Starting tomorrow but scared to death of side effects

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Hi, I have just been prescribed Orlistat to lose a couple of stone in weight but am seriously wondering whether I will bottle it and not take them. I am scared to death of all the side effects that I keep reading about. My doc told me to expect the runs but that was all. Should I expect the same side effects as I had with the Atkins Diet or are these much worse? Also, what happens if we have a social evening with friends and they order a I just not take a pill or simply expect consequences?

Pleeeeeease help as I am desperate to lose this weight but am just terrified.

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    Hi, I only started on Friday & had the same concerns as you. I was seeing my toy boy on Saturday afternoon & evening & cooking a meal for him, so I missed the Friday evening pill & Sat morn & lunchtime pills \"just in case\" of embarrassing happenings in an intimate moment!- I needn't have worried, we had a lovely chilli & sweet potato both full of fat & no embarrassing effects. I took a pill with this meal as I had read that consequences don't happen for 24 /48 hours afterwards. Last night he took me out for a big meal & I had been having the pills as prescribed. So far apart from a bit of loose bowel - nothing major- yesterday I have had no bad effects, no orange oil or smelly wind. I'm being taken out for a meal tomorrow night again so I'm taking it easy on the fatty foods today but hopefully everything should continue OK.
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    I started last Wednesday and I was totally horrified by the stories of the side effects BUT apart from a few \"loose motions\" I've been fine - no hurried trips to the loo or smelly wind.

    I think if you are scared of the side effects it spurs you on to not go overboard with the bad stuff, well, that's how I feel anyway.

    I've changed my whole eating ethos in just a week. I feel fantastic and I've got tons more energy.

    I don't know if that's because I'm losing weight(I don't know if I've lost anything yet as it's my 1st Weigh in tomorrow) or just because I'm eating properly rather than stuffing myself with pure junk!!!

    This Forum has been a life saver for me. Just reading through some of the threads has given me loads of ideas of what to eat, what to avoid etc. and everyone is really supportive.

    As for social events, I've told all my close friends what I'm doing (I have about 10 stone to lose) and they are being fab and have said that on our regular girly nights in, instead of ordering Chinese or whatever, we will take it in turns to cook something ourselves from scratch that we can all eat that is low fat.

    All I can say, from my short experience, is try them for yourself. After all, what have you got to lose (other than a few extra pounds of course!)

    We'll all be here to support you and hopefully answer any questions.

    Let us know how you get on.

    Sam x

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    Thanks melody, I really hope they react the same with me as you. I am just terrified of all the horror stories about orange oil and fecal incontinence....I want the weight loss to improve my intimacy with hubby but the horror stories are putting me off it already!

    So you think I should just not take a pill before a takeaway (they're very rare anyway)?

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    It affects people differently and affects in different ways. Often people only get the loose movements, some get headaches and some get cramps, but until you try you will not know.

    I personnaly get 2 out of the 3, but i know another user who doesnt get any. I know why i am getting them (because of previous acid problems) but i put up with them because i have seen the result! And boy dont i feel better for it!

    1) You will see results

    2) You are (or should be) monitored by a doctor\\nurse

    3) (and finally!!), you have great people who come on this website who

    offer support and advice!

    I'm a relitive newbie on this site, but i love it - and i love the banter - where else will you see talk about oily poo and everyday life in the same post! :oops:

    If your scared get advice, dont do anything until you have a clear picture of what is in store - it can be a wild ride but ultimatly worth it 8) .

    Good luck

    Dave.h :D

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    Vicster, I would just go ahead & not worry about missing out pills, you will soon see how it affects you personally. I have had a slap up meal at home & was taken out Tuesday for a meal & just had what I fancied with no consequences yet. I'm being taken out tonight for a meal & I'm not going to worry about it, will still take the pills as prescribed. At least in a restaurant you are always near the loo!

    DaveH, tried to reply to your pm but it wouldn't send, so I will try again weekend, wouldn't like you to think I was bad mannered & hadn't bothered to reply.


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    Hey Vicster,

    I started the blueys at end of June and have had experience of ALL the side effects since that time. You are right they do not sound pleasant and can be worse when or IF you experience them. BUT you must remember they are not miracle pills that allow you to go and eat whatever you like :!: The idea is that they aid you in your weight loss and help you to retrain your eating habits to give you a sturdy base on which to carry on when you have to come off the tabs. If you don't follow a low fat eating plan (I hate the word DIET!) then you're letting yourself in for trouble. Just follow the guide lines @ 15g fat per meal [u:9d935019ee]including[/u:9d935019ee] less than 5g saturates, keep an eye on calorie intake 1500 for women 1800 for men and also watch how much fruit cos it contains sugar. I have been out for curry and not had side effects but I chose a meal with no cream in so I compromised. Sometimes it takes a few days of eating fatty things for you to have any side effects, its like a cummulative effect, as the tabs can go on working in your bowel (so I've been told). So perhaps watch out MelodySnuggler :!:

    One last tip take a look at the British Heart Foundation website they do a booklet called So You Want To Lose Weight For Good! it's highly recommended and its FREE :!:

    Sorry about the lecture :oops:

    So come on pop the pills and join us on our train to SHRINKSVILLE :run:


    TTFN Kal :wink:

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    Hi and welcome vicster, smile

    Don`t have anything else to add....agree with what the others have been saying.

    Go on...give it a go.

    (Personally speaking, if I KNOW that Im going to cheat....I don`t take my tablet. However, as they have a lasting affect...sometimes it doesn`t matter. But, like Dave and others have said...they have a different affect on each person)

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