Stomach issues going on for almost a month!

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Hello all,

Im writing in hoping for some insight on my issue please. About a month ago (Feb 15), I started feeling off in my stomach region. However, it wasn't the typical stomach ache that you get when you eat something bad and you have diarrhea for a day or two and then you're back to normal. What I have is something different and quite frankly, I've never felt this before. Im not entirely sure but on the 15th of Feb, I had a hamburger and some fries and I haven't been the same since. My symptoms are as follows:

-Bloating (Sometimes even when I don't eat but I get noticeable bloated when I eat even a small meal)



-Loss of appetite. I can go a day without eating it feels like. As a result, I've lost 10lbs total. 

-I hear my upper abdomen making noises. When I press down on it, it seems like the gas dissipates/travels. 

My doc made me provide stool samples (3 day stool test) to test for H.Pylori but it came back negative. Lab also mentioned they did not find any other parasites etc. in my stool. 

Could anybody shed some light on what this could be? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Ive had this for almost 4 weeks now and I haven't been the same. I actually kind of forgot what it feels like to be hungry. I greatly appreciate everybody's time!

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    I have the same symptoms and just finished a stomach emptying test that came out normal. I go between ocasional constipation and diarrhea. I have a cat scan coming up on my colon as well as a colonoscopy. After I eat something, my belly gurgles and gurgles I also notice that when I eat greasy food or raw vegetables, I get diarrhea. I would recommend seeing a gastro doctor. I started my symptoms the first of January and my primary doctor thinks it is nerves. I hate Winter and do have a tendency to be slightly depressed. I also babysit a 2 year old 5 days a week. Alot of stress in my life. I also had a fecal test and it came back negative. So I am also looking for answers.   I too have lost 10 lbs since the first of January. That worries me more than anything.

    I hope that you also find answers it can be very worrisome.

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    Do you get change of bowel habit and shifting abdominal pain?  If you do, it might be IBS. Keep seeing your doctor.
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      Hi Pippa,

      IBS has not been mentioned by my doctor as of yet. The only thing he mentioned was the possibility of H.Pylori prior to getting my results (which turned out to be negative). 

      I do have changes in bowels. I notice that bowels sometimes are harder and sometimes are softer. Abdominal pain seems to be towards the top of my abdomen. 

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      If the pain moves about your abdomen and you get temporary relief of pain after a bowel movement, it could be IBS.
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      Hi Pippa,

      Thank you for the reply. After a bowel movement, the dull "offness" feeling in the upper abdomen remains. I also forgot to mention in my first post that I fortunately do not have any stress whatsoever. I read a lot of these stomach/GI tract issue can be caused by stress. Im currently stress free and have been for quite some time. So we can rule out stress as a cause for what I am experiencing. 

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      Have you tried a food diary to see if food is the problem?  I had three and a half months of symptoms before I was diagnosed with IBS.
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      I have not. Any idea on how to go about creating something like that? Thanks for all your help.
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      Write down the day/date and time you ate and note down the food you had and any reactions you had to it.  Record how long it took for the reaction to appear such as a few minutes or an hour after eating that psrticular food.
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    i too have the problems that you have mentioned. Initially i was suffering with lot of bloating/burping on the left side of the stomach, but after some time , i started getting pain after having fatty foods. Checked the gallbladder through hida scan and its not functioning. Also the endoscopy results came gastritis. So i got both gastritis and non functioning gallbladder, not sure removing gb will solve the problem or not. i suffer with heavy burping (I burp atleat 200 to 300 burps a day)

    dont waste time check for H pyroli and other blood work. Hida scan for gb function and ultrasound for stones.

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    I haven't posted in here for quite some time due to the fact that my problems just all of a sudden magically disappeared around March 18 (about a month and a few days after the problems started!). For the last half of March, I felt like a normal person. Regular hunger returned (I missed the feeling of hunger/starvation believe it or not), no more belching and flatulence, no more bloating, etc. However, the issues have returned April 2!! Towards the end of March when I felt perfectly fine, I started eating a bunch of food completely neglecting the fact that I had this condition for a month and some prior. I started to eat candy and just other junk that is just not good for you. As a result, all of the following symptoms have returned:

    -Bloating. Especially after I eat



    -Loss of appetite

    -Loss of weight. 11lbs

    -I feel extremely full after meals. Even small ones.

    -Upper abdomen making noises. Seems like everything stemming from upper abdomen. Upper abdomen creating the gas. Upper abdomen inflamed and hurts when press on it.

    -Bad breath

    -Constipation here and there

    -Thankfully, I am not experiencing nausea/vomiting

    -Thankfully, I am not experiencing diarrhea 

    Furthermore, Im supplementing with the following but not entirely sure if I should be as I still don't know the definite diagnosis: 

    -Vitamin C

    -Omega 3

    -Mastic Gum (As I thought I had H.pylori but my stool tests were negative)

    -DGL (As I thought I had H.pylori but my stool tests were negative)

    -Digestive Enzymes


    -HCL with Pepsin (As I thought maybe I have low stomach acid and my stomach is not able to break down food?)

    Lastly, after doing some research, I have collected a healthy list of broad diagnoses to go off of:



    -GERD (acid reflux)


    -Celiac Disease 

    -Crohn's Disease 

    -Ulcerative colitis

    -Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)



    -Low Stomach Acid


    -Peptic Ulcers

    -Stomach Cancer

    -Food Intolerance

    I think the above is a nice list to start eliminating from. I messaged my primary care physician yesterday asking to be referred to a gastroenterologist and so I am awaiting his reply. I'll be sure to report back here with anything else that I come across. 

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      Seems like big wish listsmile but endoscopy will cover ulcer, gastritis,celiac and hida scan and ultrasound will cover gallbladder. If you are doing endoscopy,better do colonoscopy at same time to cover crohs, diverticulitis.since you are talking about upper abdomen I guess it's a non working gb or stones.

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    how r u now. exact same issues with me. it had gone back but has reappered. my endoscopy is due. USG normal. blood tests okay. H. pylori yet to do. how are u now. wat was ur diagnosis after endoscopy.

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