Stomach issues lasting some 3 months, could it be colon cancer?

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Firstly I'd like to say that I'm a 28 year old male and had an all clear negative colonoscopy 9 and a half years ago when I was 19. The reason I had this colonoscopy was because of blood in my stool from around the age of 15.

Around Oct 25th I began noticing what I would describe as small spasms in my stomach, and I have literally felt them all over my stomach area, currently I have a small twitching feeling in my lower left abdomen right at the belt line. I can feel it especially when I'm walking, sometimes I will have a gassy build up in my stomach while laying in bed and feel like I need to pass gas but I'm unable to, I've pretty consistently had 1 to 2 bowel movements this entire time. There have been periods during this time where I've had little to no symptoms and periods where I'll get the stomach spasms and bloating/gas. As I mentioned this all came on rather suddenly one day.

If I have developed IBS or an intolerance it literally came on out of no where.. is this possible?

also my other question would be since I had an all clear colonoscopy is it possible for a polyp to form, and then turn into cancer in a 9 and a half year period? I have literally worried myself SICK over this, and read countless articles and stories of individuals signs of colon cancer.

My doctor believed it to be IBS, at which point I demanded a colonoscopy but it is still weeks away at this point. Any opinions?

thank you & bless you

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    Hello brian45255,

    If you have a stomach issue from last 3 moths then it's not necessary that you have to colon cancer.Yoy have to cnsult your doctor about stomach pain.It should be Chronic abdominal pain that is present for more than 3 months. It may be present all the time (chronic) or come and go (recurring). Chronic abdominal pain usually occurs in children beginning after age 5 years. About 10 to 15% of children aged 5 to 16 years, particularly those aged 8 to 12 years, have chronic or recurring abdominal pain. It is somewhat more common among girls. About 2% of adults, mainly women, have chronic abdominal pain.So you have to consult your physician for stomach problem then you have to sure about your disease.

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    My advise would be "Stop reading articles on google". Instead only talk and consult with trusted doctors you have in contact, or at least stop researching health related issues by yourself. Google approach is not good for health related issues. As 99% of times it will give you anxiety and worries, sometimes without any good reason. This is even worse when you have got problems with heart, blood pressure, headache and stomach issues. It will make you sleepless at nights worsening your condition, otherwise could be easily treatable with medicines, and fully known cure.

    1. Majority people post their stories when they suffer, but not when they get successful treatment. So it looks like 99% people are suffering with an untreatable disease
    2. Text format is not a good way of discussion especially for serious health issues. Sometimes people are not able to explain correctly that looks like a problem is very serious, some people exaggerate a lot, and some people simply make horror stories out of nothing.
    3. If you are not careful, you must be reading through content which is 99% baseless , garbage and full of rumours with no facts.
    4. 99% people complain. Majority people won't accept in written that something solved their problem.
    5. There are multimillion dollar companies having blogs on google, to terrify you of your symptoms so that you can contact them, buy their expensive medicines and go through their expensive tests.
    6. Even if you have got a scratch on your finger, you will find thousand articles telling you it as an untreatable, infectious , contagious disease that will lead to cancer.

    So what is google good for?

    Google can be very good solution for

    1. Asking patients who had gone through similar symptoms, their experience and the solution they found for the problem.
    2. Asking or researching about various medicines, life-style, exercises, yoga etc that can cure the problem.
    3. Looking through market places , reviews about particular medicine etc.

    For your information, I got stomach issues and suffered for a long time. I suffered through severe anxiety because of similar approach of yours of using google. 😃

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    Your symptoms sound very much like IBS which can be constant or come and go. My first flare lasted three and a half months before it was identified as IBS. The symptoms came on very suddenly; one day I was fine and the next I woke up with raging abdominal pain. I also experienced twitching sensations in my abdomen. My doctor told me that the six months of stress I had gone through prior to this had triggered my IBS. Food intolerance can go along with it and worrying will make symptoms worse. Accept your doctor's diagnosis and try to stay as calm as possible.

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    It is agreed that after almost 10 years and at your age another colonoscopy is due. In the meantime you can try to relieve your gas pains with simethecone anti-gas tablets.

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    probably not colon cancer. The stress and worries will make your body do all kinds of things and hurt in different ways, specially your stomach

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