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kidney stones!    I had Lipotripsy done last Thursday. March 22, staghorn stone. 11x14mm.   My side has been hurting on and off for over three months having a history of kidney stones I know what it feels like when one is ready to pass.  Finally after going to the doctor and begging them for a CT scan the staghorn was discovered with many other stones on my right side.  Also discovered there is a staghorn stone on my left side that will be dealt with at a later time because it's not giving me any pain right now.   The last thing I said to the surgeon before I went under words please do not put a stent in me.   Well I woke up with the worst pain from the stent they just kept giving me morphine while I was at the hospital and then sent me home with medication of oxycodine-acetaminophen  to be taken every four hours for pain.   The first 24 hours were horrible it did not help the pain and the Oxsee just makes me feel so weird I do not like it .  Now I am on day 4  and can feel the stent inside of me the pain is worse than the kidney stone.    I have an appointment to have the stent removed 10 days from now not sure if I'm going to last that long have not passed any of the stones yet.    I would like to call the doctor and asked for a different pain medication but I don't know if any if you have any suggestions I would mostly appreciate it . 


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    hi Ginny

    so sorry to read of your pain and experience .

    I have exactly the same response to stents. ( vile inventions) I basically have to be cathetorised while on them because of the discomfort and agony.

    I also react to all opiates and the only god send for me is diclophenac suppositories..

    when I'm next in for whichever procedure they choose I'm insisting on them

    speedy recovery


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    For guys they give “flowmax” pills to help..

    I have 5 days to go with a stent and it’s notbeen fun... I don’t understand why they leave u (me) with stones inside of me .. I don’t wanna pass them .. just taken out when they know u have them.. or lithotripsy . 

    Why wait and take any chance of this pain again... Dr was in there on one side of me so why not get them All.. what am I missing here?

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      mine have been in since since Jan 2017 .. had 5 and two were a double blockage .

      I had three left. one has continued to grow and the others keep replacing each other as I pass them.

      I've now eventually been referred to a research team doing clinical trials on lower pole kidney stones . maybe they'll be out by 2019 haha

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    Ginny, stents are a nightmare, but completely manageable with the right combo of drugs. Flomax being one mentioned here, but the one that has made the biggest difference (at least in females) is Urabel/or Uramit. It turns your urine blue/green. You need to get a prescription for it as soon as possible because it takes about a day or a little longer to reach the pain inhibiting potency. Without it, I wouldn't be able to cope with a stent. In fact, I must have told the nurses and doctors half a dozen times to make sure they had the prescription ready for me as soon as I woke up from my second stent placement. Unlike my first stent, the second time around they had the pills ready for me to take upon coming out of sedation. Speeded up the wait time for relief. By that evening, I was feeling much better and the next day I could hardly tell I had a stent inside.

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    I am so sorry for what you're going through Ginny. I have never liked pills or drugs of any sort. I was also prescribed the Percocet (oxy & acetaminophen) and they made me feel very strange. Ironically, I felt much better with just the straight Oxy. It was the same dosage of oxy without the acetaminophen and it didn't give me the spacey feeling that the Percs did. I also asked to not have a stent as I was going in for my operation, but woke up with one and had it for a week with a string attached. I could feel it move and touch the wall of my bladder and in my kidney sometimes. I found that my urinating and passage of materials improved greatly once the stent was removed, so I am not all that convinced of their necessity. I know they are useful and even required in some cases, but I think doctors might overuse them and/or leave them in too long. I bounced back very quickly once it was out. I wonder all sorts of things in your case........since you have stones in your kidney, could the stent be bumping them? Also, could a stone, or fragment of one, block the stent opening? Honestly, I don't understand why they don't get them all in one shot either. All I can say is, if I ever have another stone, I will be asking to have the stent removed way before 7 days. I really feel that a couple of days if anything would have been sufficient. Also, may consider a "drunk and disorderly" approach as opposed to the pills. Hope you feel better soon.

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    Hi Ginny, Sorry you are having such terrible pain. You don't have to answer this, but I'm just curious, because I had 1st procedure to remove a 9mm stone in Oct. 2017 and doctor could not get it out, so he put a stent in for 7 weeks until I had the 2nd procedure in Dec. 2017, and he blasted the stone and then put another stent in for 1 week, which he took out in his office. I had bad pain with the kidney stone before the 1st procedure, but no pain at all with the st ents - they just caused me to urinate a lot. Seeems like a lot pof people have pain from the stents, and I was wondering if I didn't have pain from the stents because I had a hysterectomy back in the 1980's, and maybe all the nerves in the abdomen were destroyed. Just a thought. Hope you feel better soon. Barb

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    When I had kidney stones someone recommended Robinson's Lemon Barley Water to me and it helped.

    I had stones removed by keyhole surgery at beginning of December last year and had a stent and a catheter in.

    Catheter in for a few days stent in for a week.

    Oramorph may help with the pain.

    Take care and keep in touch

    Sarah xx

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    So sorry to tell you but you sound like myself ( allergic to plastic- stents).

    I have had them

    More times than I can count and also so many CT and X-RAYS; that I kid everyone ( so as not to worry my mom who has cancer) and tell them I GLOW IN THE DARK.

    I stayed for two weeks at Emory Hospital and they “supposedly “ removed all my stones and inserted stunts for what I hoped would be the last time for several years!

    YEAH RIGHT! Was back in local ER WHOM COULD DO NOTHING but give me Dilaudid ( which now has to be given with Benadryl because after all these years I have developed allergic reaction to narcotic meds.

    Long story short was sent back to Emory and surgery because being allergic to plastic ( stents) they had swelled out of place and cause torture to my kidneys bladder ureter. 

    Be careful and get educated. Don’t feel bad I hav over 30 years and still don’t know it all!

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    Update!   Had the stint removed 5 days after surgery instead of 2 weeks!   Felt relief immediately.  Thanks for all the comments.  I was really hurting and all you made me feel not so alone.
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