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i am just starting orlistat today but i am not holding much hope......i tried it 5 yrs ago and didnt lose a thing...... :oops:

i then had another drug sibutrimin which was fantastic but now off the market according to my gp :x and i was quite disillusioned....

currently weigh 107kg :shock: but have not gained in 6 months since having my baby but havent lost either..... :cry:

going to rejoin the gym and have started jogging again and just hope no-one ever sees me lol! gp says if i doN t lose on orlistat she will discontinue - i did ask if i meet the conditions 4 surgery....she thought i was joking! I WASN'T!!!! 8)

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    good luck, try to be positive and remember it's not all about pounds lost but inches as well so maybe measure yourself all over especially as you say you are going to be going to the gym and jogging.

    Orlistat is about reducing your fat intake so body needs to take from the stores you already have which in turn reduces weight and body mass.

    From my experience and from reading other peoples experiences it seems that most GP's don't have much of a clue when it comes to this drug. I personally see my surgery's nurse fortnightly for weigh ins, chats and encouragement and she has been a great help so maybe something you could look at doing to keep you encouraged and to give you support and advice.

    Everyone on here has/is going through the same sort of things are a great source of information and encouragement.

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    It can't hurt giving it another go hunny. My doctor seemd clueless aswell, and it wasn't until I found this site that my questions actually got answered. I feel a lot more at ease. It's also great to know that people DO have ups and downs, after all Orlistat isn't a \"miracle\" cure sadly so there's bound to be the odd problem here and there.

    Give it another go and finger's crossed. I bet when you join the gym you'll see a great improvement. Did you take up exercise the first time you tried it?

    I go to the gym twice a week and walk for 40mins every day to work. I'm going to give myself two weeks before I weigh in.

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    Yeah I did go to the gym 5 x a week but I was only on orlistat a month before I went on another (better) weight loss drug which has now been taken off the market..... :evil:

    I will continue with it....I did ask my GP if I met the conditions for surgery - :wink: she laughed and thought I was joking!!! I WAS COMPLETELY SERIOUS!!!!! :roll:

    Anyway, I do not take it religiously every day - I take it if I think my meal contains more fat than I would normally consume in a meal (so not very often...)!!

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    if you are not taking the tablets as stated there is no reason you should lose any weight. The idea of these tablets is to get you to eat a low fat diet all the tablets do is stop a 1/ 3 of being absorbed by the body.

    Sorry to sound harsh but if you are not going to follow the diet requirements and take the tablets regularly I can't see any point being on them.

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    Yes u do sound harsh - but if u remember it is advised NOT to take the tablet if your meal contains LITTLE or NO FAT!!! Taking the tablet 3 x a day is a total waste if you are not consuming fat in your meal!!

    THAT is the whole idea of the tablets - if u consume fat then tablets will [u:5d3ee60a62]only[/u:5d3ee60a62] prevent one third fat being fat no pill!!! I do happen to be following the instructions.......I eat a VERY LOW FAT diet anyway :? which is why I feel the tablets are not going to be of much help to me!!

    If you have previously eaten a HIGH FAT diet and change to a LOW FAT diet you will inevitably lose weight simply for that reason - the orlistat will only help if you continue to eat some high fat meals by reducing your fat absorption by one third......

    Thanks for your support by the way......greatly appreciated!! :?: :!:

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    sorry for sounding harsh but I feel quite strongly that people do use these medicines correctly and also not waste their money and having read through the posts on here lots of people are not getting the correct, any or enough information from their Dr when first prescribed so are actually taking them incorrectly which doesn't actually help them in the long term.

    As you say you are on a low fat diet and only take\" it if I think my meal contains more fat than I would normally consume in a meal \" are you possibly not eating enough?

    How are you calculating your fat and calorie intake?

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    I dont calculate calories and probably dont eat nearly as much as I should but feel if I start to increase the amount I eat I will gain weight!!

    I eat very few carbs or very low carb food and eat more proteins (as with the OLD slimming world diets...)

