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I’m 16 For a few months I’ve been having stomach issues such as bloating all the time,my stomach making these awful noises, my stomach constantly feels heavy/tight and as if there’s pressure against it,cramping and sometimes,also wind,having a lethargic feeling and bouts of constipation and struggling to go.

It causes me a lot of discomfort and it’s making me so miserable and terrified. 

Also in the past few weeks I’ve been needing to pee often however nothing happens or I only pee a little bit and it’s every 10 minutes or when I drink water and I’m worried my kidneys are going to shut down.

I’ve always been told I have a nervous tummy and anxiety and I’m a really worryer especially to do with my health evan though I’ve never been really really ill (my father recently past away from cancer) so all of this isn’t helping either. I went to the doctor and I’m getting a blood test but that’s not for a few weeks but I’m really not coping! I’m terrified something is really wrong and I have a massive fear of being put to sleep for operations and cancer/illnesses.

I probably have missed some symptoms but it’s so hard to explain but I can’t get up in the morning because it’s making me so worried and stressed and to finish I have important exams coming up soon and I can’t focus on anything but this and while I haven’t been diagnosed by my doctor my counsellor thinks I have depression and PTSD.

Any help would be great smile 


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    I have been in this forum for 5 months now. I have gastritis and gallstones and non working gb earlier. I have severe bloating and burping every day with bland diet. I have all the symtoms mentioned by you also to urinate every 10 minutes this especially happens when I have severe indigestion so don't worry on the kidneys. I feel this happens when your stomach gets severely bloated and puts pressure on bladder and you get urge to urinate frequently.

    1. Check HIDA scan for gallbladder function.

    2. Ultrasound for gallstones

    3. Endoscopy for gastritis and ulcer

    Do above diagnosis quickly to rule out.

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      Your symptoms sound really painful where I’ve had no pain at all apart from slight cramps occasionally it’s mainly just discomfort but thank you smile
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      During my intial days I don't have any pain , I was suffering with bloating.. if you are digestion is very bad.. better to do the test sooner instead of prolonging it.

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    Hi Lucy

    Im new on here

    You sound like me lol😊

    Ive had some kind of stomach issue for 3 months.

    I saw my doctor about 4 times before he gave me Omeprazole.

    Ive been examined just basic examination were they feel around your gut etc.

    For me it was a constant queasy feeling (thats the only way to explain it)

    I worry alot also looking a s**t on net that makes me even more stressed out.

    My pooing was 2-3 aday depending on what i ate.

    I did get like cramping kinda around the bottom corner of guts.

    Sometimes i would be getting for a week then it comes back.

    I have woke up a few times with my heart raceing and kinda like a quiver on left side.

    I also noticed twitches under my eye and hand😕

    Saying all this i am getting better i found drinking water

    Going for a walk ( i used to have a hot water bottle on guts, but not any more)

    Ginger nuts


    Hot bath so u submerge stomach

    Hot water bottle

    And meditation for my anxiety

    I feel better but still get the odd twinge and i still got another 5 days of omeprazole to take anyway.

    U may have IBS or an acidy stomach through worry and stress.

    Both can be checked with doctor first

    Hope this helps

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      Thank you! I hate going to the doctors but I went the other day but I have to have this blood test and it’s ages awaysad everything I seem to eat sends my stomach wild but I do love hot baths!
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    Hi lucy43198

    Urinating often can be due to a kidney infection or a bladder problem. If a kidney infection you would be presenting with abdominal pain. You say you feel you want to urinate often but when you go you don't urinate much this could also indicate an obstruction. You should have a urine dip and be referred to a Urologist for tests....

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    Sounds like IBS with the change of bowel habit, cramping, wind and frequent urination which can also be a symptom of IBS. This fits in with your doctor saying you have a nervous tummy which was the old name for Irritable bowel.  Anxiety goes with it, particularly health anxiety.

    Get a urine test to rule out UTIs when you see your doctor.  When my IBS started, I thought I had a urinary tract infection although I wasn’t running to the loo.  The test was negative when I got a sample analysed by my doctor.

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      I went back o the doctors and did a urine test and it came back normal, the doctor said I was fine but may have ibs. Howvwer im still struggling to urinate and I've tried to relax but I'm so stressed and want it to stop sad I'm getting blood test in a few weeks though.

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      Sometimes when I have been very stressed, I struggle to urinate.  The more you stress, the worse your symptoms will get.  This is very typical of IBS.  If all your tests are negative, IBS can be diagnosed.

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