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I have stiffness and aches and pains all over my body. Is this normal for menopause also feel a stiffness in my face anyone else feel this??

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    Yes Ali..... The stiffness, aches & pains just get me down. I get numbness in my face sometimes from nowhere it just happens. The odd trapped nerve too! I try to stretch and do light exercise but seems to make it worse, the day after I feel like I have been hit by a bus sometimes .... Then I think is it worth trying to exercise!!ūüė≥. I have never felt so unfit lately it's rubbish and makes me feel very old!!! ūüėĒ.... At least O have moved on from many other symptoms that have been horrendous..... It does get better!! I am looking forward to when I can get back into the work force as this menopaus has been so debilitating for me over the past 7 years that I had to give up work. Xx
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    Hi Ali, you must be channeling my body, at least 3 to 5 times a day I have aches and joint pain. It is definitely hormonal if you are in peri. Am frustrated with it and don't want to be taking ibuprofen 4 times a day. I heard fish oil and flax help with calcium. I use it and it helps a little.
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    OMG!  I FEEL you all!  There is another string started a year ago about "joint pain and muscle pain" that I found searching for answers since I was SURE I had rheumatoid arthritis or CFS or Fibromyalgia (I don't)!  I can tell you that I went to a nauropath doc in June with immense pain and crushing exhaustion and giving me low dose thyroid medicine, progest cream and estroril topical oil helped for many months.  The pain is back so I am going back to adjust things... I thought - wrongly - that once you pass a symptom, it is gone for good, but it turns out they come and go and that is "normal" so (1) don't lose hope and see a doc and (2) don't be suprised if something works for a while then doesn't work anymore... just adjust adjust adjust until it does.  As for "home" remedies... Espom Salts (magnesium) baths (using LOTS of salts -- like 6 cups) and Advil work for temporary relief for me.  Exercise DEFINITELY makes things worse for me... except water -- I can do a kickboard or tred water without pain.  I know what you mean about feeling weak or out of shape.  I was an athlete -- now I feel 80 years old and crippled but from what I read, that's normal for some of us and it GOES AWAY.  Personally, I am going to try a low carb diet and limit wheat products.  I don't claim to be on the Celiac Disease/Gluten Free bandwagon but I do notice when I don't eat wheat, I don't get as swollen so that HAS to help.  Personally, I'll try anything.  I am in so much pain all the time.  I can't BELIEVE I can hold down my job.  I have to drive nearly two hours each way in traffic and I feel like I have been hit by a truck by the time I come home.  All I can do is rest and do light housework on the weekends to recover from the pain of getting through the week.  I cannot believe more women don't complain about this and we don't have adequate treatments available in 2015!  (cancer causing HRT is not a good enough in my opinion).  Sending you all virtual HUGS!!!!  And HOPE!!!

    This is what I posted on another web site on 2/19... very similar to yours!

    Anyone else feel like exercise makes everything WORSE now?

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    HI All, me AGAIN. I know I post a lot but you all have become my unwitting therapists and I don't know if I could handle this without you so, thanks!

    So, I have joint and muscle pain that has increased exponentially in the last year (since Peri started with a vengeance). AND I pull muscles VERY easily. If I lift something that is a couple pounds the wrong way, I will pull a muscle. I pulled a muscle flushing a commercial toilet that had a hard to push handle! I was in a sling for a week!

    Background: I was VERY active my whole life. An Aerobics instructor and competitive figure skater in my 20s and 30s. NOW, I move like an old woman. It hurts to get in and out of the car... It hurts to get up and down from the couch and I have to lean on things to do it. It hurts to go down stairs -- my knees KILL. 

    My elbows, neck and shoulders have sharp shooting pains at times and achy all the time. I know moving is important so I have tried to do light exercise many times over the last year. This week, I walked 3x for 20-30 minutes, and the 30 minute walks were broken into one 15 in the a.m. and one 15 in the p.m. Today, I can barely move as a result. You would think I went to some hard-core training camp and lifted weights lifting and did Burpees. All I did is walk! In supportive shoes... and not that fast! I strolled by most people's standards.

    When the joint pain, stiffness and muscle pulls first started happening almost one year to the day, I thought FOR SURE I had polymyocitis (my dad and grandma had it) or arthritis or worse. But I have been tested and tested and tested again. I don't have ANYTHING. In the meantime, exercise used to make me HAPPY and give me an adrenaline rush. Now, I feel WORSE after I exercise...MUCH WORSE. 

    I am crying as I write this. I am too young to feel this old.

    Anyone else experience this symptom?

    Does anything help? I am already on Bio-ID topical Estrogen and Progest and a host of vitamins and minerals. I go to see a "Western Med" doc in March. He'll probably want to put me on HRT pills or the patch. I just might do it. I am scared to death to get cancer from them, but I feel and act like a "sick" person now...what to do... what to do...

    Thanks for any advice you can give and for always listening my cyber friends.

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    Oh yes....constant aches and pains and for a while I had a large numb patch on my thigh! That has subsided thankfully...Worryingly I take too much paracetamol because of the aches can't take Ibuprofen due to a previous ulcer.
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    OMG thank you all for your replies actually feel a bit better knowing that I'm not te only one. Just done a yoga class this morning and feelin did help a bit. Will take all your advice on board x
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      No luv you are not alone ! you don,t say how old you are, but for me it was 53.

      I felt so old i stopped dying my hair, i even stopped going out, i now do all my do all my shopping online .

      It has had a really negative impact on my body and me as a person, i am now battling with this sudden dull pain i get when i get up from bed in the morning not sure if it`s my fallopian tubes or my gallbladder or my kidney`s..

      Anyway yes i have had all the aches and pains and stiffness and fuzzy head really heavy down pour menstruation , the periods have become very light and spasmodic but still get the fuzzy head and the aches and pains.

      I just take each day at a time but what i have found is when one pain disappears from a part of my anatomy another pain springs up some were else.

      Just use common sense with the pain killers keep life as simple as possible get plenty of rest , don,t drink alcohol or smoke.

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    Hi. I've got very painfull hands at the moment.
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    Thats what im getting now,wrist ,shouder arm,does it really get better im 53 and been going through it since i was 45 although that was night sweats, periods off and on, but now ive not had one for 3 years, just come off hrt and not having flushes yet hope i dont get them back.
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    I started feeling pain and stiffness when i turned 47, i wanted to walk up the hill to the local shops but my legs did not  but now i have turned 56 i cannot remember feeling fit anymore  all i know is feeling as stiff as a board when getting up from a chair or bed.
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