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Hello all - I'll try and keep this as short as possible.

For the past 7 months I've suffered with severe stomach pain, which includes bloating and acid. Each time I eat something, within 20 mins to 3 hours I will be sick. If I'm not sick, it causes me diarrhoea but it's actually just the undigested food that appears, not a normal stool. (I hope that makes some sort of sense) 

I have had blood, stool and urine samples they all came back clear. 

(tests for coeliac, crohn's etc etc)

I have had a gastroscopy and endoscopy and apart from signs of gastritis that was clear of any worms or blockage.

I've been prescribed amytriptyline and gabapentin in lieu of each other (this was in January '17) but they don't seem to do anything. I'm tired and dizzy constantly. Omeprezole for the acid are useless as is Gaviscon and alike.

I have changed my diet as I knew beforehand I am sensitive to gluten and dairy so stopped them altogether at the very beginning.

I don't eat 'rubbish' food in general like takeaways and so on, I'm a clean eater. Everything I eat is always prepared freshly but after deducing so much I am more or less living on a cup of rice each day and occasionally watermelon - which either gets thrown up or runs right through me. I try and stay hydrated by drinking water but after so much that also ends up making me sick. It's like a never ending battle between vomit, diarrhoea, constipating and pain. If it's not one it's the other

It has been 7 months almost and I've still not been diagnosed. I honestly feel failed by the system. I've seen 5 different doctors and was told yesterday that "it's okay if I have diarrhoea as long as I eat something." 

7 months of diarrhoea is okay?!?!?!

I can't go out alone as I'm absolutely terrified of fainting without anyone with me, I can barely get around the house due to the low energy and drowsiness. I've been hung up on by out of hours doctors, I've lost nearly 5 stone now and it has left me unable to work. I faint 50% of the week, with the last episode resulting in me losing 2 of my bottom teeth as I hit my mouth off the sink (yaysad

On top of my anxiety and depression I am at an all time low and honestly have lost all hope in ever getting better or ever being able to go outside again. This all happened one month after I graduated from University when I'd just started a new job. I should be enjoying my youth, not miserable with this.

I have trawled through so many forums and health pages and the only thing that ticks every single box is Gastroparesis. Can I mention this to a doctor or will they just think I'm an idiot for running to Google?

No health professionals seem to be listening to me and the last one said it's all in my head. 

You just know when you know your body. You know something isn't right. Why is nobody listening?

Anyone with any help please get in touch. I really need support right now. Thank you.


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    I forgot to add I also had a full stomach ultrasound as well as cervix which also came back clear.
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    Sounds more like IBS with alternating diarrhea and constipation

    How is your diet? 

    Are you eating lot of red meat and less vegetables and fruits. 

    Try some probiotic drinks. 

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      Thanks so much for replying.

      I'm actually vegetarian so I don't eat meat. I chose to not eat meat because it gave me a bad stomach.

      Watery foods seem to help more and the ones with least sugar in. I will try those drinks though thank you

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    If you are passing undigested food, it may point to a food intolerance and especially if you are vomiting as well.  You body may be trying to expel an irritant.  Note down what food produced a vomiting or diarrhoea episode and note what food came back out undigested.  You could ask for a gastric emptying test to rule out gastroparesis.  

    No doctor should tell your symptoms are in your head. I would change your doctor.  We all have googled symptoms because of delays in diagnosis.  However, googling symptoms can cause health anxiety so beware of this too.

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      Thanks for your reply!

      I did think of food intolerance but I eat rice and vegetables once a day sometimes I can't at all because I'm in so much pain or I'm just throwing up. It gets to a point where I'm trying to swallow and it's like there's a hose or something underneath forcing it up. It's a horrid feeling. I can wake up and just get out of bed and it makes me sick.

      Definitely going to start a diary, it's just difficult when my food intake is so minimal at the moment.

      Thanks for your reply! X

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      It could be a particular vegetable or even a fruit that is causing trouble since you mentioned watermelon.  Some people can be fructose intolerant and you could ask you doctor for a test for this.  

      With vegetables it sometimes depends on whether they are raw or how they have been cooked.  My mum couldn't eat cooked or raw celery without vomiting and cucumber gave her hearburn even with the rind removed.  I can take onions cooked but if they are raw, I get heartburn, especially with spring onions.

      Hopefully, you can find an answer.

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      I'm actually allergic to cucumber I might try and stick to one food type a day and see how it goes.

      I had watermelon at the start and it went down fine and was the only thing I was eating for maybe 3 weeks ..but still had diarrhoea. It's so odd and frustrating but yes I'm back in docs in 2 weeks for another review so ill ask for tests! Xx

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      Sounds like you will have to follow a very bland diet but if you can find the cause things should improve.
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    Hi, I have been dealing with much you have spoken about minus the fainting although can't say I have never felt like passing out but have the stomach pains, bloating, dihreaha, tiredness, lack of energy & other issues with knee/leg injury & crps so I have much going on like you do but haven't gone through the much of any testing for why my stomach gets pain & bloated feeling, I do have a mixed diet which I do eat good but then I have to have my dark chocolates & cake at times which no one should deprive themselves from having a treat from time to time...I personally think your situation as well mine & many others is related to something within our diet, one thing or couple that triggers the effect of this happening so I would keep a log of what things you are eating then observe things when you don't eat the things you may supect that is causing your problems which is what I am monitering now myself being I don't believe it is anything else but something we are eating that is triggering the effects why all this is going on with you as myself & many others, I hope n pray for the best of you getting over this, God bless 

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      Thanks so much for your reply!

      Hopefully I can figure it out more quickly by writing things down - I just wanna be me again. I hope you find your answers soon xxx

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