Stomach pain - over a decade long - yikes!

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Hello hello, Male, 25, US, 190lbs, 5'11", white

So beginning around 2005 I have had a "stomach episode" on average once a year, some years not having a problem, probably about 8-10 "stomach episodes" since '05. The pain is really all over the entire abdomen. I am a hypochondriac who has NOT googled anything regarding this, thank GOD.

In middle school and high school, my GI doctor chalked it up to a stomach migraine caused by nitrates in processed food, such as pork. I asked my mom yesterday and she said they determined that from a barium drink/X-ray test, to my recollection in '07-'08.

So I've had this happen since then. Ended up in the ER maybe 3 or 4 times, most recently two weeks ago. I started on a Saturday afternoon, subsided that evening and came back that night until 2:30 a.m. That Sunday was fine, and it came back Monday night and I decided to hit up the ER. ER said blood work was fine. They referred me to a GI.

I saw the GI yesterday. He recommended a colonoscopy and endoscopy, so I am having that in two weeks. He said because this has been going on so long he doesn't suspect cancer (of course any mention of that and my anxiety is through the roof!) He said he was thinking Chrohn's or a narrowing in my intestine that causes food/matter to back up temporarily. ER doctor thought it sounded like an ulcer or something.

No blood in my stool or vomit, have felt fine since my ER visit. Vomiting sometimes makes the pain less I have noticed. I can have a BM about 2-4 times a day. Not usually fully solid, maybe soft is the term to describe, nothing like diarrhea unless I eat a salad because those usually run through me.

Anyone out there experience anything similar? Any suggestions from doctors or anyone? Any follow up questions from anyone?

I am a nervous wreck when it comes to medical things and I am TERRIFIED they'll find cancer, or that my insides or rotting or another catastrophe. I really just need a way to relax and chill. My mom says I'm too young for cancer, dad thinks the colonoscopy and endoscopy are unnecessary, boyfriend (a masters in nursing) is like "welp, it is what it is.."


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    Have the endoscopy and colonoscopy because your GI thinks it is necessary to find the cause. Tests will give you answers. Listen to you doctor who has reassured you that he doesn't suspect cancer because he would not have said that if he thought otherwise. He has told you he suspects Crohns or a narrowing of your intestine . You have also been told ulcers are a possibility. These conditions are not the same as what you are fearing. My brother who is a doctor told me when I was panicking about my abdominal,pain that nasty conditions like cancer tend to show up very, early on in scans. If you did have it, it would have shown up well before now.. Your doctor is the expert. Try to relax because anxiety makes gut problems worse. No blood in your stool is a good sign. Another possibilty is IBS . I have IBS and my pain was all over my abdomen. Some people with IBS have problems digesting raw vegetables in salads. Try a food diary to see what other foods could be upsetting your stomach. Try a painkiller and ask your doctor for an antispasmodic. Conditions like IBS tend to come and go and the pain moves about your abdomen. Does your pain move about. My pain was all over my stomach and it shifted around. Have you had any prior stress?

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      thanks for replying!!!!

      I was prescribed an antispasmodic after my ER visit. The pain was my whole abdomen, like I need to hunch over. Like I mentioned, this usually lasts for just 8 hours a year, and not even every year. I am always stressed.

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      Does the antispasmodic work? If it does, it could be IBS since the pain comes and goes and you are stressed. A stomach migraine is sometimes a term used to describe IBS.

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      As I said the painful episodes last about 8 hours and about once a year. There isnt pain following the episode so the antispasmodic isnt doing anything.

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      Does the antispasmodic work during the episode? It is normal for there to be no pain after the episode with IBS. Are you taking the antispasmodic during the flare up or afterwards? If you are taking it after the episode, when there is no pain, of course it won't work.

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      So in the ER they gave me a shot of antispasmodic. It didn't immediately work, but I was able to eventually get to sleep once I got home at like 2 a.m. They told me to take the antispasmodic pills for 7 days following. I did not follow those instructions because it hasn't hurt since.

      Between you and me Ive been trying to make a flare up occur again lol so I can pinpoint it, take notes, etc. but it HURTS when it happens.

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      If I were you, I would not try to provoke a flare up; I would do everything to prevent it at all costs. Every flare up is different with IBS and it may not be possible to pinpoint it every time and take notes especially when the pain comes on.All your energy will be spent on trying to deal with the pain. I don't try to understand my IBS; it's too much hassle. Don't put yourself through all that torture..

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