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Warts And Verrucas

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  • liam5990 1

    ACV Finger Wart Treatment HELP

    Hi Everyone! This is my first post! A little background information, I had verruca’s on my both feet from the age of about 18 until the beginning of last year when I was 25. I used Acylic acid for ages, which finally worked after a few years of trying!   At the start of this year I had a wart come...

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  • anna73427 1

    Trimethoprim antibiotics for warts

    I wanted to share my story in the hope others may benefit. My 8 year old daughter had lots of warts on her hands and face for two years. We had tried all sorts of treatments including freezing,laser therapy.bazuka and herbal remedies but nothing worked. Then by chance she had a urine infection and...

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  • mo76614 1

    Skin problem on my leg

    Hi Im new to this forum so im not sure exactly where to post this. i've had this for a few years now and it hasnt been treated. In the summer it gets particularly itchy and goes all red. Can somebody advise me what this could be? Any help would be appreciated

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  • Class316 1

    Do I still have a wart?

    A couple of months ago I felt pain in my foot. Looked like I had a foot wart.  I bought a freezing thing, I had a bottle of Salicylic acid. So I began to use  those to treat it. After a while I thought I took care of it. Then I stopped thinking about it.  Today I had a shower and checked my foot again....

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  • johnny64096 1
  • polypody 1

    Facial Wart

    For a number of years I've had a small wart on my cheekbone, about 1.5" from my left eye. My doctor said it would go away over time but it hasn't. It remains the same size & colour & has the 'cauliflower' appearance. Last year I went to a pharmacy for advice on what to use to get rid of said wart & they...

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  • help 17331 1

    Plantar wart in foot and palmer wart in hand

    I have used the following method successfully to get rid off a stubborn and fast spreading mosaic wart along with multiple warts that started popping on the foot and a plantar wart on a hand. First use compound W freeze off advanced to freeze the wart (this was a start but did not alone get rid off...

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  • help 17331 1

    How I successfully got rid off stubborn mosaic plantar wart

    I have used the following method successfully to get rid off a stubborn and fast spreading mosaic plantar wart along with multiple warts that started popping on the foot and a plantar wart on a hand. First used compound W freeze off advanced to freeze the wart (this was a start but did not alone...

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  • dRyW 2

    Some clarity about warts

    Attached below “the little fella”, on the plant of my foot. Do exist any test I can undergo to be sure that is HPV? Assuming it is.. Healing Is said that in 90% of cases the virus is cleared in two years. Mine has been there longer (at least more than three). Let’s say my immune system is about to...

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  • georgia86120 1

    Flesh coloured bump on palm

    Hello, I have had this flesh bump on my hand for a number of years now but since I suffer from health anxiety and renoticed it this morning, I'm becoming worried about it. Is it a verruca or wart? It seems that I discover it, and then think it goes away even though looking back at pictures it don't....

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  • catvictory 1
  • alma27 1

    consultation about Verruca Plantaris

    I suffer from them since 2007. I have been treated with any possible treatment. salicylic acid , Verrumal,  ,duct tape,  cryotherapy , Laser Dye ,   Imiquimod ,and  every traditional treatment . Now they cover half of one foot, the heel of the other, and beneath the nail of a finger in my hand. They...

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  • rebecca00301 1

    Warts on hands

    Hello just after a little advice, I am starting to freeze warts off my youngest sisters hands as of next week and was wondering whats the strongest Meds I can give her for pain relief as she is terrible with handling pain? A year ago I went through the same treatment but was on prescription for Cocodamol...

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  • kt60978 2

    Bump/wart on side of forehead

    Heya For a few weeks now, I've noticed a small bump on the side of my forehead. It started off as a white bump, but now it looks a bit red then it goes back to white, sort of looks like a pimple. I've been to see the doctor who had a look at it for me, and she said it is a skin tag and nothing to worry...

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  • joe23317 1


    Big growth on my thumb I thought it was a wart so I put liquid wart remover on and it got bigger and looks like raw meat busting out of my thumb also it hurts alot more now

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  • Vale86 1

    Can you tell me if this is a wart/verruca?

    Hello, I have recently found this (link of picture below) on my boyfriend' s leg (shin area). It is not going away and I think it might be a wart or verruca. It is not painful nor itchy. Would you be able to help me recognise it or should we see a doctor? Thank you!

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  • katlouise1989 4

    I treated my wart with bazuka gel and now my skin is ripped

    Hi all, I had a couple of tiny warts on my hand. The pharmicist recommended bazuka gel and I followed the instructions. My skin is now ripped and very dry (and quite frankly looks and feels worse than before I applied the gel). Has anyone had this experience and what did they do?

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  • jemma95807 1

    what do you do once a wart has fallen off?

    I had a very large and painful wart behind my big toe, and yesterday it fell off and I don't know what I should do with what is left over. Do I let the rest heal on its own or do I have to take care of it so it doesnt grow back?

