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It will be 3 weeks tomorrow since I had a scarf osteotomy on my bunion. I was issued with a heel bearing shoe and nothing else to help mobility. I am not in constant pain any more but I am still sitting all day with foot elevated.

When I move around my foot is very sore. I seem to have a day where I think mobility is in sight and then the next day really sore again. I think I am being pretty patient and being "good".

Luckily I have some crutches from a previous injury, but as I wasn't issued with any, are the medics really expecting that I should be able to get around without any help?

My pain is centred on the big toe being pulled upwards as the shoe is designed to tilt foot upwards. I also have very sharp pain if any pressure is put on the underside of the outside (little toe) part of my foot.

Should I be more mobile \in less pain by now??

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    Good Afternoon,

    I was in pain to at 3 weeks. I was given a boot and crutches. I used my crutches up until my 3 week check up. I then started walking in my boot and going places outside of my home.I keep my boot on all the time except for icing and showering. I always keep my foot elevated and iced when I'm sitting down. I do go out and about now. I am about to be at 6 weeks on Thursday. I hope I can go to work soon. I can't stand not working and not driving. I haven't drove for 6 weeks. My foot/ankle is still very swollen that I hope I'm able to get in a shoe and drive.

    Hope this was a little help for you...

    Take Care

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    Hi Bluebindle

    Sorry to hear you are still experiencing pain, I am three and a half weeks post op now from a scarf/akin and have just started doing mobility exercises on my toes which are excruciating, however I didn't experience too much pain from walking after about 2 weeks. I'm surprised that the hospital didn't provide you with crutches, although great that you had some to use.

    I was finding that I was in pain quite a lot for the first two weeks and after that it was more of an intermittent discomfort. I usually find if I'm on my feet too much then that's when it starts hurting so perhaps you're pushing it a bit too much? I still spend pretty much all day with my feet up. I'm sure what you are feeling is normal, however if you are at all nervous maybe call your doctor to check. It might just help out your mind at rest.

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    I am at 7 weeks since bilateral scarf and akin osteotomy (in Australia). I was issued with rigid plank and velcro shoes and crutches then told to walk on my heels or the outside edge of the feet. Like you I wasn't given much else in the way of instruction or expectation but I feel this could be due to how we all heal differently. I've been using the internet as you are to find out what I need to know but it's a minefield as there are so many types of bunion op. I'll be seeing the surgeon later today and hopefully being signed off. I haven't needed the crutches for 2 weeks so long as I'm walking on a straight surface but I don't have much mobility in my toes and can't fit my feet into any of my shoes as there's still a lot of swelling. I kept my feet elevated a lot for 4 weeks and though the intense pain was gone within a week I did experience lots of twinges and throbbing in my toes and the surrounding soft tissue. I think there's inevitable nerve damage with scarf op and you could be experiencing this (I'm no doc). It's a long, slow process recovering from this so my advice would be to be patient and don't expect too much from yourself, when you see the doc then you should be given more instruction for the future. All the best with your recovery and your new foot.

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    Hi guys! Have you heard about minimally invasive bunion surgery? They say it's less painful and the recovery is a lot quicker. I'm thining about having both of my feet done that way soon.


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      Hi Beebs.

      I'm. Currently 7 weeks post op from a chevron scarf oesteotomy. I had MIS on my left foot using an ankle block and sedation. The actual op was a breeze. As I've not had open bunion surgery b4 I can't say whether it's any less painful.

      I have to say it was a whole less painful than I thought!! The ankle block lasted nearly 24 hours so I was in not any pain just a little achy. I kept regularly taking pain Meds as a precaution incase I got bad pain but remember taking them thinking I don't need these!!!

      The pain really has been minimal I have to say. Nothing like I expected. The worst thing for me was about week 3 I had some burning sensations in my big toe but heard that it's the nerves knitting back together? Didn't last too long tho. It was very intermittent but one night lasted about 3 hours.

      I hardly have any pain at all now just achy if I've been on my feet all day which I normally am as have 3 children!!

      The recovery after the op and 6 weeks in a boot I think is going to be the hardest bit for me trying to walk properly after wearing a wedge shoe for what will be 9 weeks! Luckily I have an automatic car so was driving after 2 weeks so dreading getting my right foot done as I need my right foot for the brake and clutch.


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      6 weeks in the boot? I thought it was less time wearing those. Do you think it would be crazy to have both feet done at the same time. I was told many people do.

      Does your foot look good? Are happy with the result?

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      Hi. Yes I'm afraid 6 weeks in the boot!! Unfortunately at 6 weeks was told 3 more weeks after my x ray revealed one bone not fused properly!! So will be 9 weeks in total. Omg. So praying at the next x ray it's healed ok. Thing is I'm constantly on the go. I'm a busy mummy of 3 kids and a house to look after and hubby works away and I have no help locally from family as they don't live that near.

