Stomach pain, what is it?

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Hi All, over the past 4 weeks I've had pain in the middle of my chest just underneath my ribs and then onto my left side. Its really tender and gets worse when I eat, I'm having trouble sleeping as I can't get comfortable because of the pain. It all started off with feeling very light headed for a week prior to the pain. Now the pain is with me all the time and getting worse with food.

I found I can't it spicy food as I was sick soon after a curry, I do feel sick after eating and sometimes I start coughing about an hour after eating.

I've been to my gp and had blood tests, the blood results don't show anything significant and I've been asked to go and have some more on Thursday.

My gp isn't very happy with my symptoms but I don't come under the right criteria to have a gastroscopy under the 2 week plan but he is going to send me for an mri, which I'm just waiting for an appointment. He put me on lansoprazole which doesn't seem to be doing anything and yesterday when I saw him, he prescribed some pain relief. I've got another appointment in 2 weeks with him but he did say to go back if it gets worse.

I'm really scared of what it could be, I've had a tough time the last 2 years with having problems with my gallbladder which this site was great with lots of support from people and it was taken out last year and then abdominal nerve entrapment due to the surgery and then I had gynae issues and had to have a minor operation in May so I was hoping everything was on the up and I could have a Christmas without being in pain. I'm 49 and don't really fall into some of the usual categories so I was hoping someone on here can relate and tell me their story.

Thanks for reading x

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    i am having the same issue. but the pain is in the middle and i feel bloated after i eat. did ur reports come. r u better.

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      Hi, there's nothing on my blood tests but I still have pain in the centre just under the rib cage and to the left. My doctor isn't sure if its my stomach or pancreas as I'm still waiting for a CT scan.

      Mine ends up really tender on the left side, which is far worse after I've eaten but is tender throughout the day. Its always bad once I go to bed and I find it difficult lying on my left side too.

      Yes the bloating is awful and I feel full quite quickly after eating. My gp couldn't push the tests sooner as I haven't lost any wait as yet.

      Whats happening with you?

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      hi.....i got all general blood n vitamin test and ultrasound abdomen done which were normal. symptoms still persists . celiac disease antibody was negative. i am waiting for an endoacopy and h. pylori tests. hope u r doing well.

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      Hi, I hope you hear soon about a date for your endoscopy. Its good you haven't got celiac disease. I had a blood test which tests for H Pylori, which came back as negative.

      I'm still waiting for a date for my CT scan and with xmas everything just takes longer so I rang up today for them to chase it up, which my gp suggested I do.

      It hasn't been very good over the holidays and I've been careful with what I eat as it always gives me pain. I had a really bad night last night but had to go into work today. I'm hoping I'll hear soon.

      Are you in pain all the time? I think mines getting worse.

      Let me know how things progress and when you have a date.

      Take care

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    • Posted r u doing. got upper GI endoscopy done. they found only GERD with a lax sphincter which i already knew for 2 yrs. No gastritis !! H. pylori test negative. my pain is now on and off but still have a constant knotted pressure type feeling in upper abdomen and feeling full early especially after drinking liquids n meals. really frustrated now. also bloated feeling on and off. i am only on PPI once a day. how s ur pain.

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      Hi, it doesn't help does it when tests come back as normal or nothing to explain what you're going through.

      I had my ct scan with contrast last Friday so I'm just waiting for the results which they say is a week to 10 days. I looked online at other peoples waiting time if they had something bad and it was still the same length of time so I'm not any closer to knowing whats happening.

      At the moment the pain is getting worse, the other day I ate 1/2 a biscuit and didn't feel like eating the rest which is totally unheard of for me. I'm certainly eating less and don't eat throughout the day at all as I don't feel hungry and I'm the same as you feeling full when you haven't eaten much.

      I'm only on pain relief at the moment but I can only take it when I get home from work as it makes me go light headed.

      Are you still with your gp or are you with a consultant? Have you had another appointment with them and what are they going to do next?

      How are you sleeping? I'm waking in the night in pain and I can't get comfortable so I wake up really tired.

      Let me know what's happening next, I hope you get some answers soon.

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      Hi Sarah, my ct scan came back as normal but I've since had an endoscopy during March and they found I've got gastritis, duodenitis and alot of bile in my stomach that shouldn't be there.

      I've been prescribed numerous meds from the ppi and h2blockers range but the seem to disagree with me and make me itch really badly. I've also had misoprostal which just gave me vaginal bleeding but then its also used for abortions in some countries. As I didn't seem to be getting anywhere at my gp surgery and they didn't seem to be thinking of sending me to a gastroenterologist I decided to pay for a private appointment. Most of our consultants where I am are nhs doctors too as I only live in a small county. He has prescribed me a drug that will help reduce the bile that none of the other drugs will do hence I'm still in alot of pain as I haven't got the new drug yet as it looks like I'm going to have to pay for it myself so I hope its not too expensive especially if I may need to be on it for some time.

      It appears that the problem I have stems from having my gallbladder out but gp's don't seem to be looking at the cause of my gastritis which is the bile and giving me something to help that.

      So at the moment I'm a bit in limbo. I'm still in pain, I can't sleep and when I do sleep its not for very long so I'm tired all the time as well as ratty!! When I eat I still get pain afterwards and I wake up in pain too. I'm not further forward that when it all started 6 months ago and really struggling with it all as its effecting my whole life as its gone on for so long.

      I'm hoping the new drug will help when I get it but I don't know when that will be.

      What problems are you going through?

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