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  • Forestflower 3

    Why now?

    Okay so I'm new to this forum but basically when I was younger I developed a wart on my forehead. It made me very self conscious and I went to a doctor to see about getting it removed after using creams and it failing. At the time I was young and too scared to get it removed, never the less one windy...

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  • helen80152 1


    Hi, my son has a Verucca on his small toe underneath, which I am treating with bazuka. It is getting better, even if time consuming. I've now noticed about 7 tiny pimple like blisters on the same foot and I'm just wondering if these could be the start of new Veruccas and if I should start treating them...

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  • Zippy53 1

    Top layer of wart peeled off, now painful to touch

    I have what appears to be a wart on my finger, and didn't really seem to respond well to daily salicylis acid. Last weekend I went swimming and the top layer of skin came off, and now there's a small red lump that is painful whenever I bump it.  Any idea on how to continue treating it? I've only been...

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  • sam90507 1


    I have a verruca on each foot and they are not going ? I have tried special gel but they won't go and now my verruca is burning and stinging like mad !!! What do I do ?

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  • maria14967 1

    Really stubborn wart

    During my pregnancy i got a wart in between my knuckle , went to the doctors he gave me some salatac gel and emery board.... 5 months on and ive still got this blasted wart! It's not going away!

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  • jonah23 3

    My verruca

    I had read before that Trimethoprim, a treatment for urine infection had killed verrucas. I had been battling, non stop with a deep-seated verruca for over three years. In May I got a urine infection and was prescribed Septrim. I asked pharmacist about Trimethoprim and was told Septrim had Trimethoprim...

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  • sasha788 1

    Urgently need of advice; wart

    Hi I've had two warts over 5 years ago that are currently still present; when I had these i had used the stuff to freeze and take the root out, but throughout the 5 years I still have patches where they are; its kind of like dead skin; every few months I will cut the dead skin off and get it level and...

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  • lauw0203 2

    Wart or mole?

    I've had a wart/mole next to my nose for years now. I've considered seeking professional treatment but it's so costly I'm not sure I could justify it. I've read online that apple cider vinegar is good for wart removal, but I'm a bit scared to touch it as I don't really want to mess around with my face....

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  • Gommy 2

    Facial Plane Warts

    My Teenage Daughter has just been diagnosed with facial plane warts and they are covering a large portion of her cheek so very noticable. The Drs are going to try a few lotions but arent hoopeful that they'll cure it and say it could last for up to 10 years. She is obviously very upset and wants to hide...

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  • erika159951 2
  • Jazzyjazz 1

    Please help with plantar warts

    I've been using salicylic acid to treat 4 warts on right foot. They were small then grew into 4 holes, still pretty small. Skin is dying and turning white around warts. My feet look like a battlefield with dead and white skin and two visible plantar wart holes. Do I keep treating them with acid or stop?...

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  • jonah23 3

    My stubborn verruca again!

    I have attacked my very stubborn nuisance of a verruca with all I had, and It looks like I've finally won. I had tried practically everything- 5 sessions silver nitrate at podologist's where it turned black, fell off and underneath it appeared again only bigger. Duct tape, banana skin, apple cider 'mother'...

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  • DanielNicolas 2

    Confirmed healed verruca type wart story.

    Im writing this in hope of helping another person who has suffered with embarrassing warts. Here's my story.. Since the age of about 5years old i grew a small pea sized verruca type wart on my left hand inner palm near my thumb. From 10yrs old to 20yrs old i have spent a large unknown amount of money...

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  • kate82859 1

    My verruca won't leave!!

    Ive had a verruca on my right foot for about 6 years now and have tried all of the 'over the counter' boxes like the freeze spray and the gel. It noting was working. I tried using the vinegar and putting tape over it but it just seemed to get blacker and more painful so I gave in and went to the doctors......

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  • Guest M

    Has anyone tried the banana skin thing on their verrucas...

    Has anyone tried the banana skin thing on their verrucas? I used to get verrucas all the time as a kid but they would just disappear quickly. I also got a lot of warts of my fingers and knees and these disappeared with wart varnish stuff. However, as an adult, I have a very weak immune system which means...

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  • jonah23 3

    Still battling with my obnoxious verruca

    Has anybody tried anything new or old and manage to get rid of a stubborn verruca. I have tried almost everything this past 2.5 years and it is still there. Hate to look at it and gate to even think of it. It is constantly covered with black tape and nothing ever happens. Please help if you can.

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  • vlamond 1

    multiple finger warts

    Hi everyone, I have had multiple (approx. 25) small warts on my right middle finger burned at the GP 9mths ago. They have now all come back, bigger and more in numbers. What should I do? What does it mean? I must have about 40 tiny, medium and bigger warts all together on my middle finger. Should I...

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