Stomach Issues, Burping, General Discomfort for Months

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Hey everyone, sorry for another one of these posts, I'm at my wits end with this...thing that I have been dealing with. For reference I'm in my mid 20s, male, no history of any abdominal issues in family.

So January 2016 comes along and I start getting headaches and feelings general unwellness. A few months pass, and I start getting intense abdominal pains. I start freaking out and go to the doctor to get a CT scan on my abdomen. Results came back and no sign of anything, maybe slight constipation.

Time passes and I continue having issues with my gut. When I go to the bathroom, every stool is small and pebble-like (tmi I know) and I always get the feeling of incomplete stools. I start to get pain right underneath both of my shoulders, right chest area, that sometimes radiates to my back. It's odd, but it seems my bones are more "crackable" and I feel like I'm always cracking them.

I burp A LOT. It is so uncomfortable, it seems to be worse after I eat but it is essential to relieve the discomfort in my abdomen. Abdomen pain is primarily around the navel area. Recently, I keep waking up and having sore/burning throats and it's like there is something trapped in the back of my throat (mucus?).

I've been to multiple doctors, one gastro, had multiple scans and they haven't found much. CT scan on abdomen: nothing but a little constipation. CT on the head: nothing. No sign of gall bladder issues, doesn't appear to be pain in the area of hiatal hernia, a slight slight slight milk allergy (doctor said on a scale from 0-5, mine is between a 0 and 1), doctors are at all loss it seems like.

They've given me probiotics which didn't seem to help, I've taken PPIs (Omeprazole) and they didn't seem to help too much. Tbh, I'm scared of PPIs sinnce I read they have long term negative effects. They said I might be depressed and that doesn't seem to help or line up with what I have. Anxiety is likely a small factor, but I don't think it's the main cause. It's the fact that this has been happening for so long that I freak myself out that I am going to die! I'm so scared of that, it certainly is a bad loop.

Please, do these symptoms sound familiar at all to anyone? I'm at my wit's end, I can't live in this state of discomfort more! I feel like I am not the same person.

TLDR Summary:


-Abdominal Discomfort (Mostly around the navel area)

-Burping a lot, seems to happen more after dinner

-Small stools, incomplete feeling after going

-Burning in back of throat, sore throats

-Mucus or something in back, feels like I can't swallow easily

-Cracking bones, especially shoulder and shoulder blades


Things Tried:

-PPI (Omeprazole)


-Went off dairy for a bit, didn't notice anything too different

-Vitamin D pills to get me to a normal level

-I'll edit if I think of something else, I might be forgetting something

Also, as a P.S. why is healthcare so darn expensive? I've spent thousands of dollars of money I don't have just trying to figure this out. Ugh, someone please.

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    Has IBS been mentioned at all? IBS can be diagnosed with everything else is negative.

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      It has come up, but they haven't sounded sure about it. Mostly just say "eat better" and "stop feeling anxious."

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      'Eat better and stop feeling anxious' is often advice given to IBS patients. Keep going back to your doctor and push for a firm diagnosis.

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    Do you also experience nausea and dizziness?

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      Yes! Well, yes to the nausea part. I don't notice too much dizziness. Nausea I feel quite a bit, especially in the morning.

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      I FEeL NauSeas all the time dr said i have sinusitis But im scared i dont wana die in this young age 😭

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      Is that what is causing the nausea did he say? If not, go back and try and get answers. It could be anxiety. Don't worry you won't die from nausea. Hope you get help and feel better soon.

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      I feel you Omen 😭 I have allergic rhinitis. Do you also experience dizziness and left arm pain?

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    Hi. I was diagnoised with gerd, and gastritis last year had many symptoms that you would say was IBS. As a matter of fact, my dr added IBS when no improvement and i kept complaining. But, a few months ago I found out that all my symptoms are really coming from a parasitic infection. Yes!

    Look it up, may be something to consider testing for but be aware a one time stool test is useless.

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      Was it H. Pylori? How did you find it? I've had a stool test done and they didn't find anything of course...

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    A lot of your symptons sound like IBS to me. Has your doc suggested this? There is medication for this and relaxation and exercise help and seeing what foods trigger it. As for your healthcare issues, I am from England so get free healthcare.

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