Steroids as a cause of cataracts

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In an article in today's Daily Mail Dr Martin Scurr writes about his experience of laser surgery to cure his short sight. In a separate comment he said :

Furthermore, by 2014, I had developed cataracts as a result of steroids (for a lung complaint) and needed yet more surgery.

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    My doctor as well told me that my cataracts may very well have been caused by the use of nasal steroids for congestion. I was on the younger side of developing cataracts so I was curious as to how it might have happened. Most unfortunate because if I'd known such was the potential side effect I probably would not have taken them.


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      I had floppy iris syndrome in one eye as a result of having been prescribed Tamsulosin to help my urine flowed before having laser surgery for my enlarged prostate the year before.

      It makes the cataract surgery more difficult. I had a different surgeon for that eye and he commented during it "Why do they always give me the difficult ones"

      We never know the future effect of drugs we are taking today. I always read up on them before taking them but as they list all possible ones we think they won't happen to us.

      Yes I know much more!! I went to see a neurologist about neuropathy in my lower left leg ( Drug induced by Cipro and Fluoroquinolones but try proving you have Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Syndrome ) He did not have my notes so I gave him a summary of my problems. He asked if I had a medical background as he said it was the best report he had ever had from a patient. Others start their letters this well informed gentleman... I tell my wife that they are too polite to say know all 😃

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    At my consult without my posing a question my surgeon noticed the eczema on my hand (battled atopic eczema for years) and casually mentioned that there is a strong correlation between eczema and the steriod creams to cataracts. I was also on predisone at one point in my early 30s. I believe this what caused my early cataracts at 53. Wish I had known because these steriod creams did very little to help with the eczema and had I know this side effect I wouldn't have used them. No family history of early cataracts. My parents on their late 70s still don't have cataracts.

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      My mother was always short sighted but had no cataracts when she died age 92.

      I've had a lot of skin problems mainly on my arms. They tend to change so each consultant gives a different diagnosis and steroid cream. The one I went to in December said it was psoriasis though it did not look like it to me. He prescribed Enstilar foam spray that contains " a strong steroid" He said that it would clear it up in a month but it has only partly gone. I think the best advice was from a BUPA consultant who said that he would prefer I didn't wash! Every time I wash any of the conditions I had immediately look worse.

      I had difficulty getting Enstilar. Eventually a pharmacist said that it has seldom been prescribed in recent years but their rep has been round pushing it recently and now they are prescribing it again.

      I believe that part of the problem is from when I was prescribed Betnovate in 1964 when it did not have much in the way of warnings and I over used it causing thinning of my skin..

      I must Google Steroids and cataracts.

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      Skin issues are so annoying. Winter due to cold it gets worse for me. There some new treatments involving injections but very costly. I have my doubts there is any cure - only managing the symptoms.

      Last winter went on antibiotics due to eczema - hands was infected. since then been trying some remedies using essential oils and steam. Haven't had the issues I had last winter and hand looking almost normal again. Winter has been worse for cold too so am a little encouraged by results and continuing this course of action.

      Hope you find some relief. On humorous side we won't get cataracts again!

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      Do you remember Flash powder as advertised by Molly Weir ? I spent a weekend washing all our paint work down with it without gloves and it practically destroyed my skin and it took years to recover. I can unfortunately now do the washing up again if I use Surcare.

      We may not get cataracts again but I have had PCO in my right eye and needed a laser treatment for it.

      "There is a risk of developing posterior lens capsule opacification (PCO) following your cataract surgery. PCO is a complication that causes the back of the lens capsule (which holds your artificial lens in place) to thicken which causes cloudy vision."

      It usually occurs within two years of the surgery but mine took longer.

      I mentioned it at a subsequent appointment and they denied it. At the next appointment I told them to ignore what I was there for and I was sitting there until they told me what was causing the cloudyness. They eventually agreed that my diagnosis was right.

      At my last appointment I suggested that it was starting in my left eye but they said no and Specsavers later agreed with them but I'm not convinced.

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      I think flash powder was a Uk product wasn't it? Seem to recall seeing it at my Nan's place. I live in Canada but my dad's family all in England and spent time there.

      Have heard of PCO. I recently put a link on the forums article published not long ago saying it is a complication / side after of cataract surgery that is experienced by higher percentage than initially thought. If not within 2 years then 5 to 7. Reason being they ate seeing an increase in younger cataract patients.

      i had an 18 month checkup last month. All well for now. RE is perfect - see well all distances at 20/15 and slight astigmatism I had is now nil. LE doesn't see as well distance wise 20/25 and astigmatism increased to .75 from 6 month checkup. I am fortunate that I see well from 11 inches out. So glad for that.

      But I expect being younger that I will experience pco - this lovely gift that keeps on giving.

      But in interim doing things I could not do with glasses (worn since childhood) like snorkeling. So all in all this could have turned put much worse - was terrified my job and family life would be affected. certainly those things suffered when I had cataracts. Mine progressed so fast and prior to surgery couldn't even see the big E at top of eye chart with glasses on.

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    My story. Started using fluticasone nasal spray for severe nasal congestion and a short while afterwards I was diagnosed with cataracts in both eyes.

    The staff at my eye doctors office advised me that steroid nasal sprays could cause cataracts to progress more quickly.

    Long story short, my eye surgeon really didn't think that the steroids played a part in my cataracts, and he eventually successfully removed my cataracts and everything seems to be fine although I'm only a week out of my second eye surgery.

    Even though he didn't think the steroids played a part in my cataracts it is a weird coincidence that after using the steroid nasal spray I developed cataracts.

    Too much of a coincidence I would say.........

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      Hi John - sorry had to open new account - Sue.An account deactivated and not sure if I can reactivate it. But Sue.An2 is same person as Sue.An

      Can't post links but if you google steriods and cataracts there is a link between these. My own surgeon mentioned it to me as I too developed cataracts that progressed very rapidly.

      It's a shame as really they did nothing to help my eczema and if I was aware if side affect would not have used them.

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      Hi Sue An2, Yeah, the fluticasone didn't help with my nasal congestion either, and like you, if I knew there was a chance to develop cataracts or make my existing cataracts progress faster, I never would have used them.

      My eye surgeon really didn't think that the fluticasone was a problem and advised me to continue to use it if it helped with my congestion.

      He said that a long time use of steroids may play a part in cataracts but not a short term use.

      I'm not so sure.......

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