    My food intake is:

    breakfast 2 x wheatabix & skimmed milk

    Lunch: tuna, onions, lettuce & peppers & l/f mayo ([u:6758fc1b35]occasionally [/u:6758fc1b35]with half a wholemeal pitta)

    Lots of water

    Depending if I am feeling hungry I will eat baked chicken or haddock with cabbage, green beans mushrooms brocolli and a shape yog for pudding....

    So maybe now you can see why I dont take 3 pills a day!!

    If I am feeling hungry (like last night) I ate a L/F salmon crumble and also took a pill even tho it was L/F.....

    I have struggled with my weight since I was a child - and need very low calorie intake to lose weight. :cry: I do have an occasional binge tho.... :wink:

    I also have a 6 month old baby that I have just stopped BF so I have reduced my food intake and upped my exercise.....

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    sorry to sound harsh but from reading threads on here a lot of the people taking these are not given the correct information from the Dr and don't understand the leaflet and so take the tablet incorrectly and either end up having the side affects or just don't lose the weight.

    As you say you are already on a very low fat diet it is possible that these tablets might not be the best thing to aid you on your weight loss but that is something best advised by the Dr, but as I have seen from threads Dr's do not seem to spend a lot of timing advising patients or even listening to them in the first place which obviously leaves people at a loss as to how to help themselves.

    I have found a nurse at my surgery who is very helpful and encouraging and I see her fortnightly and she has always spent time to discuss things through with me and advise me if I have any queries, it maybe worth seeing if that is something you could look at doing and seeing if there are any area's that she could advise on to make the diet work for you.

    I'm sorry if I offended in the first instant, it's was not my intention and I obviously didn't really understand that you feel that you are not eating enough fat at each meal to take the tablets.

    What sort of things are you eating and how are you working out your fat and calorie intake?

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    my posts don't seem to be posting when I type them sorry if things are being repeated.

    sorry I have never done SW so have no idea how their diet works

    from what you say you are eating it's along the lines of what I eat but less smile but I take my tablets at every meal.

    weetabix with milk is just over 3g's of fat so you could take a tablet here ?

    tuna 1/2 tin (60g's) is 0.4g's of fat, not sure on the other things but yes could see no need here

    Here I would have tuna/WW cheese spread on ryvita or dutch toast with sliced apple some carrot sticks and possibly low fat baked crisps. Then have a Actimel fat free yoghurt.

    tea all depends on size of meal.

    I will either make a low calorie chicken meal like chicken casserole or a low calorie beef dish, from scratch. or veggie/low fat sausage, onions and egg. Possibly flavoured rice with a slice of bread.

    Followed by WW dessert

    having just had a baby may also be a factor. Like you I have always suffered with weight problems only have to look at a cake and the pounds go on. I did manage to get down to a size 10 many years ago with the aid of diet tablets (speed basically) from a private clinic, took me 2years to go from a size 18 down to 10, kept getting told off saying I wasn't eating enough to lose weight (sounds silly I know but that's what they said). Kept it off til I meet my husband who has a complete love of chocolate and when he moved in the chocolate started to appear in cupboards and biscuits where delivered with cups of tea.

    My motivation to loose this weight is our 2nd honeymoon celebrating our 10yr anniversary in July and I have found that it is really quite easy to find low fat options for the everyday foods that most people get. I also find that if I need a chocolate fix that snack a jacks chocolate rice cakes can usually hit the spot.

    As I said in my last post the nurse at me surgery has been a real help for me, giving me options on food and telling me where I have been going wrong and being very encouraging it may be worth you seeing if you could have a chat and see if you can get more support from your surgery.

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    maybe your metabolism has slowed down?

    you could try boosting it by drinking green tea or snacking between meals on some lowfat/fat free foods like crumchy veg, fruit, jelly - you could give it a go for a few weeks and see if its getting you anywhere

    personally i drink green tea with lemon (its not the tastiest thing ever...) and i have found that i seem to loose weight more effectively when i drink it compared to when i dont but they say we're all different smile

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