Still battling with my obnoxious verruca

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Has anybody tried anything new or old and manage to get rid of a stubborn verruca. I have tried almost everything this past 2.5 years and it is still there. Hate to look at it and gate to even think of it. It is constantly covered with black tape and nothing ever happens. Please help if you can.

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    My son has been plagued with veruccas for years,we tried all the over counter products,went to the doctor every 2 weeks for 2 years to have them frozen we paid £300 for some dry needling treatment that did not work so i did some research and found a site talking about the use of vinegar so we gave it a go,every night i would dab vinegar (white wine vinegar) on to the verucca (he had 1 massive one and 20 others)and then cover them with a little cotton wool and vinegar and covered them with plasters and removed in the morning the verucca turned black after a few days and then they just peel off,the larger verucca we had to be a bit more carefull with,as it was the size of a 50p the vinegar made it a little sore so we would just cover it at night ,But the result is that all 21 verucca have gone,feel free to ask questions ,good luck xx
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      Hi angelarw52

      i will definitely have another go at it by doing what you did for your son. I had tried apple cider vinegar. It turned brown and peeled off but it came up again. So I will start with your advice. I think it mets be pretty deep. Only the size of a an index fingernail if not smaller, but is it persistent?

      Thank you. You give me courage again. I will probably be telling you of any developments and asking questions.

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      Hi angelarw52

      i have been applying the white wine vinegar as peryoursuggestion since the 5th January for 11 days now. I leave a piece of soaked cottonwool over the verruca an secure with tape but as yet no sign od black appeared. It is still very white however the vinegar has left a tiny hol in the centre as though the top layer of skin has been eroded by the acid. But just one tiny hole and it is still white as normal underneath the hole. Please any encouragement anyone. I am so sick of it, but so fickle when it comes to pain, or I'd dig it out. Thank you.

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      Hi Jonah sorry to hear your treatment is not going so well,try roughing up the area a little (dont over do it) just to breakup the surfice and carry on with the vinegar at night and cover with a plaster,hopefully that will help x
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      I decided to see to the verruca again tonight as the tape was not holding the piece of cottonwool over it. It appears to be raised, or the border is, but the hole in the centre is definitely bigger. I did file the top down a little this morning, not much, but it seemed to be flaky, like fine powder really. No sign of black or dark at all. Does any of this relate to the progress of any one of the 21 verrucas your son had treated? The fact that there is no black core worries me. Seems to me it's a lot deeper than I thought, even though it is small by comparison about 1.2 cms.


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    Im writing this in hope of helping another person who has suffered with embarrassing warts. Here's my story..

    Since the age of about 5years old i grew a small pea sized verruca type wart on my left hand inner palm near my thumb. From 10yrs old to 20yrs old i have spent a large unknown amount of money on over the counter wart removers (ie. Gels, freezers, bandages with gels). Ive tried cutting it off, duct tape, and tea tree oil with negative results. In my early 20s i spoke with my family doctor who tried using nitrogen (i think) to freeze the stubborn wart with negative results. He tried this painful treatment mayb 4 or 5 times before sending me to a dermatogist. The dermatologist was not only expensive but also used quite painful methods in a attempt to kill the wart. He attempted to freeze the warts with Nitrogen atleast 6 times before trying an electrical device that burned and left a large hole in my palm for weeks just to have the stubborn wart return after a month or two. He tried the electrical device 3 more times after that. Eventually the one wart became 3 and i was terrified that it would continue to multiply.

    So here's the good news, At the age of 25, i searched youtube for alternative methods to kill the embarrassing now 3 warts. I found one that was quite simple and only required items that most people have at home. I gave it a shot and it worked!!! The pain is manageable and this method is pretty much free.

    Warning: This is an extreme method. If you attempt this method and injure yourself i take no responsibility. Im simply explaining my story and what my experience was.

    Here's what I used:

    1) A heat source(I used the flame from my stovetop)

    2) A fairly long nail or screw

    3) Pliers that lock in place (Locking is helpful)

    4) Bottle of disinfecting rubbing alcohol

    5) Paper towels

    Here's what I did:

    I took the "head" part of a nail and used the locking pliers to clamp onto it. The sharp point of the nail was furthest away from the pliers handles. I held the sharp point of the nail over the stove top flame for several seconds until it was very hot. I placed my hand faceup on the kitchen countertop and then slowly placed the heated point onto easy wart. The nail will cool quickly so i reheated between warts. My warts were thick and to be honest i couldn't feel the heat from the nail for a while. The warts turned white and then black as i continued this process. The point on the nail allowed me to reach deep within the wart and burn those small black dots that, from what i have read, are actually the virus. Once i began to feel pain i handled as much as i could bear and then i stopped. I took the rubbing alcohol and poured some onto a papertowel. I was careful to be far from the open flame while handling the alcohol. I rubbed the alcohol covered papertowel over the treated area. There was a little bit of blood but not much.

    The area stayed tender for about 2 to 4 days but the pain was far far less then what i experienced at the dermatologist. I was still able to work, my friends and co worker could hardly notice. Now to fast forward...

    Its been almost a year since i self treated and there is no sign of the warts!!!! Hardly even a scar. I am happy to say im cured of those embarrassing ugly things that i have been dealing with for almost my entire life. I hope my story helps someone out there. I could of saved myself thousands of dollars if i tried this at an earlier age. Peace

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