stomach cramps,discomfort,bloating,bowel changes?

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3 weeks ago i was sat in a lecture at uni and started shaking a little bit and sweating, i felt very faint and my stomach was going crazy. i had to walk out.

since then i have had approx 2 weeks of not knowing when ill need the toilet, with a mixture of diarrear and constipation symptoms, combined with stomach cramps and a general loss of appetite.

its now been 3 weeks and i am having more bloating symptoms and a still a loss of appetite as well as a dull discomfort in my belly quite centrally around the belly button area as we all as tingling sensation in my lower left stomach, im also struggling to pass wind normally. i also feel a lack of energy and lack of concentration or a bit out of it/not myself

I went to the doctors a week ago and he said it could b IBS and gave me colofac to try, which hasnt really helped for a week.

can anyone help with what may be up? as the symptoms have changed but im still not my self. 


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    The Dr. May give you something to comfort you, but you need to get to the root of it. The only success I have had is with my Natureopath.  Sometimes dairy or glutens can do that.  Maybe try just eating broth with vegetables in it for a week or so.  It's o.k. to change doctors. Find one that can help you. Ask around for references.  Check out the GAP diet. It's a quick healer for your gut. 

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      Thanks GayleAn

      Do you think the change in symptoms could be down to food reasons?

      I've read lactose intolerance can develop after stomach problems matching symptoms I had although I'm sceptical as there's not a family history of it.


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    Hello tyler,

    If your GP feels you have IBS then you have to listen because because they have your medical notes and know what medicines you may or may not be taking.

    I have IBS and type 2 diabetes so I can tell you what it is like for me.

    I was diagnosed after a colonoscopy 4 X rays and a CT scan. The had to be sure it was nothing else.

    I find I can control it with diet, exercise and stress management. Stress management is my weak area.

    For me I have to avoid wheat, rye, dairy products, citrus fruits, coffee, fats and oils, alcohol and fizzy drinks. For some reason anything acidic or spicy also causes me problems. I drink lots of water and try to take in probiotics each day.

    This must sound very boring to a young university student, the problem is I must tell it as I find works for me.

    The medications I have tried are colpermin which is peppermint oil in a gastroresistant capsule and two anti-spasmotic drugs called buscopan and mebeverine. The only one which worked for me is buscopan.

    We are all different and symptoms can vary enormously with IBS.

    Probably the best advice I can give you is to keep a diary of what you eat and drink and then see if there is any pattern that you can see. GP's love this sort of stuff so next time you see them show them what you have discovered.

    Hope this helps you in some way

    Wishing you a Happy Christmas


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      Hi Robert thanks for that.

      I must just point out that my university doctor has my notes and I'm currently at home for Christmas so my old gp which I went to see didn't actually have my notes and encouraged me to see my uni doctor as he has my records however I'm not back there for another 2 weeks. 

      This might be why he said he suspects it's IBS but in truth he seemed like he was trying to palm me off  

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    KT47 Hi some one else on this sight had similar problems as yourself but sorry can't remember who my advise is go back to your GP and insist he /she checks you out properly. My problems have been on going for over 12 months now and don't seem to be improving because I've already had an endoscopy and two biopsis which were clear apart from some inflammation my doctor just puts it down to Lupus which I was diagnosed with in 1998. I hope you soon get sorted. Good luck
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    Hello again tyler,

    KT47 does have a point, never be rude to your GP but you must be firm and request that they take another look at you. List all your symptoms on a sheet of paper and present this to them when they call you in for your appointment. If you are still not happy you can always ask to see another GP. I have done this twice, the second time they realised I had problems and I was sent to hospital right away.

    Remember, you always have options.


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