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Still in pain after a year

Hello, my husband had open operation for gall bladder removal a year ago. Reason he had open op as oppose to keyhole was due to adhesions from a car accident 40 years ago. It got a bit complicated because the first gallbladder op was succesful however, he suffered an obstruction because they fed him solids straight away. He came out of hospital after a couple of days and was in agony and was taken back into a different hospital and operated on again this time successfully. But even now after a year he still suffers aces and cramps.. Do you think it could be adhesions due  to the 2 major ops? and as anyone else suffered with this an do you have any ideas what might ease them. Thanks for reading this.

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  • belinda62595

    Hi , i had open surgery due to a perforated bowel .. 17 months on im awaiting funding for repair of huge incisional hernia .. i used to get pain whilst the incision was separating on the inside but it did stop when yhe whole wound reopened on the inside .. not sure if nerves are severed , but for your husband it could be adhesions or maybe herniated or bowel problems? Where does he get the pain is the abdomen swollen anywhere?

    • Rainbow78

      Hello, well it sounds gruesome but both ops took 3and half hours each and each time they had to remove his intestines so they could cut away the adhesions. The pain he feels is all over the abdomen he also gets alot of gas and bloating as well. I don't know whether because he has had adhesions and they have tidied up so to speak that more are being created. The surgeon has stated that they will not open him up again due to more adhesions occurring .

  • belinda62595

    Gosh the poor fella has been through the mill there !! My op was 9 hours but they removed half the bowel and appendix and lymph nodes etc plus cleaning up the poison i beleive took most of the time up . I do know that having parts pulled out and put back will cause terrible pain post op for a while but a year on the pain should have subsided. Adhesions are painful i have a few from emergency c section but 7 years on they cause less hassle .. not sure if im just used to something bloomin hurting as im herniated all the way down my incision scar . Would be worth asking for a referral to a bowel specialist maybe . A ct scan would be the best bet but not sure how your gp works in your area . Don't lie on all this though, go to your gp and say you know something isnt right end of . Its not fair to suffer when every one reminds us how lucky we are to be here from life saving operations .. yes we are we really are but suffering afterwards for so long makes it hard to feel so happy a.d optimistic rolleyes

  • belinda62595

    They are always quick to blame everything new on an old operation or previous illnesses but sometimes when things do not go away it could be due to something new .. might not be but worth getting it investigated .

    • Rainbow78

      Hi, I am getting an appointment for him on Monday. He has had CT scan and ultrasound and I also went private for mri but they all show nothing . That's what so puzzling. H e also suffers with not being able to get a full intake of breath sometimes, and all this since he had the op. It makes you wonder sometimes what the dickens they get up to when your under the knife. This time however, he as asked me to go into the doctors with him so hurry up Monday.

  • belinda62595

    I think you should find a new doctor, going back to the doctor's that did his operations and sign a releace  of his records to take with you. 

    • shelia22921

      Hello Sheila, he has seen a different doctor this morning and they are taking blood tests to check Amylase and he is also having to give stool sample. Honestly it never ends. I know they have to go through all this procedure but the time it takes. The doctor stated that his Amylase was raised when he went to hospital with a painful attack a couple of months ago, why didn't they ask for him to go back to doctors then. Honestly I despair. 

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