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Hello everyone, I am 16 years old, and for the past 5 or so months I have been having a series of abdominal pain, from starting with constipation... to then constipation gone to then constant "discomfort" feeling pain, to where it's like pain... I constantly get this feeling and to this day it has not resolved, it will constituent and continue and is basically ruining my life, and it seems more serious now.

AND PLEASE NOTICE I have had fungus infection problems, which go away with medication, but then come back as I itch more. I occasionally have mouth ulcers once in a while, is this a sign of IBD?

I'm scheduled for a colonoscopy in a few days, as the doctor said it's likely to be ibs, but just incase we need to check for IBD.

Back to the pain, it's basically just a discomfort feeling. Now I'm getting moments where I wake up, and it feels like the pain is moving and like something is inside, and tightening.

This will eventually lead to bouts of diarrhea, so that's why I'm now thinking how can I still have diarrhea once in a few weeks? Is this my body fighting against bacteria?

My symptoms include:

*Abdominal discomfort (this is the feeling that won't stop and is ruining my life the most)

*diarrhea (this is most likely the discomfort feeling, which then goes and slowly comes after bowel movement and diarrhea)

*mucus in stool (sometimes quite a bit when diarrhea)


*NOT CERTAIN but maybe blood in stool, but not on toilet paper unless there is a skin that's red from vegetables)

*hemmerhoids (scratch of blood on outside hard stool)


*diarrhea like stools

Abdominal pain with normal/diarrhea stools

Might be more, but can't think off the top of my head all of them

Also I don't go to the toilet as much, maybe 3 at most a day, I find this ironic, as they say patients with any abdominal disorder goes max 10 times, so I don't go as much, is that an issue?

Thank you, and I won't stop hoping for a relief one day, I'm trying to go through this, at times I feel like giving up, because they just won't go, but who knows it seems like it might be getting better slowly I HOPE SO

I will be looking for answers and finding out, and hope colonoscopy helps, so would this be ibs? Ibd? Or something else...


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    Sounds like IBS.  Wait to see what the colonoscopy shows.  Your symptoms are likely in flare up because you are anxious.
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      yes may be that, but as I said I had a ulcer near my theory the day before and on the same day I received a jock itch, which works with medication and comes back when I itch more? Isn't those two things alone a sign of chrons disease?


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      Sometimes you can get ulcers and itching if you feel run down or stressed.  Ulcers can occur with Crohns.  However, if you are getting them infrequently, it probably doesn't mean anything. If your doctor is saying it is more likely IBS, I would trust what he says.  Your symptoms sound far more like IBS.  With Crohns, you would be having bleeding and a lot of weight loss.  You don't seem to have those symptoms.

      Definitely, wait first to see what the colonoscopy shows if anything.  If it shows nothing, you will have to accept this and believe in a diagnosis of IBS if that is what your doctor tells you.  Continuous stressing about your symptoms being something else will mean your IBS will not get better.

      My IBS is a lot better now because I do not worry about my flare ups because I decided to trust and believe my doctor.

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      Due today so will see! But yes, I only get bleeding when my external hemmerhoids occur, so that's not unusual.

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      Had it done a few hours ago now, they didn't find any specific signs of chrons or ulcerative colitis hitch is great! Only hemmerhoids I high are was given medication to treat.

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      I got a question for u, do u ever get atleast moments of symptoms that go for months? With no need of control? Just me I never seem to achieve that, symptoms occur everyday for me no matter what... I want moments where I can eventually have those normal feels again, for atleast a few months not having to control it... but ik that will never happen.
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      I only got 2 weeks with no symptoms, but that was the first time I got constipation, then removed constipation, and then after two weeks it flared up... just wondering ik it is possible to remove symptoms for a while, just don't know how and what to know how thanks

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      If you try to stay calm and forget about your IBS, you will have longer periods of remission.  If you are constantly anxious about your symptoms, your flare ups will be more constant and long lasting. I have just had a two week flare up of IBS A and I ended up on Imodium and watching what I ate because fruit was causing bowel disturbance.  It was triggered by anxiety.  Now that my anxiety has gone, my bowel has settled down again.  My flare ups are quite spaced out while I a, calm.
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      Because it's weird, after I did the colonoscopy, went through the bowel preparation etc, even a day before just clearing my bowels, I got those "all day" normal feels again, and even after the colonoscopy it felt like 12 weeks of that constant pain just disappeared, but yes now I am starting to feel the discomfort come up again, idk if that's from the gas they inserted in my stomach or not, but idk it's just that discomfort that won't go away no matter what I do

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      Felt like the first day I beat my consyipation, then my stomach felt normal and would slowly come back within 2 weeks
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      The gas they put into you can cause considerable discomfort and contribute to your symptoms. Also the stress of the procedure is likely to have caused flare ups.  When anxious, you will have more symptoms; when relaxed, you will have more periods of remission.
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    Do you have any gerd symptoms if you do the ulcers in your throat can be caused by gerd that gets worst by ibs and stress. Also ibs gets worse from stress. In addition you get better after pooping is a classic ibs symptom
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      I don't really have symptoms like gerd, but yes I do eventually get ulcera and fevers, and fungus never usually occurs until now, it was all of a sudden. But either way if I stress or don't stress, the symptoms of the continuous discomfort is within me.

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