Starting to experience groin and genital pain

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Hi, I have suffered with sciatica for many years and have managed to carry on with pain killers and exercises. My sciatica has come and gone and I have tried not to let it get me down, until recently.

I have started to experience groin, genital area pain and huge problems around the seating area of my buttocks especially when i have been sat down a lot. I have also felt numbness and tingling around my personal area which has worried me. There has been shooting pain and constant pain in those areas too.

Has anyone else experience pain in these areas? I have a doctors appointment but it is in 4 weeks time.

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    take your self into accedent and emergency and tell them

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    i am not kidding it is a red flag situation take your self into accendemt and emergencey and tell them i have been told its a red flag if you have sciatica and camt feel genital area hop it get your self into hostpital as you dont want to loose you functions of being able to pee.

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    Hi, I have the same. If the numbness goes after standing up again, you're putting pressure on your pudendal nerve.. Try not to sit for long as it can become intractable and become pudendal neuralgia, The pudendal nerve attaches to the sciatic nerve as they exit the spine, and supplies sensation to ALL of the genital area.

    Llooyd248 is right about saddle anaesthesia, if the numbness stays when you stand up, and you cant contract your rectal muscles, it can be a sign of cauda equina, which is a serious condition, where a disc can press on your spinal cord. So its really important that if your bladder and bowel aren't working properly, you go to a and e.

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    Hi Zoe, it is certainly true that loss of sensation in the 'saddle' area needs to be checked out to exclude cauda equina syndrome. If you've been suffering sciatica for many years you will no doubt have been questioned by GPs and other health practitioners regarding this and any problems with bladder and bowel functions from time to time....all potential red flags. Groin pain, however, may be a symptom of something else. I have suffered from this (as well as more conventional sciatica symptoms) for several years, undergoing various investigations and procedures which did little to remedy it. I too have used various medications plus remaining physical active to 'manage' symptoms, but spent years without being given an explanation for the intense groin pain I was experiencing ( sharp, hot shooting pains and a more constant sore pain). Finally, on my most recent MRI (last year) it was noted that the L2 nerve root was being compressed by one of the bony growths (osteophytes) caused by my osteoarthritis/spondylosis...and this was identified as the source of my groin pain. No quick fix...without going through another cycle of physio referral followed by lumbar injections and/or surgery (with no guaranteed longterm benefit). But at least I now know what's going on. As with other sciatica symptoms, I have good days and bad days...days when I feel miserable and would gladly undergo surgery and days when it recedes and becomes easier to cope with. My advice would be to firstly seek medical advice and secondly, if no obvious explanation for your symptoms is forthcoming, persevere!

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      didnt mean to be so direct its no fun not being able to pee,or poo

      its sure no fun having pins stuck in your bum hole by two doctors and a nurse asking what can you feel and cant so , dont go thinking if you read this its a quick way in to have your back looked at as its not,

      if you think you can have a pin stuck in your bum hole and think you can not move or jump then dont make it up and say you cant feel your genitals or bum,

      if you shout a red flag warning at me at 7 0 clock in the morning i didnt have time to tell you of the embarissment side of it,

      better safe then sorry ummm, she wont thank me will she , i know she wont as both an operation or the pin treatment are not good .

      sod the embarassment , if you have to have a cathotor for peeing and pooing because you couldnt feel your arse hole and you didnt get into A&E TO be checked with in two hours then thats not my problem all i can say been there walked the walk ,

      shot gun blast pain it is after that operation it isnt fun the operation but to pee and poo and walk is what you asked , people have sciatic pain is good never say your in pain,

      its when you say you cant feel numb then dont say that on her or to anyone as its serious stuff , you can wimper on about sciatica but we were and i was looking out for that womens health at 7 o clock tell lloyd that and lloyd has had pins stuck in me arse hole and the operation ,told her i cant feel my foot nerve damage ,

      had operation nerve damage still cant feel my foot surgeon says nerves grow,

      you tell zoe nerves grow back in your genitals at 7 ,0 clock in the morning and she would say yep lloyd cant feel me bum hole take your advice and shift it to A&E AND GET THE PIN TREATMENT 😃 embarassing but its serious stuff as i say i cant feel my foot.:-)prove it shall i show you a picture of me not feeling my foot and phoning nuffield for a MRi.

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      see still cant feel my foot so had the operation on numb dont shout numb unless you want loads of pain.

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    has a doctor ever offered an injection. it sure helped me, it was like a miracle injection. new symptoms call for a doctor appointment asap

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