Stitches, infection and over-granulation

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Just stumbled across this site...reassuring to know it's not just me!

I had my op 6 weeks ago. Surgeon inserted 12 stitches (7 external, 5 internal I think). Felt fine afterwards, obviously in pain, but I was relieved to have had it stitched as the thought of packing made me feel ill.

After 5 days, I developed an infection which was pretty grim. Some strong antibiotics cleared it up and I continued attending the treatment room to have the wound checked. The nurses weren't dressing it, I was just wearing a pad to absorb any leakage.

About 3 weeks after the op, the nurses noticed some over-granulation at the top of the wound. So they applied some lyo-foam dressing and gave me some away to apply myself. Don't know about anyone else, but it's easier said than done applying the dressings properly in that area!

Anyway, I was back there last Monday and was told the over-granulation had settled, but there was just one tiny area of the wound (further down) which hadn't quite healed, so I was given cuti-plast dressings, told I no longer needed the lyo foam and that I didn't need to keep going to the treatment room as I had an appt with my surgeon (which is later this week). I was really happy with how it was healing and felt great. I even did some light running for the first time.

However, 5 days later, the wound was becoming painful again so I went to the treatment room and they didn't seem to be sure if it is over granulating or a localised infection. They've given me more lyo-foam and I'm seeing my surgeon on Wed.

I've found it frustrating that I can't [b:14c079db4d]see[/b:14c079db4d] the wound. I asked my wife to take a pic of it and was alarmed to see that I appear to have skin going straight across the crack of my bum, kind of like a bridge. So it looks like there is a hole (that sweat or whatever could gather in), then skin, then the rest of my bum crack.

I'm not sure what to make if this. Is this the over-granulation?

Thanks for any advice and good luck to anyone having this done soon smile


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    Just wanted to say...I've just read a few more posts on here and feel that I'm maybe making a mountain out of a molehill when I read some people's experiences :oops: ...I'm getting frustrated and it's only 6 weeks since my op...and it's only my first (and hopefully last). Whereas some other poor folk sound like they've had a terrible time in comparison...sorry!...and all the best to everybody!
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    Dont say sorry :D ,

    yes some people have terrible experiences but it does not make this condition less traumatic even in its mildest forms due to the affect it has on your everyday life, everyone has different experiences and they are just as frightening to everyone.

    I know people who get very few attacks in their life and are still marred by this problem due to the embarasment, the stress it put on home life and work when it arrises.

    By the sounds of it you have had a really hard time after this op, granulation is not something i have experienced personally but get back to that surgeon (Was it a plastics surgoen?) and ask his advice. Dont fee you are bothering them, if in doubt get to your GP or surgoen.

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    Hi to anyone concerned over this. I don't undserstand why surgeons are still trying to close these types of wound. I had mine done in 1994. It was left open and I had to have a daily clean and packing change. This was painful in the early stages but soon got better as the 'hole' reduced in size. I was off work for 5 weeks (Nurses said it was the largest the had seen - I'm male by the way).

    The good news is that it has never come back - I'm very dilligent about the cleanliness and dead hair removal from that area. Best option is not to sit on it until its 100% healed and all tenderness is gone. Don't rush back to work - give it time.

    After i had the op I found that one person at work and an old friend had both had the 'closure' version and both of them had to have repeat operations. My limited advice is to talk this through with your consultant first.

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    Johnny - it doesn't matter if it's mountain OR molehills, that is subjective and if it is distressisnsg you and causing you concern that's good enough. Yes this does seem a but of a nightmare disease for some, however your comments about a \"bridge\" effect struck o chord, as the surgeon told us he had tried to flap the skin across the crease as it were, and \"flatten\" that area slightly as it is supposed to help stop debris collecting( can't see the effect yet as the dressing is still on), though it sounds as if the effect you have is bit different. I find the subject of granulation interesting as well because my mother in law currently has leg ulcers and I was dressing them and was very concerned at the amount of granulation, but was told you can't have too much - isn't it strange how differnt rules apply to different wounds, that combined with an apparent lack of knowledge fron a lot of people out there really doesn't help us much. Thank heaven for this site and others to chat with.

    I hope you are fully recovered soon.

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    Have to say that i had a \"bridge\" forming on my wound - had to go in the following week for another operation as it was the bodys way of healing on the outside before the wound on the inside had healed - and if it had carried on healing on the outside then i'd have been left with yet another cavity!!! These things are a nightmare but you have to stand your ground and not be fobbed off. For months i was seeing the specialist (after having had 2 ops) and being told that these things just take time - absoloute rubbish - they only take time if there's something not right with the healing process. I had my sinus for a total of 2 and a half years - and the wound had never healed up once! When having surgery for the 3rd time, i held up the operating theatre as i refused to have the op by anyone else other than my consultant (he was held up on the way to the hospital!) After the op he'd said the actual sinus had tracked right back during the last 2 years as it hadn't been touched by the previous surgeries!!! That's when i had the bridging a couple of weeks later and ended up having another op. After yet more time off work and still no sign of healing (and daily visits from the district nurses) i was completely at the end of my tether and fed up of bursting into tears at the slightest thing - i got referred to the wound clinic (world renowned) who gave me strong antibiotics (augmentin 625 mg and dressed the wound with inadine dressings and rolls of gauze!) I had the over granulation burnt off with nitrogen (think thats what it was) and by the time i had my next appointment 2 weeks later, my wound was completely healed!!!! The nurse there couldn't believe it - neither could i! - after all this time it took 2 weeks of specialist knowledge and i was dressing free - after 2 1/2 years!! Am now looking forward to the new year without any pending surgery! The moral is - don't be fobbed off - stand your ground and demand to be seen by specialists!!! You will get there and believe me, it's fantastic when its completely sorted out!!!! Good luck!
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    I'd just like to quickly add that I had my 1st PNS carved up in January 07 and it seemed to heal really quickly without any help but it has now reoccured in the last month.

    I also have the \"bridge\" scare which I thought was odd right from the start but was constantly reassured was normal.

    I'd like to know where your \"world renowned\" wound clinic is, is it East Grinstead?

    Also, with the wonders of plastic surgery and reconstruction these days, why the hell is there no kind of organic packing that can be used to fill the void during surgery that simply becomes part of your body.

    To be honest, if a breast augmentation surgeon wanted to stick a small silicon boob enhancing bag in my butt I'd say go for it, its all cleavage to me. :lol:

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