Stinging Pain in Upper Stomach? What Is It??

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Two days ago, I started getting a stinging pain in my upper stomach area, not severe but aggravating and felt like if you got an electric shock but a little jabbing is what it feels like. Anyway, it hasn't been as bad as two days ago, but I have still been getting an odd jabbing pain every so often, only lasting a few seconds and then going away but its been making me very anxious that its something serious.

I'm 32, female, Hypothyroid, PCOS (on medication for both btw) and I'm also on 10mg Propranolol for a severe anxiety, and I suffer from depression. I'm about a 10lbs overweight, I don't drink or smoke, my lifestyle would be quite sedentary as I work from home all day, but I do drink a lot of water and try to eat healthy. My diet has also not been very different to cause any changes.

Also, my bowel movements are normal, no irregular colors or bleeding, sometimes its been a bit constipated but not enough to have no bowel movement (just a little painful when going).

I've no other symptoms at the moment, just every so often I get a mild/moderate stinging pain jabbing in my upper stomach, it lasts a few seconds and goes away. I can eat fine as well, but I do suffer from insomnia and don't sleep as well as I should.

I'm worried about ulcers, bleeding, blockage or some other sort of emergency and its causing me to panic quite a lot. As I said, the pains are not as noticeable as two days ago and seemed to have calmed down, and its only a mild stinging every now and then. I haven't had that much of it today, only now and then its kinda stung.

I remember last year complaining of something similar to my doctor and he said about IBS or something about little electrical things going off that gives that sensation, I can't remember properly.

Sorry for info dump, I'm just panicking and feeling very stressed about it.

What is it? I'm just so very anxious and panicky, and things like this make me worse.

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    this sounds like inflammation. i have had bew medication over a week a go, then a different one and i've inflamed my stomach. everything burnt and for a few seconds at once, compared to the start of the week my stomach is much better. try really bland foods for a few days and an anti inflammatory, like gaviscon. good luck, it does hurt but it should ease off.

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      Yeah, I'm easing on what I'm eating, and trying to avoid certain things if its causing anything. I'll see how it goes today as well.

      Thanks for replying.

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    It hasn't been as bad today, but I seem to be getting a cold, and phlegm feel in my throat. Not sure if its connected. The sharp little pains seems to be going from my upper stomach area (above the belly button area) to the sides of my stomach too, but not much and very mildly.

    I just feel very panicky at the moment, and stressed. I keep thinking of the worst things, bleeding, intestinal things, ulcers, etc etc.

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    I had similar symptoms to these. I also had problems swallowing, it went on for months and I ended up having a scan and endoscopy. It was found that I had severe Chronic Gastritis. I'm now on Ozpromazole for 8 weeks, when I will have another endoscopy to see if it's healing.

    I hope you get some answers soon. You could try buying some Nexium over the counter and see if it helps.

    Let me know how you get on. I know it's very frightening.


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      Hi, Oh glad you are getting treatment, that sounded awful! I'm seeing how I am today, it wasn't as awful yesterday, seemed to have eased, so see if theirs anything today as well and just watch what I'm eating as well.

      Thanks for replying.

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    It usually goes away by itself in a few days. In the meantime you can try some OTC meds. Your pharmacist will advise which is best for your symptoms. If it still persiststs see a doctor.

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      Hi, if it still persists by next week, I'll go to my doctors. At the moment, its very mild pains, like a little pang here and there, but if it changes or gets worse at all I'll take some medication and see the doctor. Yesterday it was very mild and only had a couple of pains, so see how it goes today.

      Thanks for replying!

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    Update: I didn't get much pain today, but I did get a little pain in my upper right side, a mild throbbing pain, and felt a bit sore when I pressed into my tummy where it was. What is that?

    That is the only pain I got today beside a few very mild electric like shocks in my tummy area.

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