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ok where do I start I have been suffering with bv for nearly 8 years now at this moment in time it's got so bad I have to constantly use something called balance active gel to keep it away,if I stop it comes straight back.i have tried metro gel which works but comes back again.i have tried femdolphius which again did not work im at my wits end and so so depressed with it.

me and my partner are trying for baby no2 but it's almost impossible because as soon as he ejaculates in me the bv comes back im really starting to think that the bv is stopping me from conceiving as we have been trying for nearly 10 months now.

please could anyone shed any light on anything and could you let me know if you are able to concieve.

i also do not wash my hair in the bath I only use aveeno oil in the bath too which is prescribed by doctors no perfumed clothes wash either.

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    I feel your pain! I cured my BV by drinking hot/lukewarm lemonwater everymorning 30 minutes before brakfast and everynight before  I go to bed!

    I did that for about a month and then I stopped drinking lemon water and went over to drinking green tea every morning and every night. My BV has not returned for 2 months! Trust me it will get rid of the BV!! 

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      I'm really glad you got rid of your BV, Chelsea.

      I'm glad it worked for you, but be careful about telling people that it will defintely get rid of BV because what works for one person, may not work for the other. There are many different cures for this for different women...

      I'm wondering if the hot lemon water worked for you because possible  it changes the PH of the whole body, not just of the vagina. If you test your urine with a PH strip (bought for a dollar from ebay), you can apparently test the PH of your body and if it's too high or too low, that can contribute to BV.

      I read an account on another forum about a girl that changed the PH of her whole body by changing her diet, putting lemon juice on salads, eating tons of vegetables etc. And her BV went away.

      Another possibility why lemon water works is because it cleanses the system.

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    I don't have much to add except that after 6 years, I'm still struggling with this myself. I've tried everything and it's not working. Doctors don't believe me anymore. Anything I stick up my vagina makes it worse (I know it's not an STD.)

    Don't really have much to add at this stage except that I feel your pain.

    Do you have a list somewhere of what you have and haven't tried?

    Unfortunately, at this point in time, doctors don't know what causes BV and there is no cure-all. At best, they will admit that you do have it, but can't offer a permanent solution. At worst, they will try to make you feel annoying or crazy.

    Marie, have you ordered PH testing strips? You can order strips of 100, little yellow papers, for like $1 from China, from ebay. You use the strips to test your vaginal discharge. If the paper turns blue or green, then you probably have BV, and your vagina is alkaline.

    If the paper turns orange, then your vagina is probably the right ph - which is slightly acidic (4.5) which is the right PH for the bacteria.

    Hope we can get through this together marie.

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    BV is a depressiong condition. I have had it on and off for nearly five years. I took a round of oral Metronidazole once (made me really sick) and it went away until I had sex (with a condom). I have tried Metrogel inserts - near to useless. Recently I got Clyndomycin vaginal pessaries instead. Slightly better but can't see it lasting, The dodgy internal smells have disappeared but things are still not right. A kind of slimyness with a bit of an odour on the outside, thrush on the inside and still discharge with a bit of swelling. So I don't think it's really worked. Have tried Hydrogen Peroxide, Balance Activ, Ladybalance, Vitamin C insert (very bad idea), iodine douche, acidophilus, femdophilus, dietary changes, tea tree oil, you name it. Nothing is long lasting, Ladybalance seems to give two or three days relief but it doesn't cure it. At my wit's end. My ph is always too high (yes the ph testing strips are handy), so it's a chicken and egg thing - is it high because of the bad bacteria or was it already high and that's why they thrive? Before I got BV I always had a degree of thrush so have concluded I just don't have enough good bacteria in there. And my ostrogen is low which is probably the main issue (peri menopause - had this since 37 - now 41). So sorry not to have any answers. Am hoping someone will come up with something new one day as the antibiotics don't seem to completely cure it and cause thrush and the alternative stuff is just not working either.
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      I've read that one of the causes of BV can be hormone issues... have you had your hormones tested? Unfortunately, it was a dead end for me as my hormone test came back as normal, but perhaps you need to start taking estrogen? Google it and see...
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