Stomach discomfort for month and month

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some advise,maybe similar problem and how falk did u manage to sort it out ?

a m 39, have been suffering from indigestion for years ,come and go

had an endoscopy a good few years ago ,told me my stomach muscular ring,spinster , is week and let's acid back up ,nothing else was done.

so few years with some pennies and gaviscon kind of coped

well now ,4 month I m in pain and discomfort every day.

GP done h-pylari test - POSITIVE.

I know not the beat ,bet I was relieved.

so week of antibiotics completed,and NO RESOLTs

constantly got pressu re between my breast bone ,feels like somebody standing on me , feel like burning all the time , sometimes a bit of pain more to the left side under the ribs. bloated ,feels like balloon inflated in my stomach

so after antibiotics,my gp was deferment infection gone , well as my symptoms persisted ,I did demand another test.

and guess what - h -pylari is still here

so that another lot of antibiotics , now I need to wait for a few weeks ,before can do another test:(

the sad ans scary thing is I m still in discomfort, pretty much every day , I m so fed up of it , makes me depressed and worried .

I havent lost any weight.i m hungry and eating fine

just hope to hear some advise people please !

help ! want my life back

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    I believe h pylori would keep showing postive even if it has cleared for some time. Have you made any changes to your lifestyle. smoking, caffeine, colas should be avoided. raising the head of your bed i have bought some furniture raisers and wedged pillow. Taking propbiotics will really help things. I have been on very plain diet since last October and has helped my quite alot. im still waiting for an endoscopy. Hope this helps.

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      thank you so much for reply

      I dont smoke ,never have

      dont drink cola,well not often

      I m so fed up ,4 month of this horrible feeling

      see what second test shows

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    All you can do is to wait for another retest and results; take it from there. H pylori can be hard to get rid of and the antibiotics can also leave side effects behind. Sometimes, gastritis can follow h pylori.I have a weak oesophageal sphincter too which causes chronic reflux. I am having a bad bout off it just now following a cold. Milk and antacid help to manage it.

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      thank you Pippa

      I so horrible, spoils every day ,effects all my family,as they can see I m not right

      got another week or so un till I can get h-pylari test again and will take from there

      just so so scared:(

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      Try not to:worry because anxiety aggravates the gut and will not give you answers any quicker. Look at it positively. If your test shows h pylori again, you will be given antibiotics again to try and clear it up. Take yoghurt along with the antibiotics to keep your gut flora in balance.

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      well ,doctor said if it dosnt clear up this time ,it will be endoscopy 😦

      I know stress and worries makes it worse, cant help it ,scared so much

      thank you for your support

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      To check for h pylori, you can also ask for a stool test, breath test or blood test instead of an endoscopy. Endoscopies can be traumatic and can cause side effects.

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    today I felt ok ish ,and about 5 o'clock middle of my chest started to hurt,in a middle of my upper stomach ,just between ribs feels like somebody tied the not inside of me and squeezing very tight 😦

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      hi not sure if this will help you, but i have the same feeing and i had endoscopy done..results show h pylori negative.we are bow in the middle of this virus and i have been home so i havent been eating well. and i have fhe same exact pain as you. i feel someone punched me right in the middle of my uppser stomach. so i am lettibg it ride.

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    you should do the endoscopy, nothing to write home about, they knock you out instantly and you will not feel a thing, wake up in recovery and go home with your companion. you should have a better idea after the scope

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    third stool sample handed in 😦

    should see if h pylari gone ?

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      h pilary gone , thanks god for that

      guess what stomach is still bothering me , big time

      indigestion 90% gone

      still pressure in the middle , right between my ribs

      left side stomach feels swallen , like somthing inflamed inside there

      lot of gas too , not every day but often

      all of this dose get better for 2 days max and then back again for 4-5 days

      I m fed up

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    not sure if anyone still reading this ,

    after hpylari treated successfully .

    I m still in pain 😦

    cant cope no more

    called GP over phone consultation

    10 min after ,he said time is up 😦

    prescribed 30 days of 30mh omeprazole , detergent its health anxiety and GERD .

    i told him i havent been pain or discomfort free for 8 month, pain under my rib cage ,pressure

    now I n worried about it so much - my shoulders so tense , pain all a way down my neck , feels like lump in my throat

    I m so so fed up guys

    hope you all sorted

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