaceutical expert (no all docs are, they just know what to prescribe).

I'm going to trust him and start taking the mirt tonight, and sod the horror stories that are written on this site.

I will report back on how I get on, as the lack of libido and appetite on citalopram is doing my head in. (and my partner is getting mighty frustrated with the lack of sex)

I don't care about weight gain, as I need to put on weight, and I want my libido and a healthy appetite back.

Crewy xx

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    If you start the mirtazapine tonight are you going to cross taper very quickly? You could still suffer side effects from the citalopram? It might be hard the first few days/weeks on mirtazapine. If you are starting on 15mg it will almost certainly help you to sleep. The weight gain might be more gradual. It is the increased appetite that I have found to be the problem just try to eat healthily and concentrate on getting well for now. Your GP should be monitoring you closely as an unwanted side effect of having two lots of ssris in your blood stream might cause serotonin syndrome. Although rare it is worth noting.
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    Thanks Pooh.

    I swapped one for another, so only tool the Mirt last night, and here's what my experience is for my first night.

    Initially I was scared to take them because of this site, but duefully took one at 10pm. After an hour as per the Docs precription, by 11pm I was wobbly and needed bed.

    Off I wobbled wondering what I was in for. My body went into spasm quite a bit, legs twitching like hell, but I put this down to lack of sleep and anxiety for the past 3 days without sleep.

    I know I fell asleep, I know I had the most vivid dreams that I took part in, and woke at 7.30am with the biggest hangover/headache and soaked with sweat. I feel ok, I feel remarkedly (sic) clean, my skin feels amazing and with only a headache to deal with. I remember my dreams fully and can even giggle at them. (some of them were so funny).

    I can even think that tonight I will look forward to sleep and dreaming for the first time since I was a child.

    I will experiment with dosage as an when, but I need my anxiety to sudside. (which is does appear to have)

    more experiences to come...

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  • Posted add to this......where the hell did my appetite come from.

    for someone who eats one meal a day....its gone mental after only a day.

    Luckily I kno what to do, and have eaten only healthy food and fruit.

    I have so much energy after this mornings hangover feeling.

    Keep remembering parts of my dreams and giggling to myself.

    My partner is a bit shocked with my mood today...I know it won't last...but what the heck !

    My lodger is wondering wtf this happy person has come from. I've always had low tolerance to drugs, and have always experienced the effects of them kicking in pretty quick. I'll again put this down to a good nights sleep. :D :D

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    I remember that restless legs thing when I first started taking them, it doesn't last though. I sometimes do get a bit restless in bed though.

    For me I felt like I was a zombie for the first couple of weeks of taking mirtazapine and I now I'm back to insomnia after 2 months of taking it. It's positive that you felt refreshed and energetic the next day because I'm tired all the time.

    I switched from citalopram to mirtazapine in Nov following the death of my baby and the side effect I hate the most is the increased appetite. I gave birth in Oct and had virtually no excess weight but have put on so much over the past couple of months that it amkes me even more depressed. It's easy saying eating healthily and I try my hardest but just crave sugar all the time!

    The mirtz has stabilised my mood however and made it a bit easier for me to get out and about so I can get a bit of exercise to counteract the eating!


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    sorry to hear of your loss.

    Well...on day 3 here, more wierd and hysterically funny dreams again, aching legs before falling asleep, but took my pill too late, and didnt fall asleep for a few hours later (3am).

    Try and regulate the time I take them each night if poss, but with no routine (eg work) its gonna be hard.

    Today was the same in the morning, another hangover, but it went pretty quick, and I still felt great. I've been on a mission to get stuff down around the place while I have this excess energy.

    Increased appetite had settled today, wasn't craving much, but still ate healthily.

    The biggest bonus is the return of the libido, which citalopram killed. Cue one happy partner.

    My mood is back to how it was over 10 years ago, very creative and sense of wanting to get things done, rather than not being bothered when depressed and taking citalopram.

    This is another bonus....

    Just hope all this keeps up, as I can handle the side effects if the other things stay the same (hangove etc).

    Also, have been very sociable again, rather than a recluse. Arranging lunches with mates and family visits.

    All in All, I'm currently really happy, but someone will wanna spoil this and say its early days.

    We shall see. I'm not silly enough to think that they will cure my ills, but if they keep me like this, i'll be really happy.

    I'm currently giving them the thumbs up, rather than moaning about the side effecs and giving horror stories about the side effects like others on here.

    I'll blog again in a few weeks when i'm sure everything is settled, if not sooner.


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    well.....a week later and all is good.

    Sleeping well, eating well, and feeling pretty good.

    My friends are wondering what the hell happened, i've returned to being the old me.

    Again, more thumbs up. Only side effect this past few days is the horrible taste in the mouth, which again i can put up with.

    Any questions...let me know

    Crewy xx

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    2 weeks later.....ah...the sheer bliss of being able to sleep !

    Didn't think the sleeping would last, but it has, and has done what the doc said.

    Still have the excess energy, which is great.....I don't seem to want to sit still during the day, but can relax in the evenings quite happily.

    Bad taste in mouth is slowly going, but again..its not a problem.

    Only thing I have found on these pills, is that I am bloated a lot, even before eating, even more so afterwards and its quite uncomfortable.

    Will speak to the doc tomorrow morning about this.

    Increased appetite is controllable, and i've been sticking to healthy food, so no weight gain.

    Mood...well.....I found myself frustrated when stuck in london last week and getting quite annoyed that I wasn't able to get on with stuff I kno needed to be tackled at home...Even found myself getting angry !

    Very very unusual for me, as i'm normaly so placid.

    Again..will speak to doc again about this.

    Mood is definately elevated, completely different to citalopram...where was just happy to let everything pass me by, and I didnt care what/who happened.


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