      I'm very happy with not having that huge bone sticking out the side of my foot for well over 30 years!!! It's like it's not my foot and when it's not swollen like on a morning it looks amazing BUT I have not got a large V shape inbetween my big toe and toe next to it which I'm obviously gutted about. I wait all this time to get rid of my hideously unsightly bunion and I get this big V gap!!??

      I was told it might close up a bit but if not maybe a soft tissue release. It's too early to think that far ahead though.

      Tbh it's a much longer recovery than I imagined. I thought when I was told 6 weeks in the shoe that would be it and I'd be back jn the gym. I was wrong. Very wrong.

      Well I wish I could gave had both feet done together BUT I was too worried I'd be in too much pain with 1 never mind 2 at the same time. As it happens I could have coped as it was no where near as bad as I thought!! Thing is I have 3 young children and I needed one good foot to get around on. If I had no kids and lots of help to do household chores and cook meals then both feet together would have been not too bad. I know someone on here had her 2nd foot done 2 weeks after her first. It's not been easy for her but it's sort of worked quite well for her.

      It's all the recovery really. Going thru it for a second time getting them done separately. It all depends on your personal situation as for me ruled out with the kids and schola runs etc. It just wouldn't have worked for me.

      Everyone heels differently though. I think I've been very lucky apart from the extra 3 weeks in the shoe. B4 I got it done all I heard was on that's painful that so I was worked up to be in some kind of agony but I wasn't. I put it off all these years as there was only open foot surgery and a general anesthetic. Whoever invented MIS is amazing but that said it's still the same recovery time as at the end of the day your bones are being cut and bones take at least 6 weeks to heal.


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      Thank you so much for telling me about your experience Gillian!

      I only have one child, a 2.5 year old girl and my hubby could work fro home if needed.

      And some people say it only took them 3 weeks. I guess it's different for everyone.

      I also read about the big gap but if you think how long those poor toes were being pushed to the side, it's understandable they need time to adjust too. Is it that bad?

      Which country do you live in? I'm a Hungarian living in Australia.

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      My hubby works from home a couple of days a week but I still found myself doing what I'd normally do as he was too busy to help so him being at home was no help really lol.

      Yeah I suppose it was inevitable there would be a gap it looks a bit freaky so I'd defo have something done if i could. I've waited such a long time for a nice foot that I just want it to be nice and be able to wear a pretty pair of sandles. I'm. A bit of a perfectionist too well a big perfectionist so it bothers me.

      I'm in England. Wow you're lucky to live in Australia all that lovely sunshine! ?

      Oh well roll on getting my right foot done. It's tricky my right one as not driving for 6 weeks will be just dreadful with regards to school runs as I have no one to take them when hubby is away. At least with my left foot I was driving after 2 weeks as I didn't need my left foot for anything while driving I'm with having automatic. I really want them both done and heeled as well as possible by the end of the year but I just don't know how things will work re school runs that's my big problem!! ??

      Well any further questions I'm happy to help. ??

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      Would you mind sending a picture of your foot before and after the operation?

      I'm a perfectionist too, haha! And I've been dreaming of nice feet and pretty sandals forever! I know my gap will be big as my feet are quite bad (I think) but I hope the toes would come to their senses after the operation. ?? You're a strong women having the operation and still looking after 3 children!

      Thank you soo much for taking the time and answering all my questions! It's weird talking about my bunions cos I've always been hiding them.

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      Yes, of course I will send you a pic BUT first I have to fathom put how to send you a pic ??. I took a good b4 and after photo.

      Yeah I highly my feet for wayyyyy too many years!!! Id just had enough. I was at the airport and had to take shoes off for security and thiught right this is too embarrasing im getting my feet done ASAP. Especially you living in Australia you need nice feet for the beach lol.

      My kids are 6 8 and 11 so not too little but still I'm always incredibly busy. Always on my feet from morning till night. My foot swells in the day it ends up like a pudding by evening!! The swelling could take 3 to 4 months to calm down I was told. It's certainly a longer recovery than I thought.

      Bear with me re photos as I'm. Not sure how to send on here. I think it's your bedtime in Australia now so when you wake up hopefully I will have a pic for you waiting. I've just woken up.

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      I gathered how to private message you but not to attatch a photo!! I could email you? It's a shame you can't put pics up on here unless I just can't figure out how to!

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    I had the scarf and akin surgery done on my right foot.

    I started walking straight away at and after my 2 week appointment, only had crutches for time before. I also stopped having major pain a couple of days after surgery. The doctor told me to walk on my foot regardless of any weird feelings or pain because it WILL feel strange or hurt the first time you're waking on it, you just have to get used to it.

    Also, I do not have my leg elevated anymore as some of the weird feelings will come from blood rushing to your foot after having it raised, my foot is actually less swollen.

    I would walk on it as much as you can, on my foot pretty much all day and I don't have any strange feeling anymore.

    I saw 3 doctors at appointments and all of me told me to walk on it and not to elevate as much anymore smile

    However, every one heals differently and maybe I did quicker as I'm a teenager?

    Hope you recover well smile

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