Stomach issues ongoing for over 3 year!!

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Hi I'm new here an would like advice or suggestions please. I started with nausea just over 3 year ago. I never went to the docs for approx 4/5 month as it didn't affect me too much. Over the next approx 12 month i had about 7 blood test all came back negative. Off the top of my head I got tested for Thyroid. Celiac. Diabetes. Few other things I can't remember. In among all this I started getting intermittent abdominal pains which would vary from left to right upper to lower. Never specifically in same place. Burning feeling. Intermittent nausea sometimes to the point I couldn't eat much if anything at all. Got put on lansaparazole for 3 month (without a diagnosis of anything) these didn't help so came off them. Almost 2 years on from the start of all this I started with weakness and extreme tiredness. I had a blood test for b12 which apparently showed I was low and was told by GP I needed b12 injections. Had loading up injection's 1 per week for 6 week which didn't help. Stopped them. Then told by another GP I didn't need them to start with. I've done a stool sample approx 1 year ago to check for crohns disease which came back normal. I lost 2an half stone in about 4 month and im only tiny anyway... no red flags said the doctors. I'm in and out of pain weakness nauseousness. Sometimes feel on my worst days my speech doesn't work with my brain if that makes sense. Im really struggling to have any kind of life I have 2 young children. Doctors don't seem to be taking me seriously enough. I've recently had a CT scan which came back normal. I can't cope much longer. Any advice/suggestions would be much appreciated. Thank you x

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    Just to add I got tested for helicobactor pylori by way of blood test which came back negative. I also get bloating sometimes and occasional headaches which I've never really suffered with before. Lower back pain occasionally. Forgot to mention.... 2 week ago I noticed a lump in left armpit. Quite hard and moveable. No swelling pain or redness. Waiting for an app with doctor to check on this.

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    So sorry you're going through this. How old are you? Could it be any chance that this could be hormonal?

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    Also have you been to a gastro dr.? All of your symptons sound very familiar to me, especially the b12 deficiency. I had the same problem and later found out the PPI will sometimes decrease nutrients especially b12.

    You may want to see a specialist and get further testing done, such as an Endoscope.

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    Your stomach problems could be IBS if everything comes back normal.. How long have you had the lump under your armpit? Sometimes they can be infected lymph glands which can sometimes appear during the menstrual cycle.and then they disappear again.  I have had this. However, you are doing the right thing to get it checked out if the lump is not clearing up.
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    Thanks for your replies. Im 28 so I'm doubting it's hormonal although anything is possible I suppose. I got sent to a gastro specialist in November last year ( my go referred me for a capsule endoscopy... nearest hospital for this 100 mile away) got there to be told they don't do it an I was just there for a chat. Basically nothing was done an I was sent home with amitryptyline because 'this was all in my head and them tablets will also help with pain' took them for 4 month an still no better. Came off them in march. Totally fed up of going back and forward and made to feel like I'm going mad. I know my body. I know something is wrong.

    The lump in my armpit has been there just over 2 week. It does seem to be getting bigger slightly. I've had no illnesses to point to possible swollen lymphs etc apart from the usual stuff that's been going on 3 year.

    I know everybody's different but I have 3 close friends with IBS and my symptoms are nothing like their's although I won't totally pass this off. Doctors have never mentioned this before though.

    Apart from an endoscope which I'm still awaiting an appointment.. is there any other tests or thing's to look into? Thanks again x

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    Dear Cheryl,

                           I have no medical knowledge or culture of any kind . I honestly thought I was healthy until three years ago my kidneys failed. I was in hospital for more than two months. Eventually on dialysis. When I finally got sent to a Specialist he asked the question "Why did you not ask to see a specialist"? I obviously thought that walking into a G.P. would help ...... it didn't. The test papers for protein cost less than 1p ! Never had one in my whole life. Must have been to G.Ps. hundreds of times. Specialist said,I have carried this condition my whole life. 

    What you have added concerning the armpit might just be lymph nodes, just indicates a cold or infection. 

    Treat yourself gently, lots of sleep and rest, simple diet and try not to panic. Get the best tests you can and don't worry it's getting the diagnosis that is so difficult.

                                           Regards, Ex 

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    Thanks for your reply. Sorry you had to go through that.

    With regards doctors I think we put our life in their hands sometimes an when we don't get answers it makes things a whole lot worse. I'm struggling because I can barely look after myself let alone my 2 kids. They are only 5 & 4.

    They are missing out on a lot because I'm not well.

    With regards the lump in my armpit I haven't been unwell with a cold or anything else other than what I'm posting about but I am waiting on app with doctors but where I live an app is like gold dust!

    I sometimes think it's ulcer related but I haven't had an endoscopy yet as I'm waiting for the referral to go through.

    I haven't had an colonoscopy either as doctors said this probably isn't necessary.

    I would just like some answers so I can at least be treat or medicated and get on with my life.

    Thanks again x

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      My IBS was different from my brother's so I didn't recognise my symptoms.  It took eight doctor visits to several doctors and a string of negative tests over three and a half months before I got diagnosed.  The other health problems you have may have brought on the swollen lymph nodes.

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    I really dont think it's IBS as it's more upper abdominal and I don't seem to have any bowel issues.

    Although I won't rule this out altogether.

    Also as I said in earlier post I seem to have speech and coordination problems on my really bad days along with the weakness.

    Still awaiting endoscopy appointment.

    Not sure what other tests or anything I should push for.

    Thanks x

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      Do you have widespread muscle and joint pain as well as the stomach pain, fatigue and speech and coordination problems? If so, ask your doctor about Fibromyaglia which is hard to diagnose.
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      I'd class it as muscle weakness but it is strange as it seems to start off in one arm then spread's to the other an then into my legs or could start off in legs then work it's way up.

      I've heard of fibromyalgia but I've never thought that it could be a possibility so thanks for highlighting that.

      I will ask when I'm next at the doctors. Thank u